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Foothold hosts a variety of "FootholdConnect" events on an ongoing basis for the benefit of our clients.  These events, announced each month via the FootNotes monthly digest newsletter and through FootholdConnect in AWARDS, typically include one or more the following each month:

iKnow - Implementation knowledge sessions designed to meet the specific needs of agencies new to AWARDS.

New Features & Functions - Fresh from our developers to your database.  Learn how to start using our innovative new features and products today!

Optional Enhancements - An in-depth introduction to optional features and functions in AWARDS.

Review & Refresh - Free demonstrations of important AWARDS features and functions.

User's Conference Continued - A reprise of essential sessions from past AWARDS user's conferences, held annually each summer.

Recordings of many of our most popular FootholdConnect events are provided for your reference below in case you missed them.  Click an event type from the list above to navigate directly to the available recordings of that type, or scroll through the full list of recordings below.  

  TIP: To see which FootholdConnect events are coming up soon and to register for any or all of them, click here

  NOTE: Recordings marked with a red asterisk (*) were made prior to deployment of significant AWARDS enhancements and do not reflect those changes; however, the overall content is still relevant and useful.


  NOTE: Recordings marked with a red asterisk (*) were made prior to deployment of significant AWARDS enhancements and do not reflect those changes; however, the overall content is still relevant and useful.

iKnow - BillingBuilder (1 hr 36 min) - September 2017

Join us for a discussion of the various ways agencies are using the BIllingBuilder, setup strategies, troubleshooting, and using reports.

iKnow - FormBuilder (1 hr 20 min) * - July 2018

Optimize your usage of AWARDS by mastering the FormBuilder - our most flexible data collection and reporting tool.  Learn the basics -  such as how to utilize different field types when creating a form, and where to place your form once it's completed - and find out more about what FormBuilder can do for your agency, both during implementation and beyond.

  TIP: At the time this iKnow session was recorded, access to the FormBuilder was granted only by Foothold Technology.  As of November 2019 FormBuilder access is instead controlled by a permission assigned using System Setup > Permissions Maintenance.  A passing quiz score, while recommended, is no longer required to be granted FormBuilder access.

iKnow - Help Desk - Advanced (1 hr 4 min) - July 2017

This film reviews best practices for how your local Help Desk team can efficiently investigate, troubleshoot, and report issues.  We'll break down the steps for investigating an issue within AWARDS, and then dissect how to submit a ticket that will get your issue resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.  We'll also go over the important data change and cleanup tools available to your local Help Desk team in AWARDS.  Click here for the agenda covered in this recording.

iKnow - Help Desk - Introduction (1 hr 16 min) - November 2017

This film is designed to help you develop an effective Local Help Desk team.  In it, we'll review the basics of who should be on your Local Help Desk, what online resources are available to help you troubleshoot questions, how to manage your Help Desk workflow as questions come in from your staff, and when to forward issues to the Foothold Help Desk.

iKnow - Permissions - Maintenance (11 min) * - November 2016

Designed for system administrators who need to maintain permissions after their initial setup is complete.  Specifically, this webinar addresses the basics of assigning permissions in AWARDS, to either new users or to existing users who need permissions changes.

iKnow - Permissions -  Setup and Administration (1 hr 10 min) - March 2018

Designed for users at agencies currently in the AWARDS implementation process who will be setting and managing permissions in their AWARDS database, this recording reviews the process of setting permissions, from creating permissions policies to limit access to programs and data entry features, to managing internal audit messages so that staff can receive reminder messages about clients on their caseloads.

iKnow - ReportBuilders (1 hr 20 min) * - July 2018

Intended for users at agencies currently in the AWARDS implementation process to help familiarize them with the ReportBuilder functionality found throughout AWARDS, and to take them through the ins and outs of using ReportBuilders to generate custom reports for the purposes of meeting a variety of data generation needs.

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Optional Enhancements

  NOTE: Recordings marked with a red asterisk (*) were made prior to deployment of significant AWARDS enhancements and do not reflect those changes; however, the overall content is still relevant and useful.

Discharge (37 min) - September 2016

Join us for a review of the optional features and functions available in the Discharge module.

Human Resources and Incidents (36 min) * - December 2015

Join us for a review of the optional features and functions available in the Human Resources and Incidents modules.

Service Contacts (42 min) * - May 2016

Join us for a review of the enhancements available for Services module functionality related to recording and reporting on contacts - Progress Notes, Contacts Log, Group Notes, Supportive Services Checklist, and Service Contacts ReportBuilder.

Various (35 min) * - July 2016

Join us for a review of various enhancements available in AWARDS, including within the Employment module, ReportBuilders, permissions, and more.

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New Features & Functions

  NOTE: Recordings marked with a red asterisk (*) were made prior to deployment of significant AWARDS enhancements and do not reflect those changes; however, the overall content is still relevant and useful.

COVID / Telehealth Modifications

HMIS-Specific Enhancements

In-Depth New Feature Introductions

Monthly New Feature Overviews

COVID / Telehealth Modifications

BillingBuilder - Configuring AWARDS Billing to Add Telehealth Procedures (1 hr 50 min) - March 18th

BillingBuidler - Emergency Billing for PROS in AWARDS (59 min) - April 22nd

HMIS-Specific Enhancements

Delta Refresh Basics (20 min) - February 2020

HMIS Data Standards Updates - FY2020 (46 min) - September 2019

Understanding HMIS Uploads and Validations (49 min) - June 2018

Understanding the CoC APR (1hr 28min) - June 2017

In-Depth New Feature Introductions

BillingBuilder - Change Health Clearinghouse and Portal Demonstration (51 min) - March 2018

Join us as we take you through our new Change Healthcare Clearinghouse service.  This add-on service provides a wide variety of benefits to BillingBuilder agencies, including direct transmission of 837 claim files from AWARDS to Change Healthcare, and direct receipt of 835 remittance files from Change Healthcare into AWARDS, thereby removing the need to store these types of files on a user's device.  In addition, implementation of this service streamlines an agency's claim submission and adjudication process, resulting in faster claim responses, and also provides access to the powerful data tracking and reporting capabilities found in the Change Healthcare Portal.

