Scheduling a Referral Interview

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To schedule a referral interview from the Calendar, complete the following steps: 

  TIP: Referral interviews only pertain to programs set up to use the multi-step intake form.  In order to schedule them, you must have the following permissions:

Display Any Chart Records Buttons
Display Chart Records Intake Button
Referrals Data Entry

    1. From the navigation bar at the top of any AWARDS page, click Calendar.  The Calendar is displayed.
    2. Click the green + icon in the top-right corner of the page, or click a Calendar block directly.

The scheduling pop-up is displayed.

    1. Click the Event Type drop-down arrow and select "Referral Interview."
    2. Click the program drop-down arrow and select the program associated with the pending client for whom the event is to be scheduled.
    3. Click CONTINUE. The Referrals with an Undecided Disposition page is displayed.  

This page contains a list of referrals that:

  Are in the program selected as part of the Calendar viewing options.

  Have a screening date in the last six months.

  Have an "undecided" referral status; for example, "Psychosocial Screening," "Hold," or "Intake Interview."  Referrals that already have an "Accepted" status are not included.

    1. Click the name of the applicant for whom the interview is to be scheduled.  The portion of his or her referral containing the interview section is displayed on the Update Application Evaluation page.

  TIP: In the event that the applicant does not yet have a referral, create one using the Intake/Admission module.  For more information, click here.

    1. Scroll down to the interviews section of the page and enter information for the new interview by configuring the following fields and options:

  Interviewers - Click one or both drop-down arrows and select the worker(s) who are to conduct the interview. 

  Date - In this field, type the interview date (using mm/dd/yyyy format), or select a date using the available date picker to the right of the field.

  Time - Use the available drop-down selections to specify the interview time.

  Duration - Use the available "Hours" and "Minutes" drop-down options to specify the interview length.  The default value is 15 minutes.

  Location - Click the drop-down arrow and select the interview location.  If the correct location is not listed, select "Other Location" and fill in the corresponding Other field.

  TIP: The locations available for selection here are those that have been configured using the System Setup module, Agency Program Information, Configure Locations feature.  For more information on configuring locations, click here.

  Status - If you are entering a referral interview on the Calendar that already took place or was canceled, click the Status drop-down arrow and choose one of the following status selections:


Canceled by Staff

Canceled by Client

No Show

    1. Click UPDATE.  The interview information is saved and a referral record confirmation page is displayed.
    2. If necessary, click Calendar from the navigation bar to return to the Calendar.

The process of scheduling a referral interview is now complete.