# of Beds
* Scheduling a Referral Interview
2019 OMH PCS
24 Hour or More Work Shift Error
837 Claims
997 Response Files
A/R Ledger
A/R Management
Absences Report
     Absences Report, Overview of the
     Absences Report, Viewing the
Acceptable Min Capacity
Accessing AWARDS
Accruals/Time Off
     Activities, Backdating Entry of
     Activities, Configuring
     Activities, Conflicts in Attendance of
     Activities, Deleting Attendance for
     Activities, Enhancements for
     Activities, Entering Attendance for
     Activities, FAQs about
     Activities, List of
     Activities, Overview of
     Activities, Reports of 
     Activities, Unduplicated Attendees Count for
     Activities, Updating Attendance for
Activity Attendance
     Activity Attendance, Conflicts in
     Activity Attendance, Deleting
     Activity Attendance, Entering
     Activity Attendance, Reports of
     Activity Attendance, Updating
Add/Edit Agency File Cabinet Documents Permission
Add/Edit Entire Program
Adding a New Program
     Admission, Multi-Step
     Admission, Overview of
     Admission, Single-Step
Admission Note
Advance Directives
     Advance Directives, Entering
     Advance Directives, Updating
Aged Receivables Report
Agency Code
Agency File Cabinet
     Agency File Cabinet, FAQs about the
     Agency File Cabinet, Overview of the
Agency File Cabinet, Attaching Files to the
Agency File Cabinet, Configuring Categories for the
Agency File Cabinet, Generating Reports from the
Agency Housing
     Agency Housing, Moves within
Agency Information
Agency Logo
Agency Program Information
     Agency Program Information, Options in
     Agency Program Information, Overview of
     Agency Program Information, Permission for
     Agency Program Information, Reports of
Agency Summary Report
AIDS Housing Capacity
     Allergies, Deleting
     Allergies, Entering
     Allergies, Fields/Options for
     Allergies, Overview of
     Allergies, Reports on
     Allergies, Updating
Allowances Report
     Announcements, Deleting
     Announcements, Disabling
     Announcements, Editing
     Announcements, Entering
     Announcements, FAQs about
     Announcements, Overview of
     Announcements, Posting
     Announcements, Types of
     Announcements, Upload/Edit Permission for
     Announcements, Viewing
Annual Dental
Annual Medical
Annual Performance Report
Apartment Painting
     Apartment Painting, Duration Information for
     Apartment Painting, FAQs about
     Apartment Painting, Maintaining Records of
     Apartment Painting, Viewing Reports of
Application Timeout Value
Apply Services Attendance Data
Assessment Data
     Assessment Data, Entering
     Assessment Data, FAQs about
     Assessment Data, Reports of
     Assessment Data, Updating
Assessment Instruments
     Assessment Instruments, Blank Spaces in
     Assessment Instruments, Editing
     Assessment Instruments, FAQs about
     Assessment Instruments, ISP
     Assessment Instruments, Options for
     Assessment Instruments, Overview of
     Assessment Instruments, Removing
Assessment Reports
     Attendance, Overview of
     Attendance, Program
Audit Trail
     Audit Trail, FAQs about the
     Audit Trail, Viewing the
Audit Trail, ReportBuilder for the
Auditor Login
Authentication Failed Error
Authorization Dates
Average Length of Stay
     AWARDS, Help Desk for
     AWARDS, Online Help for
     AWARDS, Tips Sheet for
     AWARDS, Troubleshooting
AWARDS Certified Edition
AWARDS E-Prescribing
AWARDS Training Information
Backdated Contacts Log Data Entry Permission
Backdated First Available Date Error
Backdated Group Notes Data Entry Permission
Backdated Progress Notes Data Entry Permission
Backdated Progress Notes Viewing Permission
Backdated Reception Desk Log Data Entry Permission
     Backdating, Activities Data Entry
     Backdating, Contacts Log Data Entry
     Backdating, Discharges
     Backdating, Group Notes
     Backdating, Program Attendance
     Backdating, Reception Desk Log Data Entry
     Backdating, Work Order
Backup Service Coordinators
Backup Worker
Banned List (Multi-Step Intake)
Banned List (Single-Step Intake)
Bed Inventory (HMIS)
Bed Registry Report
Behaviors Tracking
Bi-weekly Hospitalization Activity Audit
Billing Groups
Billing Info
Billing Rates
Billing Types
     BillingBuilder, FAQs About Processing Using the
     BillingBuilder, FAQs About Setting Up the
     BillingBuilder, Overview of the
     BillingBuilder, Processing Using the
     BillingBuilder, Reports in the
     BillingBuilder, Setting Up the
Biweekly Hospitalization Activity Audit Permission
Biweekly Program Admission/Discharge Audit Permission
Biweekly Referrals Activity Audit Permission
Biweekly Residence Occupancy Audit Permission
Block Login Access
Break the Glass
Browser Settings for AWARDS
     Budgets, Cloning
     Budgets, Deleting
     Budgets, Editing
     Budgets, Entering
     Budgets, Fields/Options in
     Budgets, Reporting on
Budgets, FAQs about
Builders & Tools
Building FormBuilder Forms
Business Rules
     Business Rules, Data Entry Permission for
     Calendar, FAQs about the
     Calendar, Overview of the
     Calendar, Viewing the
Calendar, Making Changes to the
Calendar, Scheduling an Appt/Event on the
Calendar, Settings on the
Calendar, Viewing Reports for the
Cannot Undo Re-Admission
Cap Days
Card Swiping Upload
     Card Swiping Upload, Completing a
     Card Swiping Upload, Data Requirements for the
     Card Swiping Upload, FAQs about the
     Card Swiping Upload, Overview of the
Caseload Activity Reports
     Caseload Activity Reports, My Agency
     Caseload Activity Reports, My Caseload
     Caseload Activity Reports, My Program
     Caseload Activity Reports, My Supervisees
Caseload Assignments Permission
Caseload Reassignment
CDT Billing Report
     CDT Billing Report, Overview of the
     CDT Billing Report, Rules for the
     CDT Billing Report, Viewing the
CDT Billing Rules
CDT Invoices
Census Search
Central Intake
Central Intake Program Option
Certified Edition
Certified Entitlements
     Certified Entitlements, Closing Out
     Certified Entitlements, Entering
     Certified Entitlements, FAQs about
     Certified Entitlements, Fields/Options for
     Certified Entitlements, Maintaining
     Certified Entitlements, Overview of
     Certified Entitlements, Reports of
     Certified Entitlements, Updating
Change Login Name Permission
Changing Your Password
Chart Access
     Chart Access, Cross
     Chart Access, Default
     Chart Access, Permissions for
Chart Events
     Chart Events, Entering
     Chart Events, FAQs about
     Chart Events, Fields/Options in Records for
     Chart Events, Options Map for
     Chart Events, Overview of
     Chart Events, Updating
     Chart Events, Viewing Reports of
