Viewing a PAS Report
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Using the PAS Reports components of the OASAS Reports feature, users can generate and view the following PAS reports for individual clients:

  Admissions - PAS 44

  Discharges - PAS 45

  Transfers In - PAS 47

  Transfers Out - PAS 47

  Element Transition - PAS 125

  TIP: The PAS 47 reports are applicable only to those programs set up to use the optional OASAS Client Transfers feature in AWARDS.  For more information on that feature, please refer to the OASAS Client Transfers - Instruction Sheet.

  TIP: The PAS 125 report displays transitions made between elements of care within an 820 program stay using the optional Services - Individual module's Program Status feature.  If this feature is not currently turned on in your AWARDS database and you would like it to be, please contact the Foothold Help Desk.

To view any of the PAS reports, complete the following steps:

  TIP: The following instructions detail accessing OASAS Reports from directly within the OASAS Menu feature in the Fiscal module.  This report is also available in the AWARDS Reports module, where it can be bookmarked for easy access.  For more information on using the Reports module, click here.

    1. From the AWARDS Home screen, click Administration from the left-hand menu, and then click Fiscal.  The Fiscal fly-out menu is displayed.
    2. Click OASAS Menu.  The OASAS Reports Settings page is displayed. 

    1. Click the Program drop-down arrow and select the individual program associated with the client for which the report is to be run, or select a group of programs using one of the available "All" or "Custom Grouping" selections.

IMPORTANT! In order for an OASAS program to be included in the Data File, that program must have a PRU Number specified for it in the System Setup module, Agency Program Information, Add/Edit Entire Program feature. 

    1. Click the Report drop-down arrow and select the PAS report to be viewed.
    2. The Date Range for the selected report defaults to the last week.  Make changes to that date range as necessary by overwriting the values in the from and to fields.  Keep in mind that a client's report will only be available for viewing if he/she had a status change of the selected report type during the date range specified here.  For example, when working with the PAS 44 only those clients admitted during the specified date range will be available for report viewing.
    3. Click CONTINUE.  The OASAS Report Settings page is displayed for the selected report.   For example, when working with the PAS 44 the page appears as shown here. 
    4. Click the Consumer drop-down arrow and select the client for which the report is to be viewed.  The default value is "All Consumers."
    5. Click CONTINUE.  A page is displayed that includes a button for the selected report.
    6. Click the report button to open and view the report.  Note that if "All Consumers" was selected in step 7, a link to an Excel file version of the report data is displayed when the button is clicked rather than the report itself.  Click that link to open the report data in Microsoft Excel.

  NOTE: Upon clicking any of the available links, a PHI Download Alert is displayed, reminding you of your obligation to properly handle any confidential data and/or protected health information (PHI) within the download in accordance with related government regulations and agency policies.  After reading the alert, click OK to acknowledge it and proceed with the download, or Cancel to return to the previous page. 

The process of viewing a PAS report is now complete.