Changing the Primary Client in a Household

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The process of changing the primary client within a household involves designating a new head of household, and then specifying the relationship of the other household members to that new head of household.  To do so, complete the following steps:

    1. Access the Household Composition feature of the client for which you are editing information, as described here.

    1. Click the Household Program Enrollment tab.

The current program enrollment for the selected household is displayed.

    1. The Primary Client column is used to designate the head of household for each program enrollment.  Click that radio button for the new head of household. 

  TIP: A warning icon is displayed in the Primary Client column for anyone who is not eligible to be made the primary client. Hover your mouse cursor over that icon to view any related details; for example, in HMIS programs, the primary client must be an adult who was in the household as of the admission date of the first household member in this program enrollment.

The Relationships for [household member] pop-up is displayed for the newly selected primary client, with any previously specified relationships pre-populated.

    1. If any relationship information is missing on this pop-up, use the available drop-down selection lists to specify the relationship of each existing household member to this new head of household.
    2. Click Save.  The Household Composition page is re-displayed, with "Household Program Enrollment" tab visible and the updated primary client and relationship information reflected there.
    3. If there are multiple program enrollment records and head of household information needs to be changed for any of the others, repeat steps 3 through 5 as needed.

The process of changing the primary client in a household is complete.