Charting Timetable
     Charting Timetable, Event Assessment Data for the
     Charting Timetable, FAQs about the
     Charting Timetable, Overview of the
     Charting Timetable, Reminders Permission for the
Checks, Entitlements
Chronological Admissions/Discharges Register
     Claims, 837
     Claims, Creating
     Claims, HCFA Paper
     Claims, Submitting
Client Electronic Signatures
Client File Cabinet
     Client File Cabinet, FAQs about the
     Client File Cabinet, Overview of the
     Client File Cabinet, Turning Off the
     Client File Cabinet, Using the
Client File Cabinet, Attaching Files in the
Client File Cabinet, Face Sheet Access to
Client File Cabinet, Optimizing Files for the
Client History Report
     Client History Report, Content Map for the
     Client History Report, FAQs about the
     Client History Report, Viewing
Client Identifiers
Client Lookup
     Client Lookup, Black Flags in
     Client Lookup, FAQs about
     Client Lookup, Overview of
     Client Lookup, Searching with
Client Movement Report
     Client Movement Report, Understanding Data in the
     Client Movement Report, Viewing the PATH QCMR
Client Phone Numbers
Client Service Coordinator Assignments
Client Tasks
Client Transfers
     Client Transfers, Overview of
     Client Transfers, Performing
     Client Transfers, Record Characteristics After
     Client Transfers, Reports on
     Client Transfers, Undoing
Client Transfers Rules
Cloning FormBuilder Forms
Closeout Pair
Closing Out Certified Entitlements
CoC Annual Performance Report
Collateral Input
Configure Activities
Configure Administration
Configure Billing Types
Configure Data Elements
Configure Locations
Configure Payers
Configure Types
Consents Form
     Consents Form, FAQs about the
     Consents Form, Overview of the
     Consents Form, Printing a
     Consents Form, Viewing a
Consumer A/R History
Consumer A/R History Report
Consumer Alerts
     Consumer Alerts, Entering
     Consumer Alerts, Overview of
     Consumer Alerts, Removing
     Consumer Alerts, Updating
     Consumer Alerts, Viewing
Consumer Billing Dashboard
Consumer Comments
Consumer In-House Accounts
Consumer Lookup
     Consumer Lookup, Overview of
     Consumer Lookup, Record Sharing in
Consumer Work Schedules
     Consumer Work Schedule, Reports of
     Consumer Work Schedules, Data Entry in
Contact Editing Rules
Contact Lapse Audit Report
     Contact Lapse Audit Report, FAQs about the
     Contact Lapse Audit Report, Overview of the
     Contact Lapse Audit Report, Viewing a
Contact Us
Contacting the Help Desk
     Contacts, Deleting
     Contacts, FAQs about
     Contacts, Fields/Options for
     Contacts, Maintaining
     Contacts, Overview of
     Contacts, Reports on
Contacts Log
     Contacts Log, Backdating Entries in the
     Contacts Log, Basic
     Contacts Log, Deleting Entries from the
     Contacts Log, Employment
     Contacts Log, FAQs about the
     Contacts Log, Making Entries in the
     Contacts Log, Overview of the
     Contacts Log, Supportive Services Checklist
     Contacts Log, Updating Entries in the
     Contacts Log, Viewing Reports of the
Contacts Log Report
     Contacts Log Report, Viewing a
Contacts Log ReportBuilder
     Contacts Log ReportBuilder, Overview of the
     Contacts Log ReportBuilder, Saving Report Formats with the
Continuum of Care
Continuum Provider Agency Information
Copy FormBuilder Data
     Copy FormBuilder Data, Overview of
     Copy FormBuilder Data, Using
Correcting Residence Unit Assignments
County of Residence
Course Completion Milestones Report
Create Insurance Claims
Create New Login
Create Program Groupings
Create Rent Payables
Create Residence Units Permission
Crisis Progress Notes
Criteria for Discharge
Criteria for Discharge Progress Notes
Cross Chart Access
     Cross Chart Access, Global
     Cross Chart Access, Overview of
     Cross Chart Access, Specific
Cross Site Scripting Error
CSBG Funding
CSV Validation Errors
Current Program Staff Only Error
Current Residence Housing Reports
Current Roster Report
Custom Employee Groupings
Custom Lists
Custom Program Groupings
Daily Checklist
     Dashboard, Accessing the
     Dashboard, Date Range for the
     Dashboard, FAQs about the
     Dashboard, Graphs Content in the
Data Entry/Access Permissions
Data Quality Report
Data Quality Reports Information Sheet
Data Standards
Data Upload
Data Upload, HMIS
DataBridge Files
     DataBridge Files, Access to
     DataBridge Files, Enhancements to the
     DataBridge Files, Errors for
     DataBridge Files, FAQs about
     DataBridge Files, Keys in
     DataBridge Files, Opening
     DataBridge Files, Overview of
     DataBridge Files, Saving
     DataFile, PATH QCMR
Date of Relevant Anniversary
Day Hab Daily Checklist
Days Open
Default Pharmacy
Delete Pair
Delta Import
Delta Refresh
Demographics ReportBuilder
Deputy Director
     Deputy Director, Assigning a
     Deputy Director, Changing the
Desk Log Keyword Scan
     Diagnoses, Entering
     Diagnoses, FAQs on
     Diagnoses, Fields/Options in
     Diagnoses, Maintaining
     Diagnoses, Overview of
     Diagnoses, Reporting on
     Diagnoses, Searching for
     Diagnoses, Updating
Diagnoses, Reporting on Legacy
Diagnostic Tests
Diet Information
     Diet Information, Deleting
     Diet Information, Entering
     Diet Information, Fields/Options for
     Diet Information, Overview of
     Diet Information, Reports of
     Diet Information, Updating
Direct Service Code
Directives, Advance
Disability Verification
Disabling Announcements
     Discharge, Backdating
     Discharge, Date Selection List for
     Discharge, Overview of
     Discharge, Planning
     Discharge, Processing
     Discharge, Record Options for
     Discharge, Reports on
     Discharge, Updates to
Discharge Date is Locked by Subsequent History Error
Discharge Disposition Progress Notes
Discontinued Programs Status
     Discontinued Programs Status, Data Entry for
     Discontinued Programs Status, FAQs about
     Discontinued Programs Status, Overview of
Discontinuing a Program
Discontinuing Support Services Contacts
Display Any Chart Records Buttons Permission
Display Chart Records [Module] Button Permission
Display Executive Administration Buttons Permission
Display Fiscal Buttons Permission
Display Report Menu Button
Division Summary Report
Downloading FormBuilder Forms
Drop In Capacity
Duplicate Client Records
Duplicate Date Error
Duplicate Residence Units
     E-Labs, Fields/Options in
     E-Labs, Service Agreement for
     E-Labs, Submitting
     E-Labs, Viewing Results for
E-Prescribing Notifications
E-Signable Records ReportBuilder
E-Signatures Configurations
     E-Signatures Configurations, Progress Note
     E-Signatures Configurations, Report on
