Viewing a Basic Medication Report

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The "basic" medication report, available from within the AWARDS Reports module, is a built-in report containing client and medication identifiers, including:  medication, strength/unit, dosage, frequency, SIG, start date, end date, and other key pieces of information.  This report can be generated for a single client or all clients within the program, and for current medications all medications in the client's history; however, it is not configurable outside of these basic filters.

  TIP:  For a customizable report of medication information, please try the Medications ReportBuilder instead.

To view a read-only medication report, complete the following steps:

    1. From the navigation bar, click Reports (or click the Reports icon).  The Reports index is displayed.

    1. Click the Program drop-down arrow in the upper-right corner of the page and select the individual program for which the report is to be run, or select a group of programs using one of the available "All" or "Custom Grouping" selections.
    2. If you previously bookmarked the Medication Report it is displayed on the reports index by default; otherwise, from the left-hand menu bar, click All under "Show Reports."
    3. Use the navigation features in the bottom-right corner to locate the Medication Report in the index, or enter "medication" in the Search field in the upper-right corner.
    4. Click Medication Report from the reports index.  The Client Medication Report Selection page is displayed.

    1. Click the Client drop-down arrow and select the client for whom the report is to be viewed.  The default value is "All Clients."

  TIP:  If the report is to be viewed for a former (discharged) client, first check Roster Archives beneath the client selection option.

    1. Specify what information is to be included in the report by checking off one or more of the display options on this page:

  Current Medications Only - When this option is selected, as it is by default, only those medications the client is currently taking are included in the report.  To instead view a full medication history report for the selected client(s), uncheck this option.

  NOTE: Current medications are those with no end date, or for which the end date is in the future.

  Omit Consumers with no medications - This option is only relevant if you have chosen to view the report for all clients (in step 6).  When it is selected the report only includes information for those clients for whom medication records exist.

    1. Click SHOW INFO.  The medication report is displayed on the Client Medication Information page.  The contents of this read-only report vary based on the selections made on the previous page.

  TIP:  To search for information on a medication listed in this report, click the link for the name of the medication.  To access the drug database more generally, click the Medication Search link at the top of the page.  (By default these links will take you to; however, the drug database to which AWARDS is linked can be configured on an agency basis, as can the name of the Search link itself.  For more information, please see the "Medication Search" portion of the Medical Module - Implementation Requests FormTo request some or all of the configuration options detailed there, complete the form and submit it to [email protected].)

The process of viewing a medication report is now complete.