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Foothold Technology regularly makes new and improved AWARDS functionality available to all users free of charge.  Many of those enhancements are automatically deployed to all AWARDS databases, and are announced to users via e-mail through the FootNotes Monthly Digests (an archive of which can be found  here), as well as through monthly postings in the AWARDS FootholdConnect module.

Other enhancements are not deployed automatically, and instead must be requested so that they can be turned on for you behind-the-scenes in AWARDS.  These are things that do not have to be turned on, but that may be useful to you.  To aid you in requesting these features, Foothold Technology makes two types of detailed request forms available to you:

  Optional Enhancements Request Forms

These forms detail newly released features and functionality that you can choose to request now or in the future.  Enhancements in these forms are typically grouped by release date, and can be requested at any time.

  Implementation Request Forms

These forms detail functionality commonly configured during an agency/continuum's implementation phase with AWARDS.  Enhancements in these forms are grouped by module or feature, and can be requested at any time, regardless of whether the AWARDS implementation process is complete.

This portion of Online Help provides links to all available enhancement request forms, as well as instructions on their use. 

The Enhancement Request Process 

If you would like to have one or more of the enhancements detailed in these forms deployed for your agency/continuum, please do the following:

  Click the link for the relevant form from the list below.  The form will be downloaded to your computer and can be opened, reviewed, and completed from within Microsoft Word.

  NOTE: If Google Chrome is your browser and you have the "Office Editing" browser extension installed, request forms will not download automatically when the corresponding link is clicked below; instead, they will open in Google Docs.  From there, click the download button in the upper-right corner to complete the download process.

  Discuss the enhancements with your AWARDS implementation team and/or with any other relevant staff to determine whether or not they will be appropriate for deployment in your AWARDS database.  Because some enhancements can be deployed for specific programs or program types (rather than for the database as a whole), it is important to review each enhancement carefully to see how it is deployed and to determine who you would like it turned on for.

  Complete the relevant enhancements request form and save it to your computer.  Be sure to complete the "Requestor Information" section, and to provide all of the asked for information for those enhancements you would like to have turned on.

  TIP: If your agency sponsored any of the custom enhancements work detailed in a form, that functionality is already live in your AWARDS database and does not need to be requested.

  TIP: If any given form contains multiple enhancements you would like to request, you need only the complete that form once.

  Email the completed request form to [email protected].  Be sure to send the actual Word document file as an attachment in the e-mail - do NOT copy and paste the content of the document into an e-mail.

Once your enhancement form has been received, we will review it carefully and the requested enhancements will be deployed.  A Foothold representative may contact you prior to deployment if, after reviewing your requests, he/she has any concerns about your selections, or if he/she thinks there are enhancements you have not chosen which could be of benefit to you.

Request Forms

All implementation request and optional enhancement forms are provided for your use below.  Beneath each form link is a list of the specific pieces or types of functionality it addresses.

Certified Edition - Requirements and Enhancement Request Instructions

Discharge - Implementation Requests Form

  Discharge Menu - Follow Up Notes Feature

  Discharge Menu - Referrals Out Feature

  Discharge Process - Discharge Into Agency Housing Option

  Discharge Process - Post Discharge Events

  Discharge Form / Info - Header Label

  Discharge Form / Info - Reason for Discharge List

  Discharge Form / Info - Outcome / Classification List

  Discharge Form / Info - Anonymous Summary Text Box

  Discharge Form / Info - Discharge Note Settings

  Discharge Form / Info - Additional Fields / Options

  Discharge Form / Info - Referral Options

  Discharge Form / Info - Destination List

  Discharge Form / Info - Diagnoses / Medications Display

  Discharge Form / Info - Undo Discharge Option

  Discharge Form / Info - Signature Lines Display

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Face Sheet - Implementation Requests Form

- Demographics Data

- Miscellaneous Info
- Client Alerts

- Contacts Info

- Providers

- Entitlements Info

- Program Status

- Client Identifiers

- Vital Signs Section

- Substance Abuse Info

- Face Sheet Photo and Note

- Household/Family Tracking

- Return to Admission Form

HMIS - Coordinated Entry Assessments / Events - Enhancement Request Form

Human Resources - Implementation Requests Form

  Staff Information Records - General - Available / Required Fields and Options

  Staff Information Records - Credentials - Authorization Credentials List

  Staff Information Records - Demographics - Ethnicity List

  Staff Information Records - Payroll - Benefits List

  Staff Information Records - Payroll - Leave Types List

  Staff Information Records - Work Role - Departments List

  Staff Information Records - Work Role - EEO Job Classifications List

  Staff Training Records - Custom Training Topics List

  Staff Training Records - Training Cost Field

  Staff Training Records - Mandated Training Attendance Option

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Incidents - Implementation Requests Form

  Incidents Form - Available / Required Fields and Options

  Incidents Form - Record and Field / Option Labels

  Incidents Form - Incident Types List 

  Incidents Form - Witness Categories List

  Incidents Access - Initial Report Access Override Permission

  Incidents Index - Location Search Field

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MAR - Implementation Requests Form