Earnings Report
     Earnings Report, Overview of the
     Earnings Report, Viewing the
Edit Invoice Batch
Education/Training Enrollments
Education/Training Facilities
Electronic Signatures Global Rules
Electronic Signatures Program Rules
Electronic Visit Verification
Eligibility for Paid Holidays
Emergency Access
Emergency Contact
Emergency PROS Billing
Employee File Cabinet
Employee File Cabinet, Configuring the Categories List for the
Employee File Cabinet, FAQs about the
Employee File Cabinet, Overview of the
Employee File Cabinet, Uploading Files to the
Employee File Cabinet, Viewing Reports for the
Employee Groupings
     Employees, Correcting Names of
     Employees, Entering New
     Employees, Multiple Supervisors for
     Employees, Re-Activating Terminated
     Employees, Re-Hiring
     Employees, Terminating
     Employees, Transferring
     Employees, Updating Staff Info for
     Employers, Deleting
     Employers, Entering
     Employers, Overview of
     Employers, Record Options Map for
     Employers, Reports of
     Employers, Supervisor Records for
     Employers, Updating
     Employment, Overview of
Encounters, Adding
Encounters, Deleting
Encounters, Fields/Options for
Encounters, Overview of
Encounters, Reporting on
Encounters, Updating
Encounters, Viewing
Enrollments, Education/Training
     Entitlements, Assignment at Intake/Admission
     Entitlements, Certified
     Entitlements, Checks Data for
     Entitlements, Closing Out
     Entitlements, Data Entry Permission for
     Entitlements, Entering
     Entitlements, FAQs about
     Entitlements, Fields/Options for
     Entitlements, Maintaining
     Entitlements, Medicaid
     Entitlements, Monthly Income
     Entitlements, Overview of
     Entitlements, Reports of
     Entitlements, Updating
     Episodes, Deleting Hospitalization
     Episodes, Entering Hospitalization
     Episodes, FAQs about Hospitalization
     Episodes, Options/Fields in Hospitalization
     Episodes, Overview of
     Episodes, Updating Hospitalization
     Episodes, Viewing Hospitalization
     Error, Authentication Failed
     Error, Backdated First Available Date
     Error, Cross Site Scripting
     Error, Duplicate Date
     Error, Hire Date is Out of Range
     Error, Intake Date Before Screening Date
     Error, Invalid Move In Date
     Error, Invalid Zip Code Entered
     Error, New Provider Relation Label Reserved
     Error, No Assessment Instrument Found
     Error, No Match Found
     Error, No Plan Data
     Error, No Scheduled Days Requested Off
     Error, Open Residence Unit Found
     Error, Please Update Discharge Information
     Error, Previous AWARDS Session
     Error, Re-Do Admission Disallowed
     Error, Residence History Not Found
     Error, Standard Type Not Set to Other
     Error, The Name Entered Already Exists
     Error, Updates By Current Program Staff Only
     Error, You Need a Permit for Permits
     Events, Charting Timetable
Exception Override Permissions
Expand Writers List
     ExportBuilders, FAQs about
     ExportBuilders, Generating Export Files Using
     ExportBuilders, Overview of
External Email Functionality
External Housing
External Upload
Face Sheet Modification Notification Permission
Face Sheets
     Face Sheets, Client File Cabinet in
     Face Sheets, County Info on
     Face Sheets, Discharged Client
     Face Sheets, FAQs about
     Face Sheets, Maintaining
     Face Sheets, Overview of
     Face Sheets, Photos on
     Face Sheets, Primary Worker Info on
     Face Sheets, Removing Photos From
     Face Sheets, Reports of
     Face Sheets, Sections of
     Face Sheets, Updating
     Face Sheets, Viewing
Face Sheets, Client File Cabinet Access on
Facilities, Education/Training
Facility Code
Family Health History
Family Information
Favorite Prescriptions
Field Types for FormBuilder Forms
Fields/Options, Certified Entitlements
File Cabinet, Employee
Finding Help
Fiscal Periods
Follow Up Notes
Font Size
     FootholdConnect, Editing Announcements with
     FootholdConnect, FAQs about
     FootholdConnect, Overview of
     FootholdConnect, Posting Announcements with
     FootholdConnect, Viewing Announcements with
FootholdConnect Event Recordings
FootNotes - January 2021
FormBuilder Forms
     FormBuilder Forms, Building
     FormBuilder Forms, Cloning
     FormBuilder Forms, Copying Data from
     FormBuilder Forms, Deleting
     FormBuilder Forms, Design Tips and Tricks
     FormBuilder Forms, Downloading
     FormBuilder Forms, FAQs about
     FormBuilder Forms, Field Types for
     FormBuilder Forms, Making Changes to
     FormBuilder Forms, Modify Fields for
     FormBuilder Forms, Printing
     FormBuilder Forms, Removing Data from
     FormBuilder Forms, Reports for
     FormBuilder Forms, Searching Data from
     FormBuilder Forms, Sharing
     FormBuilder Forms, Turning Off
     FormBuilder Forms, Working with
FormBuilder Forms, Inactivating
Full Refresh
Future Billings Report
Futures in Unposted Batches
Generate Invoice Batch
GEO Code
Getting Around in Online Help
Getting Help
Getting Started with AWARDS
Global Permissions Layer
Goal Text Locked by Subsequent Revision
Graphs of Dashboard Data
Group Activities
     Group Activities, Configuring
     Group Activities, Deleting Attendance for
     Group Activities, Entering Attendance for
     Group Activities, List of
     Group Activities, Overview of
     Group Activities, Reports of
     Group Activities, Updating Attendance for
Group Activities Data Entry Permission
Group Activities ReportBuilder
Group Activity List ReportBuilder
Group Attendance Form
Group Attendance Form, FAQs about
Group Attendance Form, Generating a
Group Attendance Form, Overview of the
Group Member Status
Group Member Status ReportBuilder
Group Notes
     Group Notes, Addendums to
     Group Notes, Attendance Reports from
     Group Notes, Backdating
     Group Notes, Deleting
     Group Notes, Employment
     Group Notes, Entering
     Group Notes, FAQs about
     Group Notes, Overview of
     Group Notes, Printing
     Group Notes, Updating
     Group Notes, Viewing Reports of
     Group Notes, Writer Selection List for Reports of
Group Notes ReportBuilder
Group Schedule List Permission
Group Schedule Setup
     Group Schedule Setup, Configuring Activities for
     Group Schedule Setup, Configuring Types for
     Group Schedule Setup, FAQs about
     Group Schedule Setup, Maintaining Consumer Schedules in
     Group Schedule Setup, Maintaining Schedules in
     Group Schedule Setup, Overview of
     Group Schedule Setup, Setting Group Members in
Group Schedules
Group Schedules ReportBuilder
HCFA Claims
Health Homes
Health Information Exchange
     Help, Online
Help Desk
     Help Desk, Contacting the
