Composing and Sending Messages

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To compose and send a new message, complete the following steps from within the Messages module, accessed by clicking Messages (or the Messages icon) from the navigation bar:

    1. Click the Compose icon at the top of any Messages module page.

The compose message page is displayed.

  TIP: To send a message to the Help Desk, click the Help Desk icon instead of Compose.  When composing a message to the Help Desk, the steps will vary from those provided below.  For more information on contacting the Help Desk, please click here.

    1. Specify the message's recipients in the To, Cc, and/or Bcc fields in either or both of the following ways:

  Type in the recipient name(s) - Type the user ID or first and last names of each AWARDS user to whom this message should be sent.  Separate each user ID or name with a semicolon (;).

  Select the recipient name(s) using the address book - Double-click within the To, Cc, or Bcc fields, or click the Address Book icon.

The Address Book page is displayed.

Click the Select field drop-down arrow and make a selection to indicate the type of recipient you are about to specify - "To," "Cc," or "Bcc."  (If you accessed the address book by clicking within one of those recipient type fields on the message composition page, that type is selected by default.

  NOTE: Any previously entered/selected recipients of the specified type are displayed in green on the right-hand side of this page.  The page also includes a total count of any To, Cc, and/or Bcc recipients in the bottom-right corner.

Select a custom or built-in list of users from the left side of the page, and/or search for an individual user by entering a value in the "enter name or login" option on the right, and then pressing <ENTER>.  When completing a search, results are displayed on the right side of the page with a checkbox next to each individual, where any already specified recipients of the selected recipient type are already checked and noted in green text.  Click the checkbox next to each user to whom the message should be sent, or use the available All checkbox.

Once a list or individual user has been selected, click Save Recipients to save your selections and return to the message composition page.

  TIP: For more information on configuring / maintaining custom lists, see Managing Custom Lists.

    1. In the Subject field, type the subject of the message.
    2. Click the Priority drop-down arrow and make a selection to indicate whether this message has "Normal" priority, or if it is "Urgent."  The default value is "Normal."

  NOTE: Urgent messages are displayed in their respective folders with a red subject line. 

    1. To attach one or more files to the message, click the Attachment icon.

    1. Using the Select file(s) to upload dialog box that is then displayed, navigate to and select the appropriate file(s), and then click Open.

  TIP: The maximum file size for attachments is 64MB each.

  TIP: To delete an attachment once it has been added to a message, click the delete icon next to that attachment.

    1. In the message text box, type the text of the message.
    2. To spell check your message, click the Check spelling icon and follow the on-screen prompts.

  NOTE: The spell check feature opens in a second window.  If it does not display properly it may be an indication that a pop-up blocker setting is enabled in your browser. 

    1. Click the Send icon or the Send button beneath the message text box.

The message is sent, a copy of the sent message is placed in the "Sent" folder, and a confirmation dialog box is displayed.  Click Close to acknowledge that your message has been sent, and to return to the messages index.

The process of composing and sending a message is now complete.