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The AWARDS Household Composition feature enables users to fully manage household changes, including adding, editing, or removing household member information in client records.  This feature is available for programs that are set to display the "Household Composition" button (or section) on client face sheets.  Users can access the feature from within a client's face sheet or during the admission process.

  IMPORTANT TIP! We recommend reviewing and being familiar with the following terminology prior to working in the Household Composition feature, as it may help you more easily navigate through and record accurate data in household records in AWARDS:

Household / Global Household / Global Household Composition / Global Household ID - Formerly (prior to September 2019) referred to as Household / Household Composition / Household ID - A global household is an affiliated group of clients that are not necessarily in the same program(s), and in fact some of them may not be enrolled in any program.  These individuals may or may not be living together, depending on how the agency chooses to define "Household." They are linked together by a global household ID.

Household Program Enrollment / Household Program Enrollment ID - For every program enrollment or program history in AWARDS, all clients being served in that program at that time are linked by a household program enrollment ID.  One of the enrolled clients must be designated as the primary client/consumer for each program enrollment.

Primary Client/Consumer - Specified on the household program enrollment level, not the global household level.

 Household Program Enrollment Start Date - The earliest date anyone in the household program enrollment became active in the program (in other words, the admission date of the first household member in that program enrollment).

Household Program Enrollment End Date - The latest date anyone in the household program enrollment is still active in the program (in other words, the discharge date of the last household member in that program enrollment, if any).

What's New in Household Functionality - A Closer Look at September 2019 Enhancements...

On September 4th 2019, Foothold released extensive enhancements to the household functionality in AWARDS, some of which may have impacted your workflow.  These changes were designed to provide increased flexibility around specifying who is in a household, as well as who is the primary client for every program enrollment individually.  In addition, there were changes to the labels on some existing fields and tabs throughout the functionality.

Specific changes to be aware of include the following:

   Household ID has been relabeled Global Household ID.  In addition, a new field - Program Enrollment ID - has been rolled out.

  Mapping of existing relationships was done so that all household members whose Household Start date is on or after their Program Admission date will continue to be grouped together under a Global Household ID.

  TIP: If household members had program history before the Household Start date, that history was NOT part of the mapping that happened for the Global Household record.

  Previously the label of the face sheet button by which users accessed the Household functionality was configurable.  That button's name is now hard-coded, and is labeled Household Composition for ALL programs set to use Household functionality.

  The order of the tabs in the Household functionality has changed and is now Global Household Composition (the new default), followed by Household Program Enrollment.  The latter displays records specific to the program, while some of the household members on the Global Household Composition tab may relate to other programs.

  For each household program enrollment, you can now specify the primary client / consumer using an easy-select radio button, an especially useful change for HMIS programs.

  Because AWARDS now allows different primary clients per program enrollment, the method of designating relationships within households has changed.  Specifically, instead of making changes by clicking a client name as was done previously, there is now a new Update Relationships icon for this purpose.

  You can now specify relationships between everyone in a Global Household, though you are only required to specify the relationship between the primary client and other household members.

  A new Household Program Enrollments ReportBuilder has replaced the previously existing Household ReportBuilder and will be available via the Reports module.  It will adhere to program chart access permissions.

Required Permissions

Permissions required to use the Household Composition feature are as follows:

Program Chart Access
Display Any Chart Records Buttons
Display Chart Records Profile Button
Display Chart Records Intake/Admission Button
Referrals Data Entry
Program Admission/Discharge

  NOTE:  Permissions are assigned using the Permissions Maintenance feature.  If you do not have access to that feature and need a permission listed here, please contact your supervisor or your local Help Desk for assistance.

Click-by-Click Instructions

Accessing the Household Composition Feature - Learn to access the feature from client face sheets.

Adding a New Household Member - Learn to add a new household member to an existing household.

Editing Household Member Information - Learn to make changes to, or remove household information.

Changing the Primary Client in a Household - Learn how to change the primary client in a household.

A Closer Look @ Viewing Options

Household Composition Viewing Options - Learn about the viewing options of the Household Composition feature.

Additional Household Reports 

The following report, while not located directly within the Household Composition feature itself, can be a useful tool for analyzing household-related information.

Household Program Enrollments ReportBuilder - Located in the Reports module.  Used to generate customized reports of household data.

Tips & Tricks

Household Data Clean-up Tips - Review tips for making sure your household data in AWARDS is as complete and accurate as possible.

IMPORTANT! We recommend that these tips be completed at least once following the release of the Household functionality enhancements deployed in September 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

Family / Household Information Frequently Asked Questions

FootholdConnect Event Recordings

Feature Review - Households (50 min) - September 2019

The newly enhanced Household Composition feature in AWARDS enables users to fully manage household changes, including adding, editing, and removing household member information in client records. We will also discuss the new Household Program Enrollments ReportBuilder. 

  NOTE: As of December 2019, the Legacy Household ReportBuilder referenced in this recording is no longer available.