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The Human Resources module Staff Information feature is used to enter and update staff information records for employees.  Each staff information record includes payroll group status history, job title, personal, demographic, supervisor, and work schedule information for the employee.  Corresponding reports generated from data entered in this feature are accessible from the Reports module.

IMPORTANT! A staff information record must be entered for each employee before he or she can become an AWARDS user.

Required Permissions

The Staff Information feature is available to members of the "System Administrator" user group and to users with the following permissions:

Display Executive Administration Buttons (not required for members of most user groups, including "Executive" and "Direct Care" level groups or "Human Resources Staff")
Human Resources (ONE of three available - which of the three you have impacts your ability to work with the data found in the HR module; for more info, click here)

  NOTE:  Permissions are assigned using the Permissions Maintenance feature.  If you do not have access to that feature and need a permission listed here, please contact your supervisor or your local Help Desk for assistance.

Click-by-Click Instructions

Entering a New Hire - Learn to create a staff information record for a new employee / new AWARDS user.

Updating a Staff Information Record - Learn to make changes to an existing staff information record.

Terminating an Employee - Learn how to complete the termination process required when an employee leaves the agency.

Re-Activating a Terminated Employee - Learn to re-open the staff information record for a previously terminated employee.

Viewing an Employee Demographics Report - Learn to compile employee demographics information into a basic sortable report. 

Using the Employee ReportBuilder - Learn to generate customized reports of employee information from standard records and custom forms. 

A Closer Look @ Fields & Options / Supervisor Privileges

Staff Information Fields/Options - Learn about the fields/options available for configuration during staff information data entry.

Understanding Work Supervisor Privileges - Learn which privileges are automatically granted to staff based on work supervisor assignments in staff information records.

Frequently Asked Questions

Staff Information Frequently Asked Questions

FootholdConnect Event Recordings

  NOTE: Recordings marked with a red asterisk (*) were made prior to deployment of significant AWARDS enhancements and do not reflect those changes; however, the overall content is still relevant and useful.

Managing Staff Records (58 min) * - April 2017

In this webinar - intended for human resources staff, supervisors, program directors, and agency executive staff - we teach you about all of the AWARDS functionality designed to help you manage staff records.  Specifically, you'll learn about creating and managing staff records, creating logins and assigning user groups, working with Internal Audit Message permissions, FormBuilders and ReportBuilders related to managing staff records, the correct process for completing a termination, and much more!

Staff Training Records / ReportBuilder and HR Module FormBuilder Forms (37 min) * - October 2014

Learn about two employee-centric AWARDS components - staff training data entry and reporting, and with employee FormBuilder forms that enable you to collect and report out on employee-specific data from within the Human Resources module.

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Enhancement Request Forms

Staff Information functionality is configurable behind-the-scenes using preferences set by Foothold Technology.  If you are interested in learning more about available features and options and/or would like to move ahead with configuration, download the following request form, complete the "Staff Information" portions, and then submit it to your Implementation Consultant or [email protected].

Human Resources - Implementation Requests Form