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Want to make sure that your household data is complete and accurate, especially in light of the Household functionality enhancements deployed in AWARDS in September 2019?  Here are a few key tips to get you started:

  Check for records where the primary client is blank and fix them - Start by running the Household Program Enrollments ReportBuilder and looking for rows of data where the Primary Client is blank and note the Household Program Enrollment ID or the Global Household ID for on those records.

  NOTE: Records may be missing this data for household program enrollments recorded in AWARDS before September 2019. (For example, you will see this if there is a household program enrollment with a re-admitted client whose primary client was not also re-admitted, or if the household program enrollment is for a client whose other global household members are only in other programs.)

Next, work to fill in the blanks.  To do so, run Household Program Enrollment ReportBuilder using the One Row per Household Member option, and search or filter for the Household Program Enrollment ID or the Global Household ID you noted down earlier. Use the data in that report to match the ID to the name of the client, and then go to the face sheet for that client and make him/her the primary client, or fix the record in whatever alternate way is necessary. Keep in mind when completing the record fix that it is necessary to define the relationships of everyone to the primary client using the Update Relationships tool.

  Check for records where the Global Household ID starts with "H" and place those individuals in households - Run the Household Program Enrollments ReportBuilder or the Demographics ReportBuilder and look for any Global Household IDs that start with "H."  The "H" signifies that it is a placeholder Global Household ID and that the client is not actually in a household.  Note the names of clients with the "H" IDs, and for each navigate to their face sheet, go into Household Composition, and place them in a household.

  Do a Global Household Start Date data quality check (only necessary for HMIS programs) - Run the Demographics ReportBuilder using the saved report format "Foothold Data Quality Report Family/Household Comparisons v.2."  Make sure that for all clients the Global Household Start Date is on or before the Admission Date.  If not, correct those dates as needed.