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Each month Foothold Technology posts a "tip of the month" in the FootholdConnect module and in the FootNotes Monthly Digest.  These tips provide a closer look into AWARDS functionality that you may not be aware of, or specific features of familiar functionality that can be particularly useful when employed in certain ways.

The current tip of the month, along with an archive of past tips, is provided here for your reference.

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February 2021 Tip of the Month - Group Schedules for Individual Clients

Did you know... that the Individual Client Schedule feature allows you to enroll an individual client in multiple scheduled groups all at once?  If you need to batch update a single group’s membership list, the Group Member Status feature is great, but if you have a single client who needs to be enrolled in multiple groups (for example someone who is newly admitted), Individual Client Schedule is your better bet - you can do the work on a single page, saving time and clicks!

Tip of the Month Archive

  NOTE: Because we are constantly improving AWARDS, information from older tips of the month may no longer be applicable.  While those older tips can still be great sources of information, be sure to also take a look at current information and instructions in other portions of Online Help regarding the functionality you read about in the tips archive.


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