Discontinuing or Re-Activating a Program

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To discontinue an agency program, or to re-activate a previously discontinued program, complete the following steps from the AWARDS Home screen:

    1. Click Administration from the left-hand menu, and then click System Setup.  The System Setup fly-out menu is displayed.
    2. Click Agency Program Information, and then click Discontinued Programs Status.  The Services Programs Status page is displayed.

  NOTE: The "Last Modified" information on this page reflects either the date on which the program's Agency Program Information was last updated, or the last date on which the discontinued Status was updated.

    1. At this time, complete one or both of the following tasks as needed:

  Discontinue a program - Click the Status drop-down arrow next to the program to be discontinued, and select "Discontinued."  To allow specific users to continue to access the discontinued program, type the login IDs of those users (separated by a comma) in the corresponding *Display To field.

  TIP: A program can only be discontinued if:

All associated residence units (when applicable) have been given last available dates under System Setup > Residence Units.

There are currently no clients on the program's roster.  (If the program to be discontinued uses the Multi-Step intake/admission process, unprocessed referrals are not considered part of the program's roster, and can be left as is; however, note that once the program is discontinued, any unprocessed referrals will become unavailable until such time as the program may be reactivated.  As a result, if an individual with an unprocessed referral should have been referred to a different agency program, you will want to make that change before discontinuing the program in which the referral currently exists.)

  Re-activate a discontinued program - Click the Status drop-down arrow next to the program to be re-activated, and select "Active."

    1. Click UPDATE.  Re-activated programs are added to the program lists throughout the system, and discontinued programs are removed from those lists for all but the "*Display To" exceptions.

The process of discontinuing or re-activating a program is now complete.