Working with Program Director Information

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To assign or change a program's director, complete the following steps from the AWARDS Home screen:

    1. Click the Program drop-down arrow in the upper-right corner of the page and select the program for which the director information is to be worked with.
    2. Click Administration from the left-hand menu, and then click System Setup.  The System Setup fly-out menu is displayed.
    3. Click Agency Program Information, and then click Configure Administration.  The Configure Administrative Information page is displayed.

    1. Click Program Director.  The Configure Program Director page is displayed.

    1. Click the Change to drop-down arrow and select the employee to be assigned as the program director.
    2. Click UPDATE.  The program director information is saved and the Configure Administrative Information menu page is re-displayed.

The process of assigning or changing a program director is now complete.

  TIP: Staff assigned as program directors and deputy directors using the Configure Administration feature are automatically granted a range of privileges in a variety of areas in AWARDS. For detailed information on each of those privileges, please see Understanding Director/Deputy Privileges.