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The AWARDS Help Desk works in conjunction with the AWARDS Messages module to enable users to report AWARDS-related problems and to ask questions about the application for which solutions or answers could not be located in the Online Help system or instruction documents.

Click-by-Click Instructions

Contacting the Help Desk - Learn how to contact the Help Desk in order to ask an AWARDS-related question or to report a problem.

A Closer Look @ The Help Desk

The Help Desk Process - Learn how the AWARDS Help Desk process works, including how a local Help Desk fits into that process.

Basic Troubleshooting - Learn how to troubleshoot basic AWARDS issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Help Desk Frequently Asked Questions

Tips & Tricks

The Key to a Great Help Desk Ticket! - December 2017 Tip of the Month

FootholdConnect Event Recordings

  NOTE:  Recordings marked with a red asterisk (*) were made prior to deployment of significant AWARDS enhancements and do not reflect those changes; however, the overall content is still relevant and useful.

iKnow - Help Desk: Advanced (1 hr 4 min) - July 2017 *

This film reviews best practices for how your local Help Desk team can efficiently investigate, troubleshoot, and report issues.  We'll break down the steps for investigating an issue within AWARDS, and then dissect how to submit a ticket that will get your issue resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.  We'll also go over the important data change and cleanup tools available to your local Help Desk team in AWARDS.  Click here for the agenda covered in this recording.

iKnow - Help Desk: Introduction (1 hr 16 min) - November 2017  *

This film is designed to help you develop an effective Local Help Desk team.  In it, we'll review the basics of who should be on your Local Help Desk, what online resources are available to help you troubleshoot questions, how to manage your Help Desk workflow as questions come in from your staff, and when to forward issues to the Foothold Help Desk.

User's Conference Continued - A Day in the Life of a Local Help Desk (1 hr 12 min) - July 2019 *

Join us as we demonstrate Help Desk best practices by using real-life ticket examples. We will walk you through every step of reporting, troubleshooting, and resolving issues reported through an agency's local Help Desk. This session is geared toward, and is highly recommended for, local Help Desk team members.

Contact Us

In the event that you need assistance with AWARDS, please reach out to us in one of the following ways:

  If you are ABLE to reach the AWARDS login page, but cannot log in - Please email or call your supervisor.

  If you are UNABLE to reach the AWARDS login page - Please contact us at one of the following email addresses:

[email protected] (during business hours - 9am to 5pm ET M through F, inclusive of all holidays)

[email protected] (outside of normal office hours)

Please take a moment to complete the troubleshooting steps outlined here prior to contacting us.  Thank you!

  If you need help with any other AWARDS-related problems or questions - Please contact the Help Desk from within AWARDS (detailed above).