The Help Desk Process

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The AWARDS Help Desk is comprised of multiple levels - general agency staff ("end users"), a local Help Desk team for your AWARDS database, and Foothold Technology's Help Desk.

When an AWARDS user has a problem/question for which a solution/answer cannot be found in AWARDS Online Help, he or she can access the AWARDS Help Desk by clicking Help (or the icon) from the navigation bar at the top of any AWARDS page and then selecting Help Desk, or by clicking the Help Desk life preserver icon in the Messages module. 

When using the Help Desk, a blank reporting form is opened that enables the user to record specific details about his or her experience or question.  Completed reports are submitted by the user and are then received via the AWARDS Messages module by all members of the local Help Desk team for your AWARDS database.  (The local Help Desk team is comprised of a group of knowledgeable users specifically designated to assist their colleagues and to act as a liaison between the Foothold Technology Help Desk and staff.)

Within each local Help Desk team member's AWARDS inbox, Help Desk messages are identified with "HELPDESK:" in the Subject line, followed by the subject entered by the user.  Which member of the team handles which Help Desk items is determined by a pre-arranged set of internal rules specifying a division of labor.  When responsible for a Help Desk item, a local Help Desk team member will either respond to the user with assistance, or will contact Foothold Technology in the event that he/she cannot assist the user on his/her own.  The user who originally reported the problem can also be copied on that request to Foothold so that they are included on all subsequent communication around it.

Help Desk items received by Foothold Technology from the local Help Desk team will be investigated and responded to in a timely manner.  All responses from Foothold's Help Desk will be sent back to the local Help Desk team and anyone else copied on the message.  Once the local Help Desk team has received a response from Foothold, it is their responsibility to communicate the response back to the user who originally reported the problem or question if that user was not copied on that ticket.