Viewing Client Alerts

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Once a client alert has been placed it can be viewed by all users with access to the Client Search feature.  To do so, perform a census search by completing the following steps:

  TIP: For those agencies using client alerts an optional feature can be turned on upon request that also places a client alerts flag on the face sheet along with a corresponding data variable in the Demographics ReportBuilder (Keep in mind that with this optional face sheet flag feature, if the client has a history in multiple programs, the alert flag will display on the face sheet for all of them.)

    1. From the navigation bar, click in the Client Search box (or click the Search icon).  The Advanced Search window is displayed.

    1. Enter search criteria in one or more of the client identifier fields in this window.  These fields may include:


First Name

Last Name


Personal ID

Medicaid CIN


Chart ID

Member ID


    1. Click the Number of Results drop-down arrow and select the number of matches that should be displayed in the search results.
    2. Click Search.  All agency program records are searched for the identifying information entered, and the search results are displayed on the Client Search Results page.  This page contains a list of clients for whom all or part of the identifying information entered on the previous page is a match.
    3. Within the results list, clients for whom an alert has been placed are shown with a black flag icon.  Move your mouse cursor over the flag to view the alert text.

The process of viewing client alerts is now complete.