October 2019 - Using the Multi-Sort Option in ReportBuilders

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Most AWARDS reports have a variety of sorting options available as part of their initial settings; however, it may also be necessary to re-sort the data once the report has been run. In reports, sorting is as easy as clicking the column header of the data you would like to sort by. But what do you do if you need to re-sort the report by more than one type of data? With most AWARDS reports you can sort on as many columns as you want by pressing <Shift> each time you click on a column header.

For example, when gathering demographic data for your medical clinic's annual report, you may first want to sort your data by type of medical condition, followed by the gender makeup of individuals living with each medical condition, followed by the age range for each gender category.

With these data options included in your report, first click on the column header for medical condition. While pressing <Shift> on your keyboard, click on the gender column header, and then click the age column header. This multi-sort shortcut allows you to re-sort the data easily without having to jump back, change the report settings, and re-run the report.

  TIP: Clicking on a column twice will reverse sort the alphabetical/numerical data. If you've sorted by multiple columns,pressing <Shift> while clicking a column header twice will only reverse sort that particular column.

You can even sort on a column and then hide that column using the Column Display icon at the left of the first column and AWARDS will still remember how the report should be sorted. Please note that the Excel link will not change and will contain the report's original sort order.

Bonus Tip!

This type of "sorting on the fly" is an easy way to check for missing data. Just run a report that includes all the fields you care about and then re-sort the report on one column after another. Each time you sort on a particular column the blank missing data will jump to the top of that column.