November 2019 - How Online Help FAQs Can Help You

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Did you know that answers to the most frequently asked AWARDS questions are available via FAQs in Online Help?

To find the FAQ pages within AWARDS Online Help, click the AWARDS Modules portion of Help's Content tab. This portion of Online Help contains a section for each of the modules available in AWARDS (listed alphabetically).  Within each module section there is a list of its features, beneath which are located links to pages with detailed instructions on using those features. Each module section also contains a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.

FAQ pages, which are updated on an ongoing basis, are a powerful tool for troubleshooting and understanding key components of AWARDS' various features.  When using the FAQ, keep in mind that the questions they contain are grouped by topic, and within each topic are sorted alphabetically. Clicking on a question takes you immediately to its answer. To go back to the list of questions, click the Return to the top of the page link provided.

Bonus Tip!

Searching for "FAQs" on the Search tab of Online Help results in all modules' FAQ pages being listed on the search results. Additionally, words contained in the FAQ questions are included in search results whenever the Online Help Search feature is used.