HMIS Data Quality Report

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The HMIS Data Quality Report feature is designed to aid in auditing data quality before running and submitting the CoC Annual Performance Report.  It displays just the Report Validations and Data Quality sections of the CoC APR.

Required Permissions

The HMIS Data Quality Report is available to users with the following permissions:

Display Executive Administration Buttons - OR - Display Fiscal Buttons (only required if you are not a member of the "Fiscal Staff" or "Executive Officer" user groups)

  NOTE:  Permissions are assigned using the Permissions Maintenance feature.  If you do not have access to that feature and need a permission listed here, please contact your supervisor or your local Help Desk for assistance.

Click-by-Click Instructions

Viewing the HMIS Data Quality Report - Learn how to view a report designed to help audit the quality of your APR data.

Frequently Asked Questions

HMIS Data Quality Report Frequently Asked Questions 

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