     Help Desk, FAQs about the
     Help Desk, Local Staff on the
     Help Desk, Processes of the
Help Menu
Hire Date is Out of Range Error
History of Vacancies
HIV/AIDS Data Access Permission
HMIS Bed Inventory
HMIS Data Export
HMIS Data Quality Report
HMIS Data Standards
HMIS Data Upload
     HMIS Data Upload, Overview of the
HMIS Grantee APR
HMIS Grantee APR, Data in the
HMIS Grantee APR, Overview of the
HMIS Grantee APR, Viewing the
HMIS History ReportBuilder
HMIS Longitudinal System Analysis (LSA)
HMIS Personal ID
HMIS ReportBuilder
HMIS Settings
Holiday Schedule
     Holiday Schedule, Overview of the
     Holiday Schedule, Reports on the
     Holiday Schedule, Updating the
Homeless Housing Capacity
Homeless Verification
Hospitalization Activity
Hospitalization Data Entry Notification Permission
Hospitalization Data Permission
Hospitalization Records
     Hospitalization Records, Deleting
     Hospitalization Records, Entering
     Hospitalization Records, FAQs about
     Hospitalization Records, Options/Fields in
     Hospitalization Records, Overview of
     Hospitalization Records, Updating
Hospitalization Records, Viewing Reports of
Hospitalization Referral Letters
     Hospitalization Referral Letters, FAQs about
     Hospitalization Referral Letters, Generating
     Hospitalization Referral Letters, Printing
Hospitals List
     Hospitals List, FAQs about the
     Hospitals List, Making Changes to the
     Hospitals List, Viewing the
Household Information
     Household Information, Accessing
     Household Information, Adding
     Household Information, Changing the Primary Client in
     Household Information, Clean-up Tips for
     Household Information, Editing
     Household Information, FAQs about
     Household Information, Overview of
     Household Information, Viewing Options for
Household Members on the Housing Report
Household Program Enrollments ReportBuilder
     Household Program Enrollments ReportBuilder, FAQs about the
     Household Program Enrollments ReportBuilder, Using the
     Housing, Agency
     Housing, External
     Housing, Internal
     Housing, Overview of
Housing Fee & PNA Amounts
Housing Report
Housing Type
Housing Utilization Report
How Do I...
HPRP Grantee ID
HUD Contract #
HUD Program Type
Human Resources
     Human Resources, Overview of
Human Resources Data Permissions
Immunizations, Deleting
Immunizations, Entering
Immunizations, Fields/Options for
Immunizations, Overview of
Immunizations, Reports on
Immunizations, Updating
Implantable Devices
In-House Accounts
Inactive Roster Attendance
Incident Review Data Entry Permission
Incident/Review Progress Notes
     Incidents, Adding Comments to
     Incidents, Aggregate Report of
     Incidents, Closing
     Incidents, Completing Reviews of
     Incidents, Data Entry Notifications for
     Incidents, Data Entry Rules for
     Incidents, Deleting
     Incidents, Employee Participants List for
     Incidents, Entering
     Incidents, FAQs about
     Incidents, Field/Options for Initial Reports of
     Incidents, Fields/Options for Reviews of
     Incidents, Locking/Filing
     Incidents, Overview of
     Incidents, ReportBuilder for
     Incidents, Reporting Process for
     Incidents, Reports of
     Incidents, Unlocking
     Incidents, Updating
Incidents ReportBuilder
Include in Direct Care Staff Lists Permission
Include Inactive Roster
Income Verification
Individual Consumer Schedules
Individual Notes Keyword Scan
Individual Permissions Layer
Initial Plan
Insurance Authorizations
Intake Cloning
Intake Date Before Screening Date Error
Intake Form
     Intake/Admission, Multi-Step
     Intake/Admission, Overview of
     Intake/Admission, Single-Step
Intelligent Medical Objects Search
Internal Audit Messages
     Internal Audit Messages, Note Lapse Audit
     Internal Audit Messages, Permissions Change
     Internal Audit Messages, Permissions for
     Internal Audit Messages, Troubleshooting Problems with
Internal Audit Messages, Descriptions of
Internal Audit Messages, Overview of
Internal Housing
     Internal Housing, Moves within
Interoperability Center
Invalid Move In Date Error
Invalid Zip Code Entered Error
     Invoices, Deleting
     Invoices, Editing
     Invoices, Generating
     Invoices, Viewing/Printing
IP Restriction
Job Bank
     Job Bank, Entering Data in the
     Job Bank, FAQs about the
     Job Bank, Overview of the
     Job Bank, Position Records in the
     Job Bank, Reports from the
     Job Bank, Searching the
Job Interviews
     Job Interviews, Deleting
     Job Interviews, Entering
     Job Interviews, Fields/Options for
     Job Interviews, Overview of
     Job Interviews, ReportBuilder for
     Job Interviews, Reports of
Job Placements
     Job Placements, Deleting
     Job Placements, Entering
     Job Placements, Overview of
     Job Placements, Record Options for
     Job Placements, ReportBuilder for
     Job Placements, Reports of
Job Retention Milestones
     Job Retention Milestones, Overview of
     Job Retention Milestones, Reports of
Job Title Permissions Layer
Laboratory Locations
     Laboratory Locations, Fields/Options for
     Laboratory Locations, Maintaining
     Laboratory Locations, Overview of
     Laboratory Locations, Reports on
Laboratory Orders
     Laboratory Orders, Deleting
     Laboratory Orders, Electronic
     Laboratory Orders, Entering
     Laboratory Orders, FAQs about
     Laboratory Orders, Fields/Options in
     Laboratory Orders, Overview of
     Laboratory Orders, Reports on
     Laboratory Orders, Updating
Last Contact Date
Last Login Time
Last Service Contact Date
Last Visit
Layers of Permissions
Lease Expiration Notification Messages
Lease Information Permission
     Leases, Deleting
     Leases, Enhancements for
     Leases, Entering
     Leases, Expiration Notifications for
     Leases, FAQs about
     Leases, Fields/Options in
     Leases, Multiple Beds in a Single Unit
     Leases, Overview of
     Leases, Updating
     Leases, Viewing Reports of
Legacy DQR Audit Message
Length of Stay
Letters for Hospitalization Referral
Level of Service Report
     Level of Service Report, Understanding Data in the
     Level of Service Report, Viewing the PATH QCMR
License Type Code
List as Clinician Permission
List of Hospitals
Local CoC Admin
Local Help Desk Staff List
     Local Help Desk Staff List, Maintaining the
     Local Help Desk Staff List, Overview of the
     Local Help Desk Staff List, Setting Up the
     Locations, Entering
     Locations, FAQs about
     Locations, Overview of
     Locations, Report of
Lock Dates
Lock-In Medicaid Notes Permission
Locked by Subsequent Notes
Log Book
Logging In
Logging Out
Login Maintenance
     Login Maintenance, Overview of
     Logins, Access Using Consumer
