Agency Program Information

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The Agency Program Information feature is used to enter and maintain program information, as well as to report on program configuration.

Required Permissions

Use of the Agency Program Information feature requires the following permissions:

Agency Program Information

In addition, unless you are in the "Executive Officer" or "System Administrator" user groups, you must have ONE of the following permissions:

Display Executive Administration Buttons
Permissions Data Entry
Permissions Data Entry for All Staff and Layers

  NOTE: Permissions are assigned using the Permissions Maintenance feature.  If you do not have access to that feature and need a permission listed here, please contact your supervisor or your local Help Desk for assistance.

Functionality Features

The Agency Program Information functionality is comprised of the following features.  Click a link below to access the Online Help pages for the corresponding feature.

ADD / EDIT ENTIRE PROGRAM - Learn to enter programs in AWARDS, to maintain info for existing programs, and to view program info reports.

AGENCY INFORMATION * - Learn to maintain agency/division information, including recording a victim service provider value.

CONFIGURE ADMINISTRATION - Learn to set and update a program's administrative info, including director and deputy director(s).

CONFIGURE DATA ELEMENTS - Learn to configure hidden, shown, or required fields/options within client records for programs using the HMIS Data Elements.

CONFIGURE LOCATIONS - Learn to maintain the agency-wide and program-specific locations available throughout AWARDS.

CONTINUUM PROVIDER AGENCY INFORMATION * - Learn to maintain agency/division info, including recording a victim service provider value.

CREATE PROGRAM GROUPINGS - Create custom program groups that can be used for the purposes of running reports throughout AWARDS.

DISCONTINUED PROGRAMS STATUS - Learn to discontinue obsolete programs so that they and their records are no longer accessible to users.

HMIS BED INVENTORY - Learn to enter HMIS Bed Inventory Records for HMIS Residential Programs.

* Agency Information and Continuum Provider Agency Information refers to the same feature, the label of which varies based on how your AWARDS database is configured.

Additional Agency Program Information Reports 

In addition to the above features, the following related report is available from within the Reports module:

Agency Programs ReportBuilder - Used to generate reports of program setup and administration information.