Certified Edition / Interoperability (59 min) - August 2018

Join us to learn about the AWARDS Certified Edition and Interoperability features.  This event digs deep into the various options and features that comprise AWARDS Certified Edition.  We also review the Interoperability Center in AWARDS, as well as highlight our current RHIO and HIE connections and how they work.  If you have data sharing needs, this recording is for you!

Client Tracking for Care Coordination Programs (24 min) * - January 2015

Learn about Foothold's new and improved model for tracking and reporting individuals enrolled in care coordination programs.

E-Labs - A Preview (42 min) * - March 2016

Electronic lab ordering and results are coming to AWARDS!  This new functionality, which will be integrated into our existing Medical module, will enable you to electronically send orders, print specimen labels, and receive results with no double data entry.  In this preview we'll give you a sneak peek at e-labs so you know what to expect when it's deployed to your AWARDS database later this year.

Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) for I/DD (54 min) - June 2020

E-Prescribing 2020 Update - The Future of E-Prescribing in AWARDS (49 min) - January 2019

Learn about the exciting changes coming to AWARDS E-Prescribing in 2020!

FormBuilder - Creating Schedules for Charting Timetable Forms (46 min) - November 2018

For forms set to be "Listed as a Charting Event, available under Services - Individual," agencies can create scheduling criteria that will automatically trigger initial events at the time of intake and admission, ongoing events at the time a previous form is used, and events related to discharges.  Join us for a walk through the scheduling process.

  TIP: An abbreviated training film version of this FootholdConnect event is available here.

HCBS Qualified Functionality (42 min) - October 2016

Foothold Technology has been named a qualified vendor for Home & Community Based Services (HCBS) in New York State!  Join us for a discussion of the behavioral health HCBS requirements in New York, as well as a demonstration of the qualified AWARDS functionality, including both service delivery and billing.

Households (50 min) - September 2019

The newly enhanced Household Composition feature in AWARDS enables users to fully manage household changes, including adding, editing, and removing household member information in client records. We will also discuss the new Household Program Enrollments ReportBuilder. 

  NOTE: As of December 2019, the Legacy Household ReportBuilder referenced in this recording is no longer available.

InSights - An Introduction to Foothold Technology's Premier Business Intelligence Tool (48 min) - November 2019

Join us for the launch of AWARDS InSights, a powerful new business intelligence and health analytics tool that supercharges your AWARDS data into live interactive dashboards. InSights will help save your agency time, money, and help you work to improve outcomes and experience. Best of all, InSights is a comprehensive solution that includes all of the training, service and support that you've come to know and love from Foothold, available at all times in our secure cloud and powered by Sisense. InSights is ready for you now. Take a look at this recording of our launch event to learn how you can unlock InSights for your AWARDS data.

Intro to Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO) and AWARDS (25 min) * - December 2014

Learn about Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO) - a smart search and code mapping for diagnoses and procedures that can be integrated into AWARDS on a subscription basis.  Find out how it works and what bringing IMO to your AWARDS database can do for your agency.

Menu Fly-Outs (30 min) - December 2017

Learn about the latest in our ongoing series of improvements to the look and feel of AWARDS, which replaces Charts module menu pages with Home screen menu fly-outs.  This recording showcases the new look and workflow, as well as related changes made to some AWARDS modules and features.

PlanBuilder (1 hr 18 min) * - September 2016

Join us for a look at the exciting new PlanBuilder functionality!  In this webinar you'll learn to configure your own service/treatment plans using pre-designed templates, including the use of dynamic sections from other parts of AWARDS, selection lists, checklists, schedule customization options, and more.  You'll also see how easy it is to enter and review plans once they've been configured. 

Progress Notes - E-Signatures Configuration (1 hr 9 min) - May 2019

Join us for a review of the Progress Notes component of the E-Signatures Configurations tool in AWARDS, made available in February 2019.  This functionality is designed to replace existing electronic signatures functionality (accessible via Business Rules) for progress notes.  It is used to create custom signature sets for the purposes of designating who should electronically sign progress notes, and which options they will have in the signing interface when doing so.

Providers (1 hr 33 min) - August 2018

Join us as we review the Providers module, which is available for agencies to track provider assignments within the Medical module and Face Sheet.  This feature replaces the existing Support Services Contacts, as it allows more transparency and historical tracking.  This recording covers creating a new provider in the directory and assigning providers to clients.

Waiting Lists Preview  - (51 min) - September 2016

A guided tour of the new Waiting Lists functionality in AWARDS.

Monthly New Feature Overviews


December 2020 (20 min)

Join us for a look at the following new features and functionality:

- Calendar - Additional Enhancements!
- Central Intake - Placement Notifications Now Sent to Additional Staff
- E-signatures Configuration > Progress Notes - Workflow Enhancements
- Interoperability - HealtheConnections Retrieve Enhancements
- Medications - Pharmacy Orders Enhancements
- PATH ARS Report - Updated to Version 3.4

October 2020 (33 min)

Join us for a look at the following new features and functionality:

- Agency and Employee File Cabinets - Enhanced Navigation and Organization
- Calendar - Additional Enhancements Including Calendar Events ReportBuilder
- E-Prescribing - Most Recent Height/Weight Now Synced Automatically
- External Housing - Now Available for Data Entry in Residential Programs

September 2020 (15 min)

Join us for a look at the following new features and functionality:

- BillingBuilder - New "Sender Code" Option for 837 Files
- Calendar - New Design!
- Client File Cabinet - Enhanced Navigation and Organization!
- HMIS Funding Update - New Options Added for CV Funding Streams

July 2020 (11 min)

Join us for a look at the following new features and functionality:

- FormBuilder - Form Inactivation on a Program-by-Program Basis
- Zoom - Integration with AWARDS Now Available

June 2020 (10 min)

Join us for a look at the following new features and functionality:

- Budgets - New Feature!
- FormBuilder Forms - Now Embeddable in Single Step Admission Forms

May 2020 (10 min)

Join us for a look at the following new features and functionality:

- Clinical Quality Measures - 2020 Update
- E-Prescribing - New Training Films Available
- Telehealth - New functionality available for Group Notes, reports, and BillingBuilder

April 2020 (10 min)

Join us for a look at the following new features and functionality:

- Billing - As of Aging Reporting Available in the BillingBuilder ReportBuilder
- Billing - New Display One Row Per Invoice in the BillingBuilder ReportBuilder
- Billing - NYS ACT/CR/PROS Medicaid/MCO Telehealth Modifier 837 Reporting
- Billing - Spend Down Amount in the 837I Claim File
- Interoperability - Progress Notes As Encounters In CCDA
- OASAS Programs - New Route Option
- PATH Annual Report Survey (ARS) - Update for FY2020 

March 2020 (11 min)

Join us for a look at the following new features and functionality:

- E-Signatures Configurations - New Preview Icon
- Help Desk Tickets - Form Adjustments and Process Improvements
- Configure Data Elements - New Format
- HMIS Delta Refresh for FormBuilder Forms
- HMIS Grantee APR Revamp
- Local Help Desk Staff - New Work Email Field

January / February 2020 (25 min)

Join us for a look at the following new features and functionality:

- (Jan) FormBuilder ReportBuilder - Permissions Access
- (Jan) New York State PSYCKES Consent / Withdrawal of Consent Forms
- (Feb) Audit Trail ReportBuilder - Settings Page Change
- (Feb) BillingBuilder - New Procedure Configuration Options
- (Feb) BillingBuilder - New Billing Procedures ReportBuilder
- (Feb) HMIS Export / Upload Changes
- (Preview!) Help Desk Changes Coming Soon


December 2019 (30 min)

Join us for a look at the following new features and functionality:

- Agency Program Information - County Selection List
- BillingBuilder - Transportation Now Tied to Billing
- FormBuilder - Form Configuration Updates
- Household Composition - Updates
- Medications - New Searchable Name Library
- Permissions - New and Updated Permissions
- Progress Notes - Default Duration Optional Enhancement
- ReportBuilders - New Data Variables
- System Setup - Changes to HMIS Exports and Uploads

November 2019 (34 min)

Join us for a look at the following new features and functionality:

- BillingBuilder - CR Children's Procedure Codes Added (NYS Medicaid Billing)
- BillingBuilder - Flexible Service Facility Info 837 Reporting
- FormBuilder - Default List of Programs Available
- Human Resources - New Staff File Cabinet
- Permissions - New Access Available
- Progress Notes - New Option to Add Note Writer in Header
- Providers - New Data Entry Options
- Providers Directory and Referral Agencies - Merging Now Available
- ReportBuilders - New Additions

We'll also discuss the recently announced e-prescribing update - DrFirst.

October 2019 (25 min)

Join us for a look at the following new features and functionality:

- Health Information Exchanges - Consents for Minors
- Interoperability Center - Updates and Enhancements
- Multi-Delete Option - Now Available on Record Index Pages
- ReportBuilders - Enhancements
- Transportation - New Locations Index
- Two-Factor Authentication - New!

September 2019 (22 min)

Join us for a look at the following new features and functionality:

- BillingBuilder - Easier 835 / Remittance Worksheet Processing
- BillingBuilder - New Program Drop-down Available on Client's Manual Payments/Adjustments Page
- ExportBuilders - Enhancements
- Face Sheet Photo - Now Available on ReportBuilders and FormBuilder Forms
- Household Enhancements
- Meaningful Use Objectives Report Update
- Online Help - New E-Signatures Configurations Recording Available
- ReportBuilder Updates
- Res/Day Hab Daily Checklist - Progress Notes Access and E-Signing Enhancement

August 2019 (31 min)

Join us for a look at the following new features and functionality:

- Audit Trail ReportBuilder - Merge Duplicate Client Record Details Enhancement
- E-Signatures - Setup and Signing Updates
- FormBuilder - Medications Dynamic Section Updates
- MedSupport - New eMAR Now Available!
- Permissions - New "Permission Change Notification" Internal Audit Message Permit
- Transportation - New Feature!

July 2019 (21 min)

Join us for a look at the following new features and functionality:

- BillingBuilder - CR Billing Provider 837 Data Reporting Flexibility
- E-Signatures Configurations - Now Available for the Res/Day Hab Monthly Checklist
- FormBuilder - New Option for Forms Located on the Charting Timetable
- Incidents ImportTool - New!
- Medications - New Options and Display Updates
- Plans and Reviews - New Restriction on Effective Date and Done Date Fields

June 2019 (18 min)

Join us for a look at the following new features and functionality:

- Allergies - New RxNorm User Interface
- BillingBuilder - Procedure Unit Calculations Based on Progress Notes Mileage Field
- BillingBuilder - Void/Adjust Invoice Authorization Units
- HMIS - PATH ARS Report Enhancements
- Intake/Admission - New Fields Available for Requirement
- Online Help - New Training Films Available
- Progress Notes - Option for New Mileage Field (with Billing Functionality)
- ReportBuilders - New "All Clients" Filter Option
- Reports Module - "Restrict to Aggregate View" Permission Access Change

