Time Off Requests

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The Attendance module's Time Off Requests feature is used to submit employee time off requests, as well as to remove or process pending time off requests.

Required Permissions

When the optional Attendance functionality is turned on in an AWARDS database, the Time Off Requests feature it contains is available to all AWARDS users with employee logins.

  NOTE: The Attendance feature in which the Time Off Requests resides is optional and may not be turned on in your AWARDS database.  If it is not currently available and you are interested in learning more about it, please contact your Foothold Customer Success & Advocacy team representative for guidance on whether or not it is right for your agency.

Click-by-Click Instructions

Submitting a Time Off Request - Learn to submit a time off request for approval.

Removing a Pending Time Off Request - Learn to delete a time off request that has not yet been processed.

Processing a Time Off Request - Learn to approve and deny pending time off requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Time Off Requests Frequently Asked Questions