     Logins, Changing Existing
     Logins, Creating Consumer
     Logins, Creating Employee
     Logins, FAQs about
     Logins, Overview of
     Logins, Time of Last
     Lookup, Client
     Lookup, Medication
LS3 History Permission
LS3 Reports
     LS3 Reports, Overview of the
     LS3 Reports, Viewing LS3-6 Status Change
     LS3 Reports, Viewing Units of Service
LS3 Summary History Data
Manual Payments/Adjustments
MC Billing Notes Selection Permission
Meaningful Use
Medicaid Entitlements
Medicaid Services Report
     Medicaid Services Report, FAQs about the
     Medicaid Services Report, Overview of the
     Medicaid Services Report, Viewing a
Medical Appointment Reminders Permission
Medical Appointments
Medical Encounters
Medical Info
     Medical Info, Fields/Options for
     Medical Info, Maintaining
     Medical Info, Overview of
Medication Administration Records
Medication Data Deletion Permission
Medication Data Entry Notification Permission
Medication End Date Notification Permission
Medication Lookup
Medication Monitoring
     Medication Monitoring, FAQs about
     Medication Monitoring, Overview of
     Medication Monitoring, Printing Forms for
     Medications, Customized Reports of
     Medications, Deleting
     Medications, E-Prescribing
     Medications, Entering
     Medications, FAQs about
     Medications, Fields/Options for
     Medications, Overview of
     Medications, Reports of
     Medications, Updating
Medications, Administering
Member Lookup
Menu Fly-Outs
Merge Duplicate Client Records
     Messages, Changing the Status of
     Messages, Custom Lists for Messages
     Messages, FAQs about
     Messages, Folders for
     Messages, Forwarding
     Messages, Hospitalization Activity
     Messages, Locating
     Messages, Moving
     Messages, Organizing
     Messages, Overview of
     Messages, Program Log Book Entry
     Messages, Replying to
     Messages, Sending
     Messages, Starring
     Messages, Timesheet Discrepancy
     Messages, Trashing
     Messages, Viewing
     Messages, Writing
Minute Increments
Modify Fields in FormBuilder Forms
Monitoring Medications
Monthly Allowances
Monthly Income Entitlements
Monthly Service Units
Monthly Statement Viewing
Move In Date
Move In Date Before Move Out Date Error
Moving Clients
Multi-Step Intake/Admission
     Multi-Step Intake/Admission, Creating Referrals for
     Multi-Step Intake/Admission, Deleting Referrals for
     Multi-Step Intake/Admission, FAQs About
     Multi-Step Intake/Admission, Overview of
     Multi-Step Intake/Admission, Processing Admission During
     Multi-Step Intake/Admission, Processing Intake During
     Multi-Step Intake/Admission, Re-Processing
     Multi-Step Intake/Admission, Undoing
     Multi-Step Intake/Admission, Updating Referrals for
Multiple Goal Service Plans
     Multiple Goal Service Plans, Admission Notes in
     Multiple Goal Service Plans, Initial Plans in
     Multiple Goal Service Plans, Overview of
     Multiple Goal Service Plans, Plan Reviews in
     Multiple Goal Service Plans, Viewing Reports of
Navigation Bar
Network Consents
New Employee Setup
New Messages Button
New Provider Relation Label Reserved
New System Login Data Entry Permission
Next of Kin
Nightly Absences
     Nightly Absences, FAQs about
     Nightly Absences, Monthly Report of
     Nightly Absences, Overview of
     Nightly Absences, Recording
     Nightly Absences, ReportBuilder for
No Assessment Instrument Found Error
No Match Found Error
No Plan Data Error
NO Role Required
No Scheduled Days Requested Off Error
Note and Contact Editing Rules
Note Lapse 30 Days Notification Permission
Note Lapse Audit
Notes as Encounters on CCDA
Notes for Overdue Goal Evaluations Permission
NYC CCoC Evaluation Tool
NYC HMIS Data Upload
OASAS Data File
OASAS ReportBuilder
OASAS Reports
OASAS Service Plans
OASAS Total Treatment Visits
OASAS Transfers
Occupancy, Program
Occupied Days
OMH PCS 2019
OMH Settings
One Button Upload
Online Help
     Online Help, Enhancements to
     Online Help, FAQs about
     Online Help, Getting Around in
     Online Help, Searching
Open Residence Unit Found Error
Operating Certificate
Operational Calendar
Optional Enhancements
Organization Chart
     Organization Chart, Columns View of the
     Organization Chart, FAQs about the
     Organization Chart, Former Employees on the
     Organization Chart, HR Module Access to the
     Organization Chart, Levels on the
     Organization Chart, Opening Menu Access to the
     Organization Chart, Overview of the
     Organization Chart, Pyramid View of the
     Organization Chart, Viewing the
Other Program Name
Outreach Program Service Coordinators
Outreach ReportBuilder
Overwriting Providers
Paid Holidays
PAS Reports
Password & Security
Password Reset
PATH Annual Report Survey (ARS)
     PATH ARS, Overview of the
     PATH ARS, Program Setup for the
     PATH ARS, Viewing the
PATH ARS, Data in the
PATH Quarterly Contract Monitoring Report (QCMR)
     PATH QCMR, Client Movement Report for the
     PATH QCMR, DataFile for the
     PATH QCMR, Level of Service Report for the
     PATH QCMR, Overview of the
     PATH QCMR, Program Setup for the
     PATH QCMR, Viewing the
Patient Characteristics Survey
Patient Record Exchange Gateway
Pay Records ReportBuilder
Payment Receipts
Payment Worksheet
Payroll Compensation
Payroll Hours Report
PCS 2019
Pending Check Creation
Pending Client Program Attendance
Pending/Expiring Receivables
Periodic Review
     Permissions, Assigning
     Permissions, Change Notifications for
     Permissions, Data Entry for All Staff and Layers
     Permissions, Data Entry Permit for
     Permissions, Data Entry/Access
     Permissions, Descriptions of
     Permissions, Exception Override
     Permissions, FAQs about
     Permissions, Hierarchy of
     Permissions, Internal Audit Message
     Permissions, Layers of
     Permissions, Maintaining
     Permissions, Overview of
     Permissions, Program Chart Access
     Permissions, Reports of
     Permissions, Troubleshooting
     Permissions, Types of
     Permissions, Updating
Permissions, Cross Chart Access
Permitted Users
     Permitted Users, FAQs about
     Permitted Users, Overview of
     Permitted Users, Reports of
     Permitted Users, Setting
Personal ID (HMIS)
Pharmacy Default
PHI Download Alert
Phone Numbers
     PIN, Electronic Signatures
     PIN, Forgotten
     PIN, Resetting a
PIT Report
PlanBuilder, Configuring
PlanBuilder, FAQs on
PlanBuilder, Fields/Options for
PlanBuilder, Overview of
Plans and Reviews
Plans and Reviews, Completing
Plans and Reviews, E-Signing
Plans and Reviews, FAQs about
Plans and Reviews, Overview of
Plans and Reviews, Reporting on
Please Update Discharge Information Error
