October 2020 - ImportTools - A Powerful Addition to Your AWARDS Toolkit

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Did you know...

...that the AWARDS ImportTools feature in the System Setup module enables users to take data collected outside of AWARDS and bring it into the database so that it is easily reportable and available for viewing in client records. With import template options that include data sets like diagnoses, medications, hospitalization episodes, entitlements, incidents and many more, the ability to make AWARDS a robust, one-stop shop for everything you need to know about the individuals you serve is tremendous.

Perhaps the most powerful ImportTool currently available is the FormBuilder ImportTool. This feature essentially allows agencies to import any subset of data, as long as an associated FormBuilder form is created to align with the import. It is no secret that behavioral health agencies are often forced to use multiple tracking systems - which results in disparate data sets that make reporting challenging. With this feature, however, data sets that can be taken out of those systems, can then be imported into a custom FormBuilder form that can house the data, thereby allowing cohesive reporting.

The newest addition to the import templates available in the ImportTools feature is one that will greatly enhance workflow for all of our customers who have Clubhouse programs. The Reachout Tracking feature (found in Services > Individual) in AWARDS is used by Clubhouse programs to capture data on outreach efforts to members who are active but have not been visiting the program on their regular schedule. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way these programs operate, requiring more outreach work to be done in the field. To accommodate this, one of our Clubhouse customers in New York - Fountain House - created an outreach tracking app and shared it with other Clubhouse programs. In an effort to assist these critical programs with continuing to harness AWARDS for all of their data tracking needs, we developed an ImportTool for the Reachout Tracking module. With the new tool in place, we were thrilled to hear from Fountain House that the import is meeting their needs and has allowed them to upload over 20,000 reachout records from 3 different clubhouse "lickety-split!"