Terminating an Employee

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When an employee leaves an agency and no longer needs to be listed as a staff member in AWARDS, you must complete an employee termination process in the database.  These steps apply for any employee leaving an agency, whether voluntarily or involuntarily.

IMPORTANT! If it is necessary to terminate an employee immediately, we recommend blocking the user's login access prior to completing the steps below.  Doing so will prevent the user from accessing the system and will allow you time to complete each of the steps in the termination process before entering a termination date - the step in the process at which the user's login is de-activated.  (If the user is not being terminated effective immediately, blocking login access before completing the termination process is not required and may not be appropriate if he or she will be accessing the system through his or her termination date.)  For information on blocking login access, click here.

To begin the employee termination process, you must update the terminated employee's staff information record.  There you will add an employment end date and termination information to begin the process and de-activate the employee's AWARDS login as of the end date entered.  To do so, complete the following steps from the AWARDS Home screen:

    1. Click Administration from the left-hand menu, and then click Human Resources.  The Human Resources fly-out menu is displayed.
    2. Click Staff Information.  The Staff Information Worker Selection page is displayed.

    1. Click the Worker drop-down arrow and select the worker who is being terminated.

  TIP: To narrow record selection to those employees in a specific payroll group, first click the Payroll Group drop-down arrow and select the appropriate group.  The default value is "All Workers."

    1. Click CONTINUE.  The Staff Information page is displayed.  By default, the first of the staff information tabs, "Demographics," is open on this page.  It is used to collect basic demographics information for the employee.

    1. Click the Payroll tab.
    2. In the "Payroll Group Status History Records" portion of the page, enter the employee's last date of employment in the Group End date field.
    3. Click your mouse outside of the Group End date field.  The page is refreshed to include a section for employee termination information, including circumstances and summary detail.
    4. Click the Circumstances drop-down arrow and select the circumstances surrounding the employee's termination:

Voluntary - Other Employment

Voluntary - Job Abandonment

Voluntary - Personal Reasons

Voluntary - Medical

Involuntary - Misconduct

Involuntary - Disciplinary

Involuntary - Layoff



    1. In the Summary of Circumstances text box, type any comments regarding the employee's termination and/or the circumstances surrounding it.
    2. Click UPDATE.  The termination information is saved and added to the employee's staff information record.  The staff information record is then placed in the staff archives, and a read-only report version of the record is displayed on the Staff Information page. 

IMPORTANT! If the end date entered for the employee is on or before today's date, his or her AWARDS login is de-activated at this time.  The AWARDS login of an employee with a future end date will be de-activated as of that end date.

Also, when the employee being terminated is an author of a custom list in his or her Messages Address Book, the list is automatically updated to the "Sharers can update" status, allowing other workers (and consumers, if applicable) to edit and update the list.  

    1. Review the information listed at the top of the confirmation page, in the "Steps to completing the Employee Termination Process" section.  This section provides detailed information on what steps need to be completed to finalize the termination process. 

  TIP: Click the Expand All link to view all details listed under each step.  Click the Print link to view a report version of the list of steps.  

Possible steps include:

Caseload Reassignment

Charting Events Reassignment

Appointment/Events Reassignment

Supervisee Reassignment

Director/Deputy Director Reassignment

Group Schedule Leader Reassignment

Providers Updates

  TIP: The "Steps to completing the Employee Termination Process" information can also be found on the staff information records of workers who have already been terminated and whose records reside in the staff archives.  It can be used to determine whether previously terminated workers might remain in the system.

    1. If the "Steps to completing the Employee Termination Process" section does not appear on the confirmation page, no further actions need to be taken and the termination process is complete.  Otherwise, continue with step 12.
    2. Complete each of the steps listed on the confirmation page for this former employee.  Links to the Online Help sections relating to each of the possible remaining termination steps are provided here:

  Caseload Reassignment - If the employee had a caseload in any programs, use the Services - Individual module's Service Coordinators feature to assign those caseloads to other staff members.  For more information, see Reassigning a Caseload.

  Charting Events Reassignment - If the employee has open service plan events assigned to him/her, use the Services - Individual module Service Plans feature's Update Schedule tool to reassign them to another staff member.  For more information, see Service Plans.  If the employee has other chart events assigned to him/her, use the Services - Individual module's Charting Timetable feature to reassign them to another staff member.  For more information, see Entering / Updating a Chart Event.

  Appointment/Events Reassignment - If other future appointments and events are assigned to the employee, use the Calendar feature to either cancel them or reassign them to another staff member.  For more information, see Making Appointment/Event Changes.

  Supervisee Reassignment - If the employee had supervisees, use the Human Resources module Staff Information feature to update the records of each of those supervisees and assign them to new supervisors using the "Supervisor Information" options.  For more information, see Updating a Staff Information Record.

  Director/Deputy Director Reassignment - If the employee was a program director or deputy director for any programs, use the System Setup module, Agency Program Information, Configure Administration feature to place other employees in those roles.  For more information, see Maintaining Program Director Information and/or Maintaining Deputy Director Information as needed.

  Group Schedule Leader Reassignment - If the employee is set as the leader for any scheduled groups, use the Services - Group module's, Group Schedule Setup, Group Schedules feature to reassign those groups to other staff members.  For more information, see Maintaining Group Schedules.

  Providers Updates - If the employee is set as a client provider within the Medical module, those assignments associated with this employee will automatically be updated with an End Date equal to the termination date.  Use Medical > Providers to make changes to this End Date or to the client provider assignments, if needed.  For more information, see Working with Providers.

The employee termination process is now complete.