Scheduling an Appointment / Event

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The following types of appointments and events are available for scheduling via the Calendar module:

 Charting Events

 Job Interviews

 Plans and Reviews

 Program Appointments

 Provider Appointments

 Referral Interviews

 Staff Events

 Staff Trainings

  TIP: While Group Activities are also displayed on the Calendar along with the above event types, they can only be scheduled from Group Schedule Setup in the Services-Group module.

To use the Calendar to schedule an appointment/event of any of the types listed above, complete the following steps:

    1. From the navigation bar at the top of any AWARDS page, click Calendar.  The Calendar is displayed, showing you either the default settings or your last used settings (based on whether or not you previously accessed the Calendar during your current AWARDS login session).
    2. From the Calendar display you can choose to adjust your view as needed, customizing it in a variety of ways as detailed under Viewing the Calendar; however, doing so prior to the scheduling process is NOT required.
    3. Click the green + icon in the top-right corner of the page, or click a Calendar block directly.

A scheduling pop-up is displayed.

  TIP: When scheduling a program appointment, staff event, or staff training by clicking a Calendar block rather than the + icon, some information (date and, in some instances, time) will be pre-populated for the appointment in the scheduling pop-up.

    1. Click the Event Type drop-down arrow and select the appointment/event type to be scheduled.
    2. If the Event Type you chose requires the selection of a program, click the corresponding drop-down arrow and choose the program in which the appointment/event is to be scheduled.  The default value is the program currently selected in the Calendar display.  If the event type does not require a program selection at all, this drop-down is not shown. 
    3. Click CONTINUE.  The next settings or data entry page in the scheduling process is displayed based on the event type you have chosen. 
    4. Proceed with the scheduling process as directed on that page and any subsequent pages. 

  NOTE: During the scheduling process you may receive up to two notification messages designed to alert you to potential issues with the new appointment/event:

Off Hours Meeting Time - If you are scheduling a staff event or staff training and the meeting/training time is not between 6am and 11pm you will receive an off hours notification.  To proceed with scheduling the meeting/training as is, click CONFIRM.  To return to the meeting/training details to make changes, click your browser's Back button.

Scheduling Conflict - Depending on the type of appointment/event being scheduled, AWARDS will check the schedule for the appointment / event's location, client(s), and/or staff and flag any potential conflicts with already scheduled appointments / events.  If a possible conflict is identified, you will receive a scheduling conflict notification.  To proceed with scheduling the appointment/event as is, click SCHEDULE ANYWAY.  To return to the appointment/event details to make changes, click your browser's Back button.

When you have finished scheduling your appointment/event, one of the following will happen based on the type of appointment/event you are working with:

  You will automatically be returned to the Calendar where the newly scheduled appointment/event is now displayed.

  You will be shown a confirmation pop-up or page from which you can click Close to return to the Calendar, or Edit to make changes to the appointment/event details.

The scheduling process is now complete.  For detailed information on completing step 7 for a specific appointment/event type, please refer to the information for that type, accessed from the table of contents or the related topics list below.

Click-by-Click Instructions

Links to detailed instructions for scheduling each of the available appointment/event types are provided below.

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