Contacting the Help Desk

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In the event that a solution/answer was not found for your problem/question during the troubleshooting process, you'll need to submit that problem/question to the local Help Desk staff for your AWARDS database (or to Foothold Technology if you are a member of that local Help Desk team) by completing the following steps:

IMPORTANT! If you are a member of the local Help Desk team for your AWARDS database, you MUST have a work email address on file in AWARDS before you can complete the ticket submission process detailed here.  Work email can be recorded in any of the following locations:

- System Setup > Local Help Desk Staff > Work Email
- Human Resources > Staff Information > Work Email
- Navigation Bar > Your Name > Password & Security > Work Email
- Navigation Bar > Your Name > User Settings > Notifications > Work Email

Any entry or change in any of these locations will automatically update the other locations as well.

    1. From the navigation bar, click Help, and then click Help Desk.  The How Can We Help You? page is opened in the AWARDS Messages module.

  TIP: This page can also be opened from within the Messages module directly by clicking the life preserver icon at the top of the page.

If you are a member of the local Help Desk team and have received a Help Desk item for which assistance is required from Foothold Technology, you can skip steps 1 and 2 and use the Forward to Help Desk icon at the top of the page while viewing the original message rather than completing a brand new reporting form.

    1. Before you contact the Help Desk, it is strongly recommended that you complete a thorough review of our Online resources.  In many cases you will be able to find the information you are looking for very quickly, and as a result will not need to contact the Help Desk, which can be a lengthier process. 

To complete an Online Help search before proceeding:

  Enter a keyword or phrase in the Search field.

 Click Search.  Online Help is searched and all relevant results are displayed in a secondary window.

  Click a search result to view the corresponding page in Online Help.

  To return to the search results page at any point, use your browser's Back button, twice.

If an Online Help search provided you with the information you needed, the steps that follow are not necessary.  If an Online Help search did NOT resolve your question/issue, close the secondary window containing the search results and continue on with the ticket form page by completing the "Contact the Help Desk" portion of the form as detailed in the steps that follow.

    1. Configure the following fields and options on the form.  Required information is noted with an asterisk next to the field/option label, as well as by an orange border around the field or selection list.

WARNING! Because Help Desk tickets will leave the HIPAA-compliant environment offered by AWARDS Messages in the event that Foothold Technology's Help Desk is being asked for assistance and will be transferred to a third-party ticketing system, protected health information (PHI) cannot be included in any portion of your Help Desk tickets or attachments. 

  To - Read-only unless you are a member of the local Help Desk team.  Populates with the individuals designated under System Setup as local Help Desk staff.

  Cc - Available only if you are a member of the local Help Desk team.  In this field, enter a comma separated list of additional recipients for the message.  These recipients will receive a copy of the ticket via when it is automatically created in the Foothold Help Desk ticketing system.  They will also receive subsequent responses to the ticket, including those from Foothold's Help Desk when we have been asked to assist. 

  TIP: If you are submitting the ticket on behalf of another user in your AWARDS database, we recommend adding that individual's work email address in the Cc field.  Doing so eliminates the need for you to act as an intermediary with that user when the ticket is responded to by Foothold Technology, as the response and/or any requests for additional information will go directly to him/her as well as to you.

  Subject - Enter a brief description of the problem or question.

  Message - Enter a detailed description of the problem or question.

IMPORTANT! If you are submitting multiple problem reports or questions regarding different areas of AWARDS, please submit each using a separate ticket.  Thank you!

  Click Path - Enter the list of steps taken prior to the problem's occurrence, including any selections made when completing the problematic task and the text of any error messages received.  Enter "N/A" if a click path is not relevant.

  AWARDS Area - Click this drop-down arrow and select the AWARDS module or feature regarding which you have a question, or in which you were working then when you experienced a problem.  If the question/problem applies to more than one module, or is not specific to any modules, an "Other/Various" option is available.

  Data Date(s) - Enter the dates of any relevant records; for example, if you are having a problem with a specific progress note or service plan, enter the note or plan date, respectively.  Likewise if you are working with a report; in such cases the report date range should be entered here.

  Client ID - Enter the client ID related to the record being referenced in the ticket, if any.  Enter "N/A" if not applicable.

  TIP: Depending on your agency's rules with regard to what defines PHI, the first couple of letters of a client's first and last names included in the "Message," above, can typically be used as an alternative to Client ID when necessary.

  TIP: Client ID information is most readily accessible from within the Client Search feature and in ReportBuilders; however, a behind-the-scenes option can also be turned on for you by Foothold Technology to display Client IDs next to client names in many drop-down selection lists in AWARDS for easy reference.  (Note that some older modules and features are excluded from this Client ID display, and will instead display the Chart ID if one is specified on the client's face sheet.) If this is something you are interested in having turned on in your AWARDS database, please contact the Help Desk for assistance, and reference cfg-include-chartid.

  Affected User - Click this drop-down arrow and select your name.  If you are a member of the local Help Desk team and are reporting a problem for another user, please select that user's name rather than your own.

  Division - Click this drop-down arrow and select the name of the agency/division you work for and/or are submitting a problem or question for.

  Program - Click this drop-down arrow and select the program you work for and/or are submitting a problem or question for.  If you work with more than one program, the program you select here should be the one related to your problem or question.  If the problem is happening for more than one program, or if your question is related to multiple programs, choose one of the "All" or "Custom Grouping" selections at the bottom of the list.

IMPORTANT! If you work in a NJ DD program that incorporates client names into its program naming conventions in response to the one NPI per doorknob mandate, be sure to select either a custom grouping that represents the residential program in its entirety, OR "N/A."

    1. If available, please attach screen shots or files related to your problem or question in the "Attachments" portion of the form.  Depending on where you have accessed the Help Desk ticket form from, the attachment option will either be displayed at the bottom of the form, or accessible using the Paperclip icon at the top of the page.
    2. Click SEND MESSAGE.  If you are an end user, the message is sent to all members of the local Help Desk team for your AWARDS database, and any of those individuals (listed above the Subject field on the reporting form) may review your submission and respond to you.  This response will typically be returned via an AWARDS Message, but that may vary based on the workflow established for your agency or continuum. 

If you are a member of the local Help Desk team, the message is sent to Foothold Technology's Help Desk, to any members of the local Help Desk team you have chosen under "To" above, and to anyone you have specified under "Cc" above.  From that point forward, all communication regarding the ticket - including any responses or requests for follow-up information from the Foothold Help Desk - will take place via email.

The process of submitting a problem report or question to the Help Desk is now complete.