May 2019 (45 min)

Join us for a look at the following new features and functionality:

- BillingBuilder - Additional Audit Trail Information
- BillingBuilder - Monthly Billing Start Date Flexibility
- Client History Report - Now Includes Documents Uploaded to the Client File Cabinet
- Medications - New Format
- Password Reset - Show Discharged Consumer Logins
- Progress Notes E-Signatures Configuration - New Features

April 2019 (17 min)

Join us for a look at the following new features and functionality:

- FormBuilder - Enhancements
- Password Reset - Show Discharged Consumer Logins
- ReportBuilders - New Data Variables
- ReportBuilders - New Saved Report Formats
- Spell Check Feature Has Been Removed
- HMIS Bed Inventory Module and ReportBuilder
- BillingBuilder - Configure Billing Types "Include Admission Hour/Discharge Hour" Setting Split

March 2019 (25 min)

Join us for a look at the following new features and functionality:

- FormBuilder & Planbuilder - New Provider Appointments Dynamic Section
- Messages - External Notifications for E-Signatures on Progress Notes and Plans & Reviews
- Messages - Interoperability Health Information Exchange (HIE) Alerts
- Permissions - New "Save ReportBuilder Format For All Staff" Permission
- ReportBuilder Enhancements
-  BillingBuilder Enhancements
- HMIS - System Performance Measures Report Updates - Metric 1b

February 2019 (55 min)

Join us for a look at the following new features and functionality:

- BillingBuilder - Authorization Records for Procedure Service Percentage Ranges
- BillingBuilder - Delay Code Modification
- BillingBuilder - Generate Batches for Specific Consumers
- New Electronic Signatures Configurations Feature - Available for Progress Notes
- Permissions - New "Plans and Reviews Due Date Corrections Data Entry" Permission
- Permissions - New "Restrict Incident View" Permission
- Permissions - Services Permissions Separated for Individual and Group Modules
- PlanBuilder - New "Show Discontinued Items in View Mode" Option
- Plans and Reviews - New "Show Discontinued Items" Filter
- Progress Notes - Workflow Enhancement
- Reports - New Queue ReportBuilder
- Service Contacts ReportBuilder - New Option to Include Reception Desk Data

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Review & Refresh

  NOTE: Recordings marked with a red asterisk (*) were made prior to deployment of significant AWARDS enhancements and do not reflect those changes; however, the overall content is still relevant and useful.

Advanced FormBuilder Features and Shared Forms Library (1 hr) * - May 2014 / December 2015

If you have a basic understanding of the FormBuilder, take that knowledge to the next level.  Learn about some of the advanced features available in the FormBuilder, including using computed fields and accessing shared forms. 

Central Intake (36 min) - November 2019

AWARDS Central Intake functionality is designed for use by programs that have a central point of intake for all clients. Using this functionality, a client is admitted into a Central Intake program, is screened or registered, and from there is placed in their destination placement program(s). This webinar recording reviews how to set up a Central Intake program, admitting a client into a Central Intake program, and making placements into other programs from a Central Intake program. It also covers how the Central Intake Placement Notification and Central Intake Placement Requests permissions can make this function even more user-friendly at your agency. 

Charting Timetable and the Caseload Activity Report (1 hr 5 min) * - February 2016

Learn about two key AWARDS features related to tracking client events:  the Charting Timetable, which allows staff to schedule and report on client events that have due dates, and the Caseload Activity Report, which compiles all of the key information on a worker's entire caseload into one central report that includes events, due dates, and more.  As an added bonus you'll also learn about the Security Details feature, which is integral to your ability to retrieve a forgotten username or password.

Common Data Entry Mistakes in AWARDS and How to Avoid Them (1 hr 32 min) * - January 2015

Learn how to avoid and correct some of the most common data entry mistakes in AWARDS.  Perfect for any AWARDS user who wants to learn how to improve data accuracy, and recommended for local Help Desk staff.

Cross Chart Access and Protected Programs (33 min) * - September 2015

Learn about three great AWARDS features related to accessing client chart records:  the Client History Report which gives a detailed accounting of a client's history, Cross Chart Access permission which can be used to customize the scope of the Client History Report's content, and Protected Programs functionality that can be used to limit access to information on clients in specified programs under Client Search.  (This film features the Client Lookup button that existed prior to the 10/15/15 deployment of the AWARDS Home screen.)

Data Quality Reports and Dealing with Duplicate Client Records (1 hr 25 min) * - July 2014

Learn about built-in ReportBuilder formats intended to aid you in data quality reporting, and find out how best to use those formats, including a demonstration of ways of locating, fixing, and preventing duplicate client records.

Directors and Deputy Directors in AWARDS (38 min) * - December 2014

A comprehensive look at those privileges automatically granted to staff assigned as program directors and deputy directors and their results in various AWARDS features such as intake, permissions, electronic signatures, service plans, and more.

Documenting After Discharge (33 min) * - December 2016

Learn different ways users can document information post-discharge with a wide variety of AWARDS features, including use of roster archives, post-discharge notes, follow-up notes, group notes, correcting service coordinators, charting timetable, backdating discharges, readmitting clients that were previously discharged, and undoing discharges.

E-Prescribing (1 hr 10 min) * - May 2014

Walk through use of our optional E-Prescribing AWARDS functionality, including both data entry and reporting tools.

Electronic Signatures (52 min) * - November 2016

A comprehensive look at the electronic signatures functionality in AWARDS, from configuration and signing options, to the signing process itself.

Electronic Signatures - Hardware Options (5 min) - February 2018

Join us for an "AWARDS Minute," focused on commonly utilized hardware solutions for agencies implementing electronic signatures functionality.

