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The AWARDS Fiscal module is used to complete advanced fiscal- and program-related reporting and data entry tasks.

Required Permissions

The Fiscal module is available to users with the following permissions:

Display Executive Administration Buttons - OR - Display Fiscal Buttons (only required if you are not a member of the "Fiscal Staff" or "Executive Officer" user groups)

Any additional permissions required to use the features within the Fiscal module are discussed in detail in the Online Help sections for each of those features.

  NOTE:  Permissions are assigned using the Permissions Maintenance feature.  If you do not have access to that feature and need a permission listed here, please contact your supervisor or your local Help Desk for assistance.

Module Features

The Fiscal/Program module is comprised of the following features.  Click a link below to access the Online Help pages for the corresponding feature.

  NOTE: As with most areas of AWARDS, the Fiscal module is highly configurable.  As a result, the features you see there may vary from those listed here.

BILLINGBUILDER - Learn to complete various billing data entry and report viewing tasks.

CDT BILLING REPORT - Learn to view Continuing Day Treatment (CDT) billing reports, including direct services contact date for monthly billing needs.

COC ANNUAL PERFORMANCE REPORT - Learn to view read-only HUD annual performance reports for programs with grants ending AFTER June 1st, 2011.

CONSUMER IN-HOUSE ACCOUNTS - Learn to track moneys being held for consumers.

ESG CAPER - Learn to generate the Emergency Solutions Grant Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report.

HMIS DATA EXPORT - Point of access for local CoC users in HMIS databases only.  Learn to complete the HMIS upload process.

HMIS DATA QUALITY REPORT - Learn how to audit data quality before running and submitting the CoC Annual Performance Report.

HMIS GRANTEE APR - Learn to generate the Annual Performance Report for HMIS-dedicated projects.

HMIS LONGITUDINAL SYSTEM ANALYSIS (LSA) REPORT - Learn to access and generate the HMIS Longitudinal System Analysis (LSA) Report export file.

LS3 REPORTS - Learn to view LS3 units of service, view LS3-6 status change reports, and enter LS3 summary history data.

NYC CCoC EVALUATION TOOL - Learn to access and use the NYC CCoC Evaluation Tool, available exclusively in the NYCHMIS database.

OASAS REPORTS - Learn to generate user-customized and standard OASAS data reports.

PATH ANNUAL REPORT SURVEY - Learn to use the PATH ARS functionality to generate reports, and learn to understand their contents.

PATH QCMRs AND DATA EXPORT - Learn to generate Quarterly Contract Monitoring Reports (QCMRs) for PATH programs.  (Applicable only to programs in NJ.)

POINT IN TIME (PIT) REPORT - Learn to generate a point in time report to assist with HUD's Point-in-Time reporting requirements.

SYSTEM PERFORMANCE MEASURES REPORT - Learn to generate a report assessing the performance of an entire HMIS Continuum of Care.