Making Changes to an Appointment/Event

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To make changes to a scheduled appointment/event using the Calendar, complete the following steps:

    1. From the navigation bar, click Calendar (or the Calendar icon).
    2. Configure the Calendar viewing options, making sure that the date of the appointment/event you wish to make changes to is now included in the Calendar display.
    3. Click the appointment/event block for which changes are to be made.  The appointment/event's details are displayed in a pop-up, with any data entry options available for it shown as icons in the upper-right corner and/or buttons at the bottom; for example:

  NOTE: Based on your permissions and/or the appointment/event type, some Calendar items may be read-only and have no data entry options or may not be available for detailed viewing at all.  For example, any time you see "(busy)" on the Calendar it is an indication that it is either a private staff event that you are not able to access, or that it is for a client in a program to which you do not have chart access.

   Edit - Opens the appointment/event in data entry mode - either within the Calendar itself or in the AWARDS feature of origination - to enable you to make changes; for example, adjusting the meeting status, changing the date, time, and/or attendees, adding notes, and more.  If the appointment/event is a program appointment for which the date is today or in the past, opening it in editing mode also allows for the entry of a corresponding progress note.  When all changes have been made as needed, click SAVE or UPDATE (depending on the type of appointment/event being worked with). 

  TIP: For guidance on making changes to recurring appointments/events, see the Calendar Frequently Asked Questions.

   View - Provides read-only access to the corresponding record; for example a plan or review.

   Delete - Removes the appointment/event from ALL Calendars.

WARNING! When working with staff events where more than one individual is scheduled to attend, please be aware that deleting an event using the delete icon removes that event from the Calendar of ALL attendees, not just yourself.  If you only want to remove yourself from attendance, click the edit icon instead, and remove yourself from the Staff Selection list by clicking the "x" next to your name.

  Add Activity Attendance / Add Group Note - Available for group activities with dates in the past.  Takes you to the attendance data entry page or group note data entry page for that activity, respectively, so that you can enter the group details directly. 

The process of making changes to a scheduled appointment/event is now complete.