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The following frequently asked questions provide details on the most commonly asked about pieces of Online Help.  Click a question from the list here to navigate directly to the corresponding answer, or scroll through the full list of questions and answers below.

How do I print Online Help information?

How do I print Online Help information?

Think Green:  Keep it on the screen!  Foothold Technology encourages you to consider the environment before printing any Online Help materials.  If you must have a hard copy, please conserve paper by using double-sided printing. 

To print the Online Help topic you are currently viewing, complete one of the following sets of steps based on the type of browser you are using:

IMPORTANT! Printing from within Online Help is NOT supported in Chrome or Microsoft Edge

When FIREFOX is your browser:

  1. Right-click your mouse on the portion of the page containing the help text you want to print.
  2. From the menu that is displayed, click This Frame.
  3. From the sub-menu that is displayed, click Print Frame.  The Print dialog box is displayed.
  4. Click Print.  The selected topic is printed.

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