PNA Amounts
Point in Time (PIT) Report
Population Trends
Post Billings to A/R
Pre-Discharge Status
     Pre-Discharge Status, Entering a
     Pre-Discharge Status, Overview of
     Pre-Discharge Status, Reports of
     Preferences, Overview of
     Preferences, Setting
     Preferences, Text
Prescriptions Report
Previous AWARDS Session Error
Primary Client Changes
Primary Funder
Primary Worker
     Primary Worker, Changing the
     Printing, Including Background Colors When
     Printing, Removing Headers When
     Printing, Tips on
     Procedures, Deleting
     Procedures, Entering
     Procedures, FAQs about
     Procedures, Fields/Options in
     Procedures, Overview of Medical
     Procedures, Reports on
     Procedures, Updating
Process Discharge
Processing Consumer Discharges
Program Address
Program Administration Data Entry
Program Administration Report
Program Admission/Discharge Permission
Program Appointment Reminders
Program Attendance
     Program Attendance, Backdating
     Program Attendance, Deleting
     Program Attendance, Entering
     Program Attendance, FAQs about
     Program Attendance, Instruction Sheet for
     Program Attendance, Last Updated Info for
     Program Attendance, Overview of
     Program Attendance, Pending Clients
     Program Attendance, Updating
Program Attendance ReportBuilder
Program Attendance, Apply Services Data to
Program Billing Info
Program Capacity
Program Chart Access Permissions
Program Contact Information
Program County Code
Program Deputy Director
Program Director
     Program Director, Assigning a
     Program Director, Changing the
Program Group
Program Groupings
Program Groups
Program History Corrections (PHC)
     PHC, Changing Admission Dates with
     PHC, Changing Discharge Dates with
     PHC, Changing Intake Dates with
     PHC, Changing Rejected Intake Status with
     PHC, Changing Withdrawn Intake Status with
     PHC, FAQs about
     PHC, Maintaining Residence History Records with
     PHC, Overview of
     PHC, Removing Program Records with
     PHC, Undoing a Discharge with
     PHC, Undoing Admission with
Program Level of Care
Program Log Book
     Program Log Book, Alert Messages for the
     Program Log Book, Deleting Entries from the
     Program Log Book, Entering Data in the
     Program Log Book, FAQs about the
     Program Log Book, Instruction Sheet for
     Program Log Book, Overview of the
     Program Log Book, Reports on the
     Program Log Book, Searching the
     Program Log Book, System Messages for the
Program Log Book Alert Messages Permission
Program Name
Program Occupancy Report
Program Phone Number
Program Profile Report
Program Setup
     Program Setup, FAQs about
     Program Setup, Options in
     Program Setup, Process for
     Program Setup, Reports on
Program Site Configuration Type
Program Status
     Program Status, FAQs about
     Program Status, Fields/Options for
     Program Status, Maintaining
     Program Status, Overview of
     Program Status, Reporting on
Program Type Code
Program-Specific Resources
     Programs, Access to Discontinued
     Programs, Adding
     Programs, Discontinuing
     Programs, Editing Setup of
     Programs, Maintaining
     Programs, Re-Activating
     Programs, Removing
     Programs, Setting Up
Progress Note E-Signatures Configuration
Progress Notes
     Progress Notes, Amending
     Progress Notes, Crisis
     Progress Notes, Criteria for Discharge
     Progress Notes, Deleting
     Progress Notes, Discharge Disposition
     Progress Notes, Electronically Signing
     Progress Notes, Employment
     Progress Notes, Entering
     Progress Notes, FAQs about
     Progress Notes, Incident/Review
     Progress Notes, Locking
     Progress Notes, Overview of
     Progress Notes, Selecting Billable
     Progress Notes, Service Plan Linked
     Progress Notes, Signature Lines on
     Progress Notes, Types of
     Progress Notes, Unlocking
     Progress Notes, Updating
     Progress Notes, Viewing Reports of
     Progress Notes, Viewing Reports on Viewing
     Progress Notes, Worker Selection List for
Progress Notes Nightly Keyword Scan Permission
Progress Notes ReportBuilder
     Progress Notes ReportBuilder, Overview of the
Property Maintenance
     Property Maintenance, Enhancements to
     Property Maintenance, FAQs about
     Property Maintenance, Overview of
     Property Maintenance, Work Orders for
PROS Emergency Billing
Protected Program
Provider Appointments
     Provider Appointments, Creating
     Provider Appointments, Deleting
     Provider Appointments, FAQs about
     Provider Appointments, Fields/Options on
     Provider Appointments, Overview of
     Provider Appointments, Printing Forms for
     Provider Appointments, Reminders for
     Provider Appointments, Reports on
     Provider Appointments, Updating
     Providers, Deleting
     Providers, Entering
     Providers, FAQs about
     Providers, Fields/Options for
     Providers, Overview of
     Providers, Reporting on
     Providers, Updating
Providers Directory
     Providers Directory, FAQs about the
     Providers Directory, Fields/Options for the
     Providers Directory, Maintaining the
     Providers Directory, Overview of the
     Providers Directory, Reporting on the
PRU Number
Psychosocial History
Queue for ReportBuilders
Radiology Orders
     Radiology Orders, Deleting
     Radiology Orders, Entering
     Radiology Orders, Fields/Options for
     Radiology Orders, Overview of
     Radiology Orders, Updating
Re-Activating a Program
Re-Activating Terminated Employees
Re-Authenticating a Login
Re-do Admission Disallowed Error
Ready for E-Signature Notification
Reassigning Caseloads
Receive External Email Notifications
Reception Desk
     Reception Desk, Overview of the
Reception Desk ReportBuilder
Record Locked
Referral Activity Summary Report
Referral Agencies
     Referral Agencies, FAQs about
     Referral Agencies, Fields/Options for
     Referral Agencies, Maintaining the List of
     Referral Agencies, Overview of
     Referral Agencies, ReportBuilder for
Referral Information Report
Referral Letter for Hospitalization
Referral Records
     Referral Records, Creating Multi-Step Intake
     Referral Records, Creating Single-Step Intake
     Referral Records, Deleting Multi-Step Intake
     Referral Records, Updating Multi-Step Intake
     Referral Records, Updating Single-Step Intake
Referral Reports
     Referral Reports, FAQs about
     Referral Reports, Overview of
     Referral Reports, Referral Activity Summary
     Referral Reports, Referral Information
Referral Tracking Notes
     Referral Tracking Notes, Deleting
     Referral Tracking Notes, Editing
Referral/Provider Agencies
Referrals Data Entry Permission
Referrals Out