Employment Tracking in AWARDS (55 min) * - October 2016

Assisting clients with employment-related issues is becoming more important than ever in the social service field, with policy trends that facilitate clients finding and maintaining employment.  In this webinar we review the AWARDS tools designed to help keep up with these trends by tracking key employment information.  Specifically, you'll learn how to complete AWARDS data entry for employers, job interviews, job placements, and more.  You'll also learn how to track education and training, how to document employment-related services, and how to generate valuable employment-related reports.

ExportBuilders (58 min) * - February 2017

Learn the ins and outs of the powerful AWARDS ExportBuilder functionality that enables users to harness the power of our ReportBuilders and take it a step further to meet a variety of outside reporting needs through the generation of CSV, TXT, XLS, or XML export files.

Group Functionality (58 min) * - March 2015

Learn how to make the most of group-related functionality in AWARDS, including some features you may not be using yet.  We'll touch on group activities, group notes, group scheduling, linking groups to service plans, auditing groups, electronic signatures for group notes, and more!

Housing Module (32 min) - March 2017

The AWARDS Housing module is used to maintain and review consumer housing information for both agency and external residences, as well as to monitor housing information such as residential census status and vacancies.  Join us for a review of all that this module has to offer.

IMO (38 min) - June 2019

Foothold Technology and Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO) have been partners for over 5 years and is an important add-on feature for our AWARDS Certified Edition. IMO provides clinically relevant terminology with each term individually mapped to the appropriate billing, regulatory, and reference codes to enhance interoperability across Health IT technologies and ensure comprehensive billing code capture. This tool helps to bridge the gap between clinical language and complex coding systems.  Join us for a review of all that IMO has to offer in AWARDS.

Incidents (49 min) * - April 2015

Learn about the Incidents module, including rules about which users have the ability to complete which incident data entry tasks, the incident reporting process from start to finish - including how to place FormBuilder forms within incidents, and various report generation options. 

Intake and Admission (1 hr 28 min) * - February 2015

Learn to monitor, improve, and ensure the accuracy of intake and admission data in AWARDS.  Find out how to properly admit clients returning to a program or admit clients into multiple programs, and review the processes of finding and merging duplicate clients and referral sources.

Intro to Foothold Technology (50 min) * - April 2015

New to AWARDS?  Check out this orientation to Foothold Technology and the AWARDS application.  We briefly explain how Foothold works with our clients, what staff can expect from training, and how our Help Desk process works.  We also provide an introductory overview of all major AWARDS functions.

IT and AWARDS (38 min) - November 2015

While AWARDS is cloud-based software, agencies still need Internet enabled devices such as laptops, desktops, and/or tables to access their databases.  Join us for a discussion about the different hardware and software options available on the market and learn how agencies utilize them to get the most out of their AWARDS experience.

Managing Staff Records (58 min) - April 2017

In this webinar - intended for human resources staff, supervisors, program directors, and agency executive staff - we teach you about all of the AWARDS functionality designed to help you manage staff records.  Specifically, you'll learn about creating and managing staff records, creating logins and assigning user groups, working with Internal Audit Message permissions, FormBuilders and ReportBuilders related to managing staff records, the correct process for completing a termination, and much more!

Meaningful Use (MU) Dashboard (32 min) * - February 2015

The CMS deadline for reporting 2014 Meaningful Use data is February 28th, 2015.  In this recording, learn more about the Meaningful Use Dashboard in AWARDS and how to make sense of the results for your Eligible Providers, and take a closer look at the Objectives and Quality Measures Reports.  (Please note that the Meaningful Use version of AWARDS is now referred to as AWARDS Certified Edition.)

Messages and Internal Audit Messages (1 h 10 min) * - June 2015

Learn how to work in the AWARDS messages module, including creating messages, setting up custom lists, and effectively managing your inbox.  Learn too about AWARDS-generated internal audit messages, and the permissions that affect how these automatic messages work.

Multi-step Intake / Admission (1 hr 20 min) * - August 2014

Learn how to minimize duplicate clients during admission, how best to record client referral sources, and how to move a client through to a final admission decision, and find out about how an agency can create pending clients and why that can be a valuable option.  Designed especially for front line staff.

OASAS Life Area Service Plans and Client Data System Uploads (1 hr 25 min) * - July 2014

Learn about two key aspects of AWARDS functionality designed for OASAS programs in NY State:  life area service plans, and functionality that enables you to generate a data file from AWARDS to upload your PAS 44, 45, and 47 directly to the OASAS Client Data System.

Operations - Work Orders and Apartment Painting (23 min) - May 2016

Learn about two key aspects of the AWARDS property maintenance functionality designed to help maintain and view property management information and records in the Operations module - Work Orders and Apartment Painting.

Overlooked Features in AWARDS (48 min) * - April 2016

Learn about commonly overlooked AWARDS functionality, including:  setting up security details, creating agency-wide announcements, using the agency and consumer file cabinets, configuring locations for the calendar, using the organization chart to identify terminated staff who still have active supervisory relationships, and more!

Permissions in AWARDS (1 hr 25 min) * - November 2013

Learn how to create permissions policies for your agency, including a walk through of how to set those permissions and manage security access in your AWARDS database.  Targeted to users with permissions data entry authority.

Preserving History in AWARDS (58 min) * - March 2016

Learn how to properly preserve a history of clients' medications, entitlements, diagnoses, current contacts, support service contacts, housing information, hospitalizations, referral disposition tracking notes, e-signatures with FormBuilder forms, and program history corrections. Also learn how certain permissions and reports in AWARDS can assist you in preserving your data.

