Basic Troubleshooting

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When, during the course of your work with AWARDS, you run into a problem or have a question, there are several basic troubleshooting questions (in order below) that you should ask yourself before submitting that problem or question to the Help Desk.  If an answer or resolution is not forthcoming after the troubleshooting process has been completed, continue with Contacting the Help Desk.

  TIP: Are you experiencing slowness with AWARDS?  Before doing any of the troubleshooting below, first do the following:

- Make sure you are using a supported, up to date browser.
- Clear your browser's cache.

Could my problem be related to something other than AWARDS?

If you are unable to login to AWARDS, or to complete otherwise simple tasks such as moving from page to page in AWARDS or printing AWARDS reports, try to determine the following:

    1. Can I connect to other non-AWARDS web pages?
    2. Has anything changed recently with my computer, printer, or network?
    3. Can I complete the task I am working on at another computer?
    4. Am I using an out of date or unsupported browser?
    5. Has it been a while since I've cleared my browser's cache?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions:

If you answered "NO" to all of these questions:

It may be an indication that there is a problem with your Internet connection, browser settings, PC, printer, or network, and as a result the problem is likely not AWARDS-related.  Please direct details of the problem to a network administrator or IT staff.

Please continue troubleshooting.

Can I duplicate the problem?

In the event that you experienced a problem, complete the same steps you took prior to experiencing that problem for the first time and see if you can recreate/duplicate that problem.

If you CANNOT duplicate the problem:

If you CAN duplicate the problem:

It may have been the result of user error; for example, accidentally clicking the wrong button at some point in the process you were working to complete.  Because the problem is no longer occurring, the issue does not need to be submitted to the Help Desk.

Please continue troubleshooting.

Can I find information on my question/problem on my own?

If, based on your already completing troubleshooting work, it appears that the problem/question is AWARDS-related and that it does not appear to be the result of user error, continue on by trying to locate solutions/answers on your own. 

Begin by reviewing AWARDS Online Help and all instruction documents applicable to the area of AWARDS you are working with to try to locate more information about your question or problem.  The "FAQs" portions of Online Help can be particularly valuable for this purpose. If the AWARDS Help resources do not contain the information you need to solve the problem or answer your question, speak with your co-workers; they can be an invaluable resource.  Your co-workers should either be able to assist you, or to at least help you to determine whether or not the problem is limited to your computer or login, or if it is affecting everyone.  That type of information can be very valuable to the Help Desk staff reviewing your question or problem report.

If you COULD find the information you needed:

If you COULD NOT find the information you needed:

Congratulations and good work!  The troubleshooting process is now complete.

Please submit the problem or question to the Help Desk.  For information on how to do so, see Contacting the Help Desk.