January 2021 - Customizing Your Calendar

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Did you know...

...that you can adjust your Calendar settings for a more customized experience? Here are five features you might not be aware of that can help make the AWARDS Calendar your own and improve your overall experience:

  Expand the Calendar view - Want to see a little more space on the page? Try collapsing/expanding the left-hand settings menu for a larger display. 

  Show weekends - By default the Calendar excludes weekends but you can show/hide them at any time by adjusting your individual user settings.

  Make event blocks stand out - By default, all event blocks are displayed shaded in light green with black text. By adjusting your individual user settings, you can customize event block and text colors based on event type.

  Easily switch to a single day view - By clicking on a specific date from the Week, Month, or List view, you will be taken to the Day view for that selected date.

  Easily see kept events - Events that have been marked as "Kept" or "Held" will display a green check icon right in the event block. No more opening the modal window to see the event status.

For more information and instructions on how to change these settings - and many others - click here.