Making Appointment / Event Changes

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To make changes to a scheduled appointment/event using the Calendar, complete the following steps:

    1. Use the Calendar module (in the navigation bar) to access the Calendar.
    2. Configure the Calendar viewing options, making sure that the date of the appointment/event you wish to make changes to will be included in the Calendar display based on your selections.

  TIP: For more information on the Calendar viewing options, see the Calendar Viewing Options.

    1. Click DISPLAY CALENDAR.  The Calendar page is refreshed to reflect the detail specified in step 2.

  TIP: If, once the Calendar is displayed, you change the settings used, click REFRESH CALENDAR to apply those changes. (Note that if the View or Scope settings are changed the Calendar display is temporarily removed from the page, at which point you must click DISPLAY CALENDAR to apply your settings and view appointment and event information again.)

    1. Click the link of the appointment/event for which changes are to be made.  (Depending on the type of appointment/event you are working with, the link is either the client name or the event name.)  The data entry page for that appointment type is displayed.

  NOTE: Based on your permissions and/or the appointment/event type, some Calendar items are read-only and have no link, indicating that they cannot be updated.

  NOTE: When working with group activities for which the activity date is in the past, you are taken to the attendance data entry page for that activity so that you can enter attendance information directly. (That functionality can also be accessed using the Services - Group module, Activities feature.) If the activity date is in the future, you will receive an error message and be prevented from proceeding.

    1. Make changes to the information in the fields and options on the data entry page as needed, or use the delete option if applicable and available.

  NOTE: If an event is being updated for a terminated employee, the termination date will appear next to his or her name. 

    1. Click UPDATE.  Any changes you have made are saved, and one of the following will happen based on the type of appointment/event you are working with:

  You will automatically be returned to the Calendar and any schedule changes you have made will be reflected there. (In some cases you may need to adjust your current Calendar settings before the appointment/event you updated will be included in the Calendar display.)

  You will be shown a confirmation page from which you can click Calendar to return to the updated Calendar page.

  NOTE: When viewing an updated appointment/event for which you changed status and/or attendee information, you may notice that attendees have been crossed out or status abbreviations have been added to reflect those changes. 

All abbreviations are explained in the legend located at the top and bottom of the Calendar display, viewable by clicking the plus sign icon found there.


f you made changes to an appointment/event that you did not originally schedule, you may also notice that the "By:" information has changed to reflect your name (with the exception of staff trainings which are labeled with the name of the instructor).   

The process of making changes to a scheduled appointment/event is now complete.