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Foothold hosts a variety of "FootholdConnect" events on an ongoing basis for the benefit of our clients.  These events, announced each month via the FootNotes monthly digest newsletter and through FootholdConnect in AWARDS, typically include one or more the following each month:

  Review & Refresh - Demonstrations of important AWARDS features and functions.

  New Features and Functions - Fresh from our developers to your database.  Learn how to start using our innovative new features and products today!

  iKnow - Implementation knowledge sessions designed to meet the specific needs of agencies new to AWARDS.

  Optional Enhancements - An in-depth introduction to optional features and functions in AWARDS.

  New Regulations - Let us help you navigate the regulatory landscape within AWARDS.

  Cornerstone Events - Exclusive seminars designed for streamlined networking and collaboration.

  Program or Role Specific - Groups for every segment of the Foothold Community.

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To see which FootholdConnect events are coming up soon, and to register for any or all of them, click here

Find Recordings of Past Events

Foothold posts recordings of FootholdConnect events and iKnow sessions here. This is a great way to revisit an event you attended previously, or to check out an event you were unable to attend.