Additional Resources

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The following additional resources are available for those interested in learning more about AWARDS.  Links to specific resources of each type can also be found on the overview pages for relevant features and modules here in Online Help.

AWARDS Training

Click here to access information on all of the valuable AWARDS training opportunities available to your agency through the Foothold Training Division, along with information on our training policy and philosophy.


Click here for PDFs of instruction, information, and tip sheets on AWARDS features, along with quick reference guides.  These documents detail specific pieces of AWARDS functionality, many including step-by-step instructions similar to those found in Online Help. 

Enhancement Request Forms

Click here for forms that can be used to request optional AWARDS enhancements - those additional pieces of functionality that do not have to be turned on in your database, but that may be useful to you.

FootholdConnect Event Recordings

Click here for recordings of some of our most popular FootholdConnect events, including Review & Refresh sessions on key AWARDS functionality, and monthly introductions to new AWARDS features.

FootNotes Monthly Digest

Click here for the current issue of the FootNotes monthly e-newsletter/digest, along with an archive of FootNotes from previous months.  These digests provide an overview of upcoming events, future development, new features and functionality, and much more.

Program/Funder-Specific Resources

Click here for a variety of resources detailing functionality configured to meet requirements for specific types of programs and funders in specific states.  These resources are available elsewhere in Online Help as well, but are grouped here by program/funder type for your convenience.

Quarterly Help Desk Calls

Click here for information on how to sign up for a call with the Foothold Help Desk team.  These calls - typically held once a quarter -  are a great way to touch base with Foothold and make sure your internal Help Desk is on the right track as it works to support AWARDS at your agency.

Service Agreements

Click here for information on, and service agreements for, optional add-on services available for subscription as a part of AWARDS.

Startup Information System

Click here to access the AWARDS Startup Information System, where you will find a wide range of information that will support you in answering the many questions you may have during the AWARDS Implementation process, and that will enable you to begin to plan for your AWARDS roll-out over your initial startup period and beyond.

Tip of the Month

Click here for the current AWARDS tip of the month along with an archive of past tips.  These tips provide a closer look into AWARDS functionality that you may not be aware of, or specific features of familiar functionality that can be particularly useful when employed in certain ways.

Training Films and Demonstrations

Click here for interactive training and online demonstration films containing guided instructions on using key pieces of AWARDS functionality. Related quizzes are available in some cases, to provide access to AWARDS functionality limited to a few users.

Upcoming Events

Click here to access information on upcoming Foothold events.