- MAR Data Entry and Displays

- MAR Internal Audit Messages

MCTAC - Optional Enhancements Request Form

- IMO ProcedureIT for Progress Notes

- DSM-5 - Categories ReportBuilder Field

- Saved MCTAC Report Formats

- Current Programs on Entitlements ReportBuilder

Medication Monitoring - Implementation Requests Form

- Header

- Current Medication Orders

- Rows Per Day (PRN or "As Needed" Medications)

- Rows Per Day (All Other, Non-PRN Medications)

- New Medications (Blank Entries)

- New Medications (Rows Per Day)

- Additional Rows

- Key Code List

- Middle of Form

- Page Footer

- Comments in Form Footer

Medical Module - Implementation Requests Form

- Laboratory Orders

- Diagnostic Test Information

- Laboratory Locations

- Immunization Records
- Procedures

- Electronic Prescriptions

- Medication Options

- Vital Signs

- Medication Search and Patient Education Resources

- Diagnoses Options

- Diet Information Options

- Client Logins
- Family Health History

- Implantable Devices

- Encounters

- Tasks

Multi-Step Admission - Implementation Requests Form

- Referral Form - Demographic Data

- Referral Form - Display Interview Section
- Referral Form - Display Tracking Note Disposition Fields

- Intake Form - Demographics Data (Agency wide)

- Intake Form - Demographics Data (Program specific)

- Intake Form - Demographics Data (Edit Lists)

- Field Options

- Rejection Reason List

- Entering Entitlements

- Waiting List Functionality

Multiple Goal Service Plans - Implementation Requests Form

- Multiple Goal Plans

- Permission to Enter Done Dates

- Scheduling

- Coversheet Fields

- Special Coversheet Display Options

- Goal / Objective Category Type Selection

- Collateral Input

- Goal Duration

- Goal Target Date

- Objective Target Date

- Review of Progress Text Box

- Frequency and Duration

- Field Label Options

- Multiple Group Linkages on Service Plans

- Outcomes List

- Duplicate Service Plan Review Dates

- Report Options

- Signatures

NYSCRI - Optional Enhancements Request Form

Providers - Implementation Request Form

- Transition from Support Services Contacts to Providers

- Specialty List

- Provider Type List

- Extra Fields

Service Contacts - Implementation Request Form

- Display Additional Contact Details

- List of Locations

- Minute Increments Within Services

- Service Language

- Service Type Filter

- Display Service Contact End Times in Reports

- Display Medicaid Number

- Service Types

- Progress Note Time Written Stamp

- Minimum Note Duration

- Successful/Unsuccessful

- Motivational Interviewing Link

- Extra Note Types

- Link Collateral Notes to Service Plans

- Periodic Summary Note - Allow Note to be F2F

- Periodic Summary Note - Hide N/A Fields on Note

- Periodic Summary Note - Display Grid with Attendance Calendar

- Expand List of Notes on Index

- Expand List of Notes on Data Entry Page

- Option to Include Program Appointment Notes

- Omit Employment-related Notes When Running a Progress Notes Report

- Progress Notes Nightly Keyword Scan

- Prevent Future Start Times

- Extra Drop-down Field

- Progress Note Writer Stamp

- Default Duration Value

- Direct and Indirect Time

- Extra Fields

- Supportive Services Funding Sources

- Apply Services to Household Members

- Relabel Primary Reason

- Co-Leader Option for Group Activities

- Allow Multi-Program Attendance for Groups

- Auto-Calculate Duration or End Time

- Printable Client Identifiers

- Charting Event Permissions

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Single Goal Service Plans - Implementation Request Form

- Coversheet Fields and Display Options

- Service Plan Field Options

- Goal / Objective Category Type Selection

- Plan Display Options

- Outcomes List

- Report Options

- Scheduling

- Signatures

- Permission to Enter Done Dates

Single Step Admission - Implementation Request Form

- Demographic Data (Agency Wide)

- Demographic Data (Program Specific)

- Demographic Data (Edit Lists)

- Functionality  Settings

- Field Labels

- Entering Entitlements

Various - Optional Enhancements Request Form

- Job Interview Outcomes & Linkage to Job Placements

- Job Placement Modifications

- Vocational Rehab Assessment Option

- Training Button Label

- Lease Held By

- ReportBuilders Roster Date Range List

- Allow Schedule Conflicts on Calendar

- Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) on Admission Form

- Service Referral Customization

- Increase the Number of Clock Times Entered for Program Attendance

- Additional Fields for Multiple Admission Form (Household Size & Services Sought)

- Intake Time

- Bed Registry Report

- Entitlements Filter for Reports

- Cross Chart Access Permission

- Monthly Res Hab/Day Hab Checklist Options

- Add Demographic ReportBuilder Fields to FormBuilder/HMIS ReportBuilder

- Client Search Fields

- Login Created/Terminated Internal Audit Message

- Home Screen View

- Emergency Access

- Plans and Reviews Permissions

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