Remittance Posting Report
Removing a Program
Removing Duplicate Residence Units
Removing Program Attendance
Rent & Utilities
     Rent & Utilities, Adding Transactions for
     Rent & Utilities, Balances Information for
     Rent & Utilities, Creating Rent Payables in
     Rent & Utilities, Overview of
     Rent & Utilities, Payment Worksheet for
     Rent & Utilities, Payments and Stipends Reports for
     Rent & Utilities, Stipend Worksheet for
     Rent & Utilities, Transactions for
     Rent & Utilities, Updating Transactions for
     Rent & Utilities, Worksheets for
Rent Balances
Rent Payables
Rental Worksheets
Report Menu
     Report Menu, FAQs about the
     Report Menu, Finding Reports Using the
     Report Menu, Overview of the
     Report Menu, Viewing Reports from the
ReportBuilder Queue
     ReportBuilder, Allergies
     ReportBuilder, BillingBuilder
     ReportBuilder, Budgets
     ReportBuilder, Calendar
     ReportBuilder, Client Identifiers
     ReportBuilder, Configuration Options for the
     ReportBuilder, Contacts
     ReportBuilder, Contacts Log
     ReportBuilder, Demographics
     ReportBuilder, Diet Information
     ReportBuilder, Employee
     ReportBuilder, Encounters
     ReportBuilder, Entitlements
     ReportBuilder, FormBuilder
     ReportBuilder, Frequently Asked Questions on the
     ReportBuilder, Group Activities
     ReportBuilder, Group Activity List
     ReportBuilder, Group Member Status
     ReportBuilder, Group Notes
     ReportBuilder, Group Schedules
     ReportBuilder, HMIS
     ReportBuilder, HMIS History
     ReportBuilder, Hospital Episodes
     ReportBuilder, Hospitals
     ReportBuilder, Household Program Enrollments
     ReportBuilder, Immunizations
     ReportBuilder, Incidents
     ReportBuilder, Intake/Admission
     ReportBuilder, Job Interviews
     ReportBuilder, Job Placements
     ReportBuilder, Laboratory Locations
     ReportBuilder, Laboratory Orders
     ReportBuilder, Medications
     ReportBuilder, Nightly Absences
     ReportBuilder, OASAS
     ReportBuilder, Outreach
     ReportBuilder, Overview of
     ReportBuilder, Pay Records
     ReportBuilder, Plans and Reviews
     ReportBuilder, Procedures
     ReportBuilder, Program Attendance
     ReportBuilder, Program Status
     ReportBuilder, Progress Notes
     ReportBuilder, Providers
     ReportBuilder, Providers Directory
     ReportBuilder, Reception Desk
     ReportBuilder, Referral Agencies
     ReportBuilder, Report Content Tips for the
     ReportBuilder, Service Contacts
     ReportBuilder, Service Referrals
     ReportBuilder, Staff Training
     ReportBuilder, Support Services Contacts
     ReportBuilder, Supportive Services Checklist
     ReportBuilder, Tasks
     ReportBuilder, Test Scores
     ReportBuilder, Vital Signs
     ReportBuilder, Waiting List Clients
     ReportBuilder, Waiting List Configurations
Res Hab Daily Checklist
Residence Change Data Entry Notification Message
Residence History Housing Reports
Residence History Not Found Error
Residence Phone Numbers
Residence Unit Capacity
Residence Units
     Residence Units, Adding
     Residence Units, Closing Out
     Residence Units, Closure Date for
     Residence Units, Correcting
     Residence Units, Data Entry Rules for
     Residence Units, Deleting
     Residence Units, Duplicate
     Residence Units, FAQs about
     Residence Units, Fields/Options for
     Residence Units, First Available Date for
     Residence Units, Overview of
     Residence Units, Removing
     Residence Units, Swapping
Residential Census Status Report
Residential Logbook Keyword Nightly Scan Permission
     ResourceTracker, Configuring the
     ResourceTracker, Creating Tickets/Requests in the
     ResourceTracker, FAQs about the
     ResourceTracker, Overview of the
     ResourceTracker, Permissions for
     ResourceTracker, Responding to Tickets Using the
     ResourceTracker, Updating Tickets Using the
     ResourceTracker, Viewing Reports Using the
ResourceTracker Configure Permission
ResourceTracker Messages Permission
ResourceTracker Update Permission
Response Files
     Response Files, Reading
     Response Files, Rejected
     Response Files, Troubleshooting
     Response Files, Uploading
Restrict to Aggregate Data View Permission
Restrict to Read-Only View Permission
Restricted Census Access
Reversing a Discharge
Reversing Client Names
RHIO Consents
     Ride Sheets, Updating
Role Required
Room Reservations
Roster History Report
Roster Status on Face Sheet
Roster Status Update
Routine Progress Notes
     Run Schedules, Viewing 
Salary History
     Salary History, Overview of
     Salary History, Record Fields/Options for
     Salary History, Updating an Employee's
Security Details
Select Individual Note Sections
Self-Directed Budgets
Serves Homeless Only
Service Agreements
Service Contacts ReportBuilder, Using the
Service Coordinators
     Service Coordinators, Assignment Changes for
     Service Coordinators, Caseload Changes for
     Service Coordinators, FAQs about
     Service Coordinators, Overview of
     Service Coordinators, Reports of
     Service Coordinators, Selection List of
Service Plan Linked Notes
Service Plans
     Service Plans, Amendments to
     Service Plans, Backdated Data Entry Permission for
     Service Plans, Consumer Comments in
     Service Plans, Dates in
     Service Plans, Electronically Signing
     Service Plans, FAQs about
     Service Plans, Life Area Treatment
     Service Plans, Multiple Goal
     Service Plans, OASAS
     Service Plans, Overview of
     Service Plans, Signatures in
     Service Plans, Single Goal
Service Records Editing Rules
Service Referrals
     Service Referrals, Deleting
     Service Referrals, Entering
     Service Referrals, FAQs about
     Service Referrals, Overview of
     Service Referrals, ReportBuilder for
     Service Referrals, Updating
     Service Referrals, Viewing
Service Type Count Report
Service Utilization Reports
     Services, Overview of
Services - Group
Services Delivery Report
Sharing FormBuilder Forms
Sharing/Downloading FormBuilder Forms, Overview of
Signature Lines in Progress Notes
Signatures on Service Plans
Single Goal Service Plans
     Single Goal Service Plans, Admission Notes in
     Single Goal Service Plans, Initial Plans in
     Single Goal Service Plans, Overview of
     Single Goal Service Plans, Plan Reviews in
     Single Goal Service Plans, Viewing Reports of
Single-Step Intake/Admission
     Single-Step Intake/Admission, Creating a Referral for
     Single-Step Intake/Admission, FAQs about
     Single-Step Intake/Admission, Overview of
     Single-Step Intake/Admission, Processing
     Single-Step Intake/Admission, Undoing
     Single-Step Intake/Admission, Updating Referrals for
Site Code
