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Foothold Technology's instruction, information, and tip sheets, along with several quick reference guides, are designed to act as helpful tools for learning about commonly used functionality.  While the content found in these documents is also available on related Online Help pages, these documents can be particularly useful as they group key information on given topics into a single location.  Because they are in PDF format, they can easily be saved to your computer and viewed (or printed) even when you are working offline.

  NOTE: In order to view the documents provided here, Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed on your computer.  (If you do not already have this application, you can download it for free from Adobe's website -   Similar applications are also available for mobile devices (phones, tablets, and so on).  If you would like to save a document you are viewing for later reference on your computer or device, use your browser or PDF-viewer to do so. text normal text normal text normal text normal text normal text normal text normal text normal text normal text normal text normal text normal text normal text

Included in the alphabetical list provided on this page are several types of documents:

  Getting Started Guides - Guides focusing on rapid data entry or system configuration options, particularly useful during implementation and new program startup.

  Instruction & Information Sheets - Detailed step-by-step instructions or highlights of key functionality including data maps, definitions, report details, and more.

  Tips and Tricks Sheets - Tips, tricks, and tools for using specific AWARDS features.

  Quick Reference Guides - Quick instructions on performing key individual tasks within an AWARDS feature.

Click any of the links from the list below to view the corresponding documents. 

  TIP: Please note that these documents are also available on the Online Help overview page(s) for the features and functionality to which they apply.  If you would like to see a list of documents limited to those on a specific feature, please refer to the related Online Help page.

  NOTE - Think green, keep it on the screen! Foothold Technology encourages you to consider the environment before printing any instruction documents.  If you must have a hard copy, please conserve paper by using double-sided printing.

IMPORTANT! Documents in this list that are marked with a red asterisk (* ) describe functionality specifically configured to meet requirements for programs or funders in a specific state.  While in most cases that functionality can still be used by programs in other states, it is not configurable.  For a list of resources grouped by program/funder type, click here.

AWARDS Tip Sheet

BillingBuilder - "Are You Ready to Bill?" - Tip Sheet
BillingBuilder - Emergency ACT Billing Guide - AWARDS Information Sheet * (NY - ACT Programs)
BillingBuilder - Emergency PROS Billing Guide - AWARDS Information Sheet * (NY - PROS Programs)
BillingBuilder - Managed Care (MCO) Setup for Hard Coded Billing - Quick Reference Guide
BillingBuilder - Manual COB Billing Process - Quick Reference Guide
BillingBuilder - Sending Service Authorization Code 7 in an Electronic Claim File - Quick Reference Guide
BillingBuilder - Telehealth BillingBuilder Configuration - AWARDS Instruction Sheet  

Central Intake - Instruction Sheet

Cloning - Instruction Sheet

CMART Version 3 Data Tracking & Reporting for NYS Health Homes - Instruction Sheet * (NY - Health Home Programs)

Consumer In-House Accounts - Instruction Sheet

Creating a Consumer Login - Instruction Sheet

Creating an Employee Login - Instruction Sheet

Current Census Data Entry - Getting Started Guide

Data Quality Reports - Information Sheet

Electronic Signatures - Getting Started Guide
Electronic Signatures - Removing Signatures - Instruction Sheet
Electronic Signatures - Setting Up and Using Signatures - Instruction Sheet

Family Shelter Admission Assessment - Instruction Sheet * (NY - Tier II / Family Shelter Programs)

FormBuilder Design and Creation Tips - Tip Sheet

HIE / RHIO Workflow and AWARDS - Information Sheet

HIE Technical Details - Information Sheet

HIPAA 270/271 Medicaid Eligibility Request Files - Instruction Sheet

HMIS Data Quality - Tip Sheet

Independent Living Plans - Instruction Sheet * (NY - Tier II / Family Shelter Programs)

InSights - Quick Start Guide

Insurance Authorizations - Instruction Sheet

Interoperability Center - Administrator's Guide - Instruction Sheet
Interoperability Center - RHIO Consents - Instruction Sheet

Life Area Treatment Plans - Instruction Sheet * (NY - OASAS Programs)

Mail Merge - Instruction Sheet

MAPP Health Home Tracking in AWARDS - Instruction Sheet * (NY - Health Home Programs)

OASAS - 822 - Information Sheet * (NY - OASAS Programs)
OASAS - APG - Information Sheet * (NY - OASAS Programs)
OASAS - Client Transfers - Instruction Sheet * (NY - OASAS Programs)
OASAS - Multi-Step Admissions, Outpatient - Instruction Sheet * (NY - OASAS Programs)
OASAS - Multi-Step Admissions, Residential - Instruction Sheet * (NY - OASAS Programs)

OMH Patient Characteristics Survey 2019 - Instruction Sheet  * (NY)

Password Policy Rules - Quick Reference Guide

Password Reset / Security Details - Getting Started Guide

Program Setup - Instruction Sheet

PROS - Documentation in AWARDS - Instruction Sheet * (NY - PROS Programs)
PROS - Setup - Instruction Sheet * (NY - PROS Programs)

PWDD - OMIG Audit Analysis Protocols - Information Sheet * (NY - PWDD Programs)
PWDD - Services for MSC Programs - Instruction Sheet * (NY - PWDD Programs)

Res / Day Hab Plan & Checklist (Res Hab Daily Checklist) - Instruction Sheet

Room Reservations - Instruction Sheet

Service Plans - Multiple Group Linkages - Quick Reference Guide

TEDS Data Collection and Reporting - Instruction Sheet * (NV)

USTF Documentation and Export - Instruction Sheet * (NJ)

Understanding Your AWARDS Utilization - Survey

WITS Data Collection and Reporting - Instruction Sheet * (NV)

Zoom in AWARDS - Quick Start Guide