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The Foothold Technology Training department offers a variety of options to meet your AWARDS training needs.  Read on to learn more about how the Training team works and about the wonderful assortment of training opportunities available for your agency and its staff.

AWARDS Training Topics 

Foothold's Training Philosophy and Policies - Learn about our Train the Trainer philosophy and review our training policies.

Training Packages and Agendas - Take a look at our core AWARDS curriculum, including agendas and other key training details.

Specialized Training Options - Take a look at our wide variety of specialized training options, designed to meet your agency's individual needs.

AWARDS Certification - Learn about the expert-level training program available to individual staff for the purposes of becoming AWARDS-certified.

FootholdConnect Event Recordings

Planting the Seeds of Training: Train-the-Trainer - User's Conference Continued Session (31 min) - November 2016

At Foothold Technology, we promote a Train-the-Trainer model - encouraging agencies to utilize staff to teach their colleagues how to use AWARDS. In this repeat of one of our Expo 2016 sessions, we explore strategies to help your trainers teach their colleagues to effectively grow a forest full of skilled AWARDS users. We discuss what you should consider when choosing your training team, and review best practices for passing on the information about using AWARDS at your agency.

Contact Us

For more information about our training programs and policies, please contact our Training department at [email protected], or speak with your Foothold Customer Success & Advocacy team representative.