Site Type
Staff Information
     Staff Information, Aggregate
     Staff Information, Duplicate Records in
     Staff Information, Entering
     Staff Information, FAQs about
     Staff Information, Maintaining
     Staff Information, Making Changes to
     Staff Information, New Hire
     Staff Information, Overview of
     Staff Information, Record Fields/Options for
Staff Training
     Staff Training, Canceling a
     Staff Training, Data Entry Permission for
     Staff Training, FAQs about
     Staff Training, Overview of
     Staff Training, Record Fields/Options for
     Staff Training, Reports on
     Staff Training, Rescheduling a
     Staff Training, Scheduling a
     Staff Training, Updating a Scheduled
Staff Training ReportBuilder
Standard Type Not Set to Other Error
Startup Information System
Startup Period Backdating Permission
Stipend Worksheet
Sublease Payables
Submits HUD APR
Submitting Time Off Requests
Superintendents Log Permission
Supervisor Re-Assignment
Support Services Contacts
     Support Services Contacts, Discontinued
     Support Services Contacts, Discontinuing
     Support Services Contacts, Entering
     Support Services Contacts, FAQs about
     Support Services Contacts, Fields/Options for
     Support Services Contacts, History of
     Support Services Contacts, Overview of
     Support Services Contacts, Reinstating
     Support Services Contacts, ReportBuilder for
     Support Services Contacts, Updating
Supportive Services Checklist
     Supportive Services Checklist, Deleting Records Using the
     Supportive Services Checklist, Entering Records Using the
     Supportive Services Checklist, FAQs about the
     Supportive Services Checklist, Overview of the
     Supportive Services Checklist, ReportBuilder for the
     Supportive Services Checklist, Updating Records Using the
     Supportive Services Checklist, Viewing Reports on the
Supportive Services Delivery Report
Surrogate Data Entry Permission
Swapping Residence Units
System Generated Messages
System Performance Measures Report
System Requirements
System Setup
     System Setup, Overview of
Target Population
Temporary Coordinator
Temporary Service Coordinators
Terminating Employees
Test Scores
     Test Scores, Deleting
     Test Scores, Entering
     Test Scores, Overview of
Test Scores, Field/Options for
Test Scores, ReportBuilder for
Test Scores, Updating
Text Size
The Name Entered Already Exists Error
Tier II / Family Shelter
Time Off Requests
     Time Off Requests, Approving
     Time Off Requests, Correcting
     Time Off Requests, Denying
     Time Off Requests, FAQs about
     Time Off Requests, Overview of
     Time Off Requests, Processing
     Time Off Requests, Removing Approved
     Time Off Requests, Removing Pending
     Time Off Requests, Submitting
Timeout Value
Timesheet Discrepancy Messages
     Timesheets, Adding Data to
     Timesheets, Discrepancy Messages for
     Timesheets, FAQs about
     Timesheets, Holidays on
     Timesheets, Overview of
     Timesheets, Payroll Hours Report From
     Timesheets, Removing Entries From
     Timesheets, Updating
     Timesheets, Viewing Report Versions of
     Timesheets, Worksite Hours Report From
     Timesheets, Worksites List for
Timing Out
Tip of the Month - August / Sept 2020
Tip of the Month - Jan 2021
Tip of the Month - January 2020
Tip of the Month - October 2019
Total Treatment Visits
Toxicology Information
     Toxicology Information, Deleting
     Toxicology Information, Editing
     Toxicology Information, Overview of
     Toxicology Information, Updating
Tracking Behaviors
Train the Trainer
     Training, Overview of
Training Enrollments
Training Facilities
Training Information
Training Packages and Agendas
Training Program Setup
Tranportation, Locations for
     Transfers, FAQs about
     Transfers, Overview of
     Transfers, Performing Client
     Transfers, Record Characteristics After
     Transfers, Reports on
     Transfers, Undoing Client
     Transportation, Supervisor Permission for
Transportation Locations
Transportation, FAQs about
Transportation, Locations ReportBuilder for
Transportation, Overview of
Transportation, ReportBuilder for
Transportation, Working with Records of
Treatment Plan
Troubleshooting AWARDS
Troubleshooting CSV Validation Errors
Two-Factor Authentication
     Two-Factor Authentication, Enrolling in
     Two-Factor Authentication, Setting Up
     Two-Factor Authentication, User's Guide for
Types of FormBuilder Fields
Undo Discharge
Undo Transfer
Unduplicated Activity Attendees
Unit Code
Unlocking Progress Notes
Unposting Remittance Worksheets
Upcoming Events
Upload Remittance/Response File
User Groups
     User Groups, Adding
     User Groups, Assignments to
     User Groups, Changing
     User Groups, Configuring
     User Groups, Deleting
     User Groups, FAQs about
     User Groups, Overview of
     User Groups, Permissions Layer for
User Permissions
User Settings
     User Settings, Appearance Preference
     User Settings, Electronic Signature
     User Settings, Overview of
Utilization Reports
     Utilization Reports, Overview of
     Utilization Reports, Service
Vacancy History
Vacancy Report
Validation Errors
Verification of Disability
Victim Service Provider
View All Charts of Client if Can View Any
Visit Duration Counts
Vital Signs
     Vital Signs, Fields/Options for
     Vital Signs, Overview of
     Vital Signs, Recording
     Vital Signs, Reporting on
Vital Signs, FAQs about
VPAC Assessments
Waiting Lists
     Waiting Lists, Adding Clients to
     Waiting Lists, Configuring
     Waiting Lists, Editing Records for
     Waiting Lists, FAQs about
     Waiting Lists, Maintaining
     Waiting Lists, Overview of
     Waiting Lists, Placing Clients from
     Waiting Lists, Removing Clients from
     Waiting Lists, Reports on
     Waiting Lists, Viewing Records for
Weekly Entitlements Recertification Audit Permission
Weekly Progress Notes
Work Orders
     Work Orders, Deleting
     Work Orders, Enhancements to
     Work Orders, Entering
     Work Orders, FAQs about
     Work Orders, Fields/Options on 
     Work Orders, ID Numbers for
     Work Orders, Locations List for
     Work Orders, Notification Messages for
     Work Orders, Reports of
     Work Orders, Updating
Work Role Permissions Layer
Work Schedules
     Work Schedules, Changing Employee
     Work Schedules, Consumer
     Work Schedules, Entering Consumer
     Work Schedules, Entering Employee
     Work Schedules, FAQs about
     Work Schedules, Maintaining Your
     Work Schedules, Overview of
     Work Schedules, Reports of Consumer
     Work Schedules, Reports of Employee
Work Supervisor Privileges
Worker Bank
Workschedule Restriction
Worksite Hours Report
Zoom Integration