Promoting Consumer Advocacy in AWARDS (55 min) * - June 2016

Self-advocacy is a valuable way for consumers to become more empowered, independent, and educated when it comes to their treatment and service provision. Join us for a look at the many opportunities AWARDS provides for a consumer to participate in and become better informed about the services they are receiving.  We'll be looking at:  patient education options within the Medical module; Service Plans, including the consumer comments section; how consumers with their own AWARDS logins can view their face sheets and services plans, write their own progress notes/group notes, and even mark their own attendance in program; and the use electronic signatures for consumers.

ReportBuilders in AWARDS (1 hr 25 min) * - August 2016

With so many ReportBuilders available in AWARDS, the ability to analyze your data and maintain data quality is easier than ever.  Join us as we explore how to build reports throughout your database, including the newest locations, and learn about standard ReportBuilder tools such as filter, grouping, footers, and summary tables, all designed to help you create the reports you need.

ResourceTracker (38 min) * - September 2015

Learn about the highly customizable ResourceTracker - an optional tool used to create and track service tickets or requests related to agency resources outside of case management.  This great tool provides agencies with a way for users to report issues and for responders to report progress, as well as a way of generating useful reports containing ticket information.

Service Plans and Service Plan Linked Notes (1 hr 43 min) * - February 2015

Find out to complete these critical components of client record-keeping more effectively and efficiently, avoiding even the most complicated obstacles using helpful tips and tricks.  Learn too, about reporting and messaging options that will help you use service plans like a pro!

Staff Training Records / ReportBuilder and HR Module FormBuilder Forms (37 min) * - October 2014

Learn about two employee-centric AWARDS components - staff training data entry and reporting, and with employee FormBuilder forms that enable you to collect and report out on employee-specific data from within the Human Resources module.

Standard Reports in AWARDS (1 hr 25 min) * - August 2017

Sure, the ReportBuilders in AWARDS are fantastic.  But how much do you know about the "canned" reports in AWARDS?  Join us for a look at many of the standard reports that you may find useful in managing your agency.  Covered reports include:  Program Profile Reports, Housing Reports (for both residential and non-residential programs), Contact Lapse Audit Report, Charting Timetable Report, Contacts Log Report, Hospitalization Report (including re-hospitalization information), Emergency Room Utilization Report, Discharge Levels Report, Geographical Profile Report, Dashboard Report, Program Configuration Report.

Transfers (31 min) * - May 2015

An introduction to client transfers functionality, with a focus on what happens to the client's documentation during the transfer process.  Includes information about common mistakes made when using client transfers, and how to avoid them, as well as related reporting options.

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User's Conference Continued

  NOTE: Recordings marked with a red asterisk (*) were made prior to deployment of significant AWARDS enhancements and do not reflect those changes; however, the overall content is still relevant and useful.


User's Conference Continued - A Day in the Life of a Local Help Desk (1 hr 12 min) *

Join us as we demonstrate Help Desk best practices by using real-life ticket examples. We will walk you through every step of reporting, troubleshooting, and resolving issues reported through an agency's local Help Desk. This session is geared toward, and is highly recommended for, local Help Desk team members.

User's Conference Continued - Be Inspired: Impact Prize Winners (1 hr 4 min)

Announcing the winners of the AWARDS Impact Prize at our User's Conference has become an anticipated annual ritual in the Foothold community. These are individuals and teams who have shared poignant and powerful stories about how they have leveraged AWARDS to create a measurable and ongoing impact on the health and well-being of the communities they serve. Come hear previous winners share their strategies, their struggles, and their successes. Be inspired, and leave with fresh ideas about how you can harness the tools within AWARDS to have a greater impact on your agency, your clients, and your community.

User's Conference Continued - Best of 2019 Enhancements (1 hr) *

Join Trainer Natalie Wright-Umoh and Implementation Consultant Ivy Raff for a look into the most exciting new features we've released so far in 2019. We'll review real-world examples of how behavioral health agencies are using these features to their advantage, and show how to train your staff to use them successfully.

User's Conference Continued - Business Intelligence with AWARDS InSights (59 min)

In this session we will introduce you to our brand new business intelligence (BI) tool, AWARDS InSights, powered by Sisense. InSights makes your data come to life in new and exciting ways. You'll see the dashboards that have been developed, discuss the potential of the tool, and learn how you can gain new InSights into your data.

User's Conference Continued - Evaluating and Improving Your AWARDS Use (51 min)

Each day, we strive to make sure that your organization is using AWARDS to its fullest capacity. Fully implementing AWARDS is a key part of that goal. This session will explore the components of full AWARDS usage, how to facilitate an agency implementation self-evaluation and then follow-up by creating and adhering to a work plan to improve your overall usage of AWARDS. This session is for anyone who wants to look at how well their agency is using AWARDS - whether you're just getting started or have been using AWARDS for years.

User's Conference Continued - Exploring the 837 Claim File (1 hr 10 min) *

Do you want to better understand how AWARDS populates 837 claim files? Of course you do! So don't miss this interactive session which explores the complex relationship between AWARDS data and the various 837 data segments.  (Click here for exclusive content referenced during this recording.)

User's Conference Continued - Federal Initiatives with David Bucciferro (1 hr 15 min)

Join Senior Advisor David Bucciferro as he shares highlights from his national work with the Electronic Health Record Association (EHRA). This session will help guide you and your agency as you navigate the many challenges facing health care providers today and tomorrow. Learn about how major federal and state initiatives such as the Opioid Support Act, HIPAA reform, Interoperability, and others will affect you. Gain tools to help you navigate value based care in a managed environment. David will also share the most current information available about the behavioral health technology incentive program.

User's Conference Continued - eMAR / MedSupport in AWARDS (60 min)

Foothold is excited to showcase our partnership with CaraSolva and their eMAR system, MedSupport. This add-on feature can be integrated into AWARDS for all your medication administration needs. Join us as we meet the CaraSolva team, learn about the MedSupport integration process, and take you through a full demo of the software.

