September 2019 - Build Up Your ReportBuilders by Adding Data Variables

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AWARDS ReportBuilders are powerful reporting tools that can be used to generate customized data reports to meet your unique reporting needs. Each ReportBuilder contains a variety of data variables relevant to the portion of AWARDS in which that ReportBuilder resides, but did you know you can actually add data variables to ReportBuilders?

Fields available for inclusion on the Demographics ReportBuilder (including FormBuilder fields) can be pulled into the HMIS ReportBuilder, Service Contacts ReportBuilder, and FormBuilder ReportBuilder.

Do you want to add Admission Date and Discharge Date to the Service Contacts ReportBuilder? We've got you covered. Need Primary Worker added to the FormBuilder ReportBuilder? We can do that too.

To request additional fields, contact the Help Desk for assistance. Be sure to list the exact field names to be pulled from the Demographics ReportBuilder, and specify which report they should be placed onto.

Bonus Tip!

If you want to use a custom field that doesn't already exist on the Demographics ReportBuilder, you can add it by using the FormBuilder tool to create a form with that field. On the Add New Field or Update Form Field page, click the Available on Related ReportBuilders checkbox to include the field as a variable for relevant ReportBuilders and enter the report label you want to use in the Report Field Label field. Doing this will place the custom field on the Demographics ReportBuilder (with the exception of fields from employee, incident, or group note forms).