User's Conference Continued - Preparing for the 2019 HMIS Data Standards (1 hr 4 min)

New HMIS Data Standards will be released in October. Join us for a sneak preview of what is coming. This session will also contain a look at the LSA report and how its data is being used.

User's Conference Continued - Renewing Your Inner Helper (1 hr 7 min)

Many of you joined this field of work out of a deep desire to help people. In the daily crunch of work pressures, that connection to your deepest desire can sometimes get lost or buried. Join us for a highly interactive session on reconnecting to your passion and purpose to reignite the reason you do what you do.

User's Conference Continued - Security Survival Tips (51 min)

Without the proper skills, working in a connected healthcare environment can be like being dropped into the harsh wilderness without a compass. In this session we'll give you the skills you'll need to thrive among the challenges around you and make plans for even the worst case scenario. The session will conclude with a mock security exercise and round table from Foothold's security experts.

User's Conference Continued - Tips for Succeeding at AWARDS (1 hr)

Do you know you can configure FormBuilder fields to default to a specific value for all instances of your form? Do you know how to use dynamic filters on ReportBuilders to show you all of the progress notes that were written in the last two weeks, regardless of when you choose to run that report? Do you know the easiest way to find information in Online Help? Attend this session to hear a whole series of tips that will make you a graduate level AWARDS user!


Better Outcomes with Patient Engagement (57 min)

Patient engagement in services has been shown to have major benefits for recipients as well as providers of behavioral health services. For patients, those benefits include increased access to care and engagement in their treatment process and improved outcomes. For providers, there are improvements in the number of missed appointments and more efficiency in completing assessments when patients can complete them independently. This session will focus on one patient engagement tool, Utila, which provides evidence-based behavioral health engagement solutions including appointment reminders, online assessments, and treatment exercises clients can complete independently. Join us to learn more about where Foothold is headed and our plan to focus on engagement strategies with the help of Utila.

Cleaner, Faster, More Secure Claims Processing (60 min) *

Learn about the benefits of clean, accurate data collection (demographics, diagnosis, entitlements, services), and seamless claims processing using the new Change Healthcare clearinghouse connection within the BillingBuilder.

Demographics / Data Entry 101 (58 min) *

Accurate demographic data provides the best representation of who you serve to funders, staff and the community. This session will focus on correctly putting data into AWARDS and the best ways to fix mistakes when you find them. Remember, what goes in must come out, so if you have bad data in your system, bad data will report out.

How to Build Exports for Funders and Take Your Data to the Next Level (55 min) *

You've mastered ReportBuilder fundamentals. Now how do you build on that expertise and create the technical, complex export files your funders are looking for, without having your staff double-enter data into their platform? Join us for a case study and helpful pointers. We'll also discuss a new business intelligence and analytics tool that will be available in AWARDS in the future and will help agencies develop new insights into their data.

Key Strategies for Effective Database Administration and Re-Implementation (58 min)

Just like a course syllabus, databases require ongoing maintenance to ensure all the different pieces are up to date and client agencies are using AWARDS to its full potential. Funding and reporting requirements are fluid, and AWARDS is constantly offering new functionality. Learn effective change management and project management strategies for maintaining your database, integrating new functionality, and implementing and re-implementing new and old features. Hear from a panel of client agencies who have successfully re-implemented their use of AWARDS and have continued success with their database administrative strategies.

Ensuring You're Secure - Lessons on Cyber Security (55 min)

AWARDS helps to keep your data safe in a variety of ways - usernames and passwords, timeout settings, permissions to limit access, encryption, and more. But what can you and your users do to keep sensitive data secure from your end? In this session we'll tell you about some key items you should be considering in developing a cyber security plan for your agency.

HMIS - Preparing for the LSA (52 min) *

The Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) is being replaced by the Longitudinal System Analysis (LSA). Learn what the new report is about, what information it will contain, and how to make sure your HMIS projects are prepared for the upcoming changes.

Incidents Module (50 min) *

The Incidents Module is a powerful and flexible tool to capture information on incidents in your agency. Learn how to configure this area to best fit your needs, how to improve data entry, and how to use the Incidents ReportBuilder to analyze trends, both through a clinical and operations lens.

New AWARDS Features 2018 (1 hr 1 min) *

The first half of 2018 was a notably productive one for Foothold's application development team. Learn about the newest features and get a preview of what is still to come.

Permissions 202 (1 hr 1 min) *

Learn how to create a framework for your permissions based on your user groups in order to create consistency around your different groups of AWARDS users. Learn how to change and re-set permissions as needed. Participants will also learn how to limit which users receive internal audit messages so they only receive messages that are applicable. Attendees will leave this session feeling confident in changing permissions without fear of unintentionally upsetting users access. 

PlanBuilder - Anatomy of a Plan (1 hr) *

A session where we dissect our plans and see what goes on under the surface of a treatment plan. We will go over how to build your perfect plan, not just for reporting, but for your workflow. This session will touch on the different field types, structure of the plans and concepts of how to build your plans to see what makes a plan work.

Preparing for the Future - A Conversation with Industry Leaders (37 min)

The only constant is change, and no one feels that more than those in human services. As regulations on service delivery and reimbursement models change, agencies must ensure they have a solid foundation on which to position themselves for success. In order to help guide you and your agency, we've brought together leaders from across the country and across the spectrum of services to join Foothold CEO Marlowe Greenberg for a conversation on where the industry stands now, our forecast for the future, and how your agency can survive and thrive in a new reality. You'll hear from Deb DeSantis, CEO, Corporation for Supportive Housing, Rob Morrison, ED, NASADAD, and Esme Grewal, VP of Government Relations, ANCOR.

ReportBuilder 101 (1hr 3 min) *

Join us for a demo session on one of the most powerful and flexible features of AWARDS: ReportBuilders. Learn about the functionality behind our 60+ ReportBuilders, including selecting fields, sorting, filtering, grouping, and all things report related. ReportBuilders can help you improve data quality, demonstrate funder requirements are met, collect data for annual reports, and improve program planning and growth.

Service Documentation 101 (1 hr) *

Accurate documentation of the services you provide to clients is one of the most essential parts of your work. This course will cover basics of data entry documentation of services within AWARDS. Our curriculum will cover data entry for recording items such as Plans and Reviews, Progress Notes, Group Notes, and Assessment Forms.

Technology - A Development Roundtable (59 min)

Join a panel discussion with representatives from Customer Success, quality assurance, and application developers for a wide ranging discussion about how Foothold develops and maintains AWARDS. Roundtable topics include the architecture of AWARDS, our development process, how we investigate and resolve issues, and a look at future system objectives.

Value-Based Care 101 (1 hr 2 min) *

In this session, we review some of the basics to a successful value-based care arrangement using a team approach and have an interactive discussion of the key components to a successful VBC provider organization implementation. The goals of value-based care are very clear: improved population health, increased patient satisfaction, and reduced cost. Unfortunately, knowing how to achieve these end results is not as clear. Each organization is different and each provider's role in a value-based care system is not the same. The shift from service volume to performance-based reimbursement will not be easy and there is no one size fits all. Modeling oneself after another successful value-based organization can be a good start, but it is not a guarantee of success. What is clear is any successful value-based care model must include an element of care coordination.


AWARDS Utilization Analysis - How Deep Can You Dive in AWARDS? (1 hr 7 min)

Do you know how deeply your agency is using AWARDS and whether you're really maximizing its impact? Our implementation team has designed an utilization analysis assessment, so that agencies can discover how they can better use AWARDS. Come learn about the tool, how we designed it, and how other agencies have used it. You'll leave this session with a better understanding of how a more thorough implementation of AWARDS can benefit your agency.        

Certification - Becoming an AWARDS Encyclopedia (1 hr 2 min) *

Are you an advanced user of AWARDS? Do you want to become a certified AWARDS expert? If so, this is the session for you! In this session, you're going to get a taste for Certification - see how to qualify for the course, learn what to expect in the courses, and get a refresher on some of the recent big enhancements.

Counting What Counts - Output to Outcomes (1 hr 3 min) *

Before an agency can achieve "true outcomes reporting," they need to walk before they can fly. Foothold partnered with the NYU-McSilver Institute to create an innovative way for AWARDS agencies to assess their census, payer mix, and service delivery strategies so they can start to define and demonstrate performance as part of a process called Output to Outcomes. Boris Vilgorin and Ashley Fuss of the McSilver Institute will join us to discuss this approach and the importance of building your agency's capacity to measure fundamentals today, so you are prepared to measure outcomes in a future value based environment.

Data, Privacy & Security (59 min)

People are the biggest cybersecurity risk and the largest threat to patient safety. From crippling ransomware attacks that leave computers and EHRs inaccessible, healthcare has been devastated by wave after wave of criminal activity. For the first time in history, cybersecurity has become life or death.  From the receptionist to the executive director, everyone has a role in making sure the protected health information we gather stays private, safe, and secure.   Join GreyCastle Security as we dive into the human psyche and the tips, practices, and Jedi mind tricks we use to effectively transform corporate citizens into social service and healthcare cybersecurity superheroes. GreyCastle Security will give an overview of how we keep AWARDS and your data safe and what you can be doing to make sure a data security culture takes root at your organization.

HMIS Data Quality - Learn How to Be the Best In the Pack (1 hr 1 min) *

Worried your HMIS data is not accurate? Struggling with bad data quality reports from your CoC? Finding that your HMIS exports are full of errors that you don't know how to resolve? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this session is for you! HMIS data quality is so critical to your agency, allowing you to ensure you are providing appropriate and effective services to your participants, and helping you to remain competitive in the challenging world of obtaining and maintaining HMIS funding. Join us as we walk you through various data quality reports in AWARDS and teach you how to troubleshoot common CSV export errors!

Navigating the Road to National Accreditation (47 min)

This interactive session will focus on a thorough review of the major phases of the accreditation process and highlight the benefits of becoming accredited, including enhanced revenue opportunities. Learn about the fundamental organizational requirements necessary for accreditation, key participants to include throughout the process, and how to avoid common pitfalls. The benefits of using an EHR will be discussed. There will also be a review of the three main accrediting bodies for human service agencies: CARF, Council on Accreditation (COA), and The Joint Commission.

Plans and Reviews with Outcomes Reporting (1 hr 20 min) *

This session will focus on how to use PlanBuilder to configure service/treatment plans for your agency, and how to add any elements you need for plans and reviews. The PlanBuilder ReportBuilder will be reviewed to demonstrate how you can examine the elements and configuration choices your agency has set up for Plans and Reviews. And finally, we will examine the new Plans and Reviews ReportBuilder, and how to create reports about client outcomes.


Pruning Your A/R and Reporting Process (1 hr 4 min) *

Learn how to refine your agency's billing posting process to provide more accurate financial reporting.  In this session from our 2016 EXPO we provide an in-depth walk-through of fiscal periods functionality and management in the AWARDS BillingBuilder module to provide clarity on the direct linkage to sound reporting.  We also discuss various BillingBuilder reporting options to illustrate how data can be obtained and exported from AWARDS.

Saving a Tree: Going Paperless with AWARDS (32 min) *

One of the biggest benefits of using an Electronic Health Record is moving away from paper charts!  Learn more about all of the ways that AWARDS can help your agency eliminate paper from your workflows and even prepare for electronic auditing.

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