Job Retention Milestones

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To view a job retention milestones report, complete the following steps from the AWARDS Home screen:

  TIP: The following instructions detail the process of viewing a Job Retention Milestones Report from within the Employment module.  When doing so, the report can only be run for one program at a time.  To run the report for a group of programs instead, do so from within the Reports module.

    1. Click the Program drop-down arrow in the upper-right corner and select the program for which the report is to be viewed.
    2. Click Charts from the left-hand menu, and then click Employment.  The Employment fly-out menu is displayed.
    3. Click Jobs, and then click Job Retention MilestonesThe Job Retention Milestones Menu page is displayed.

    1. Click the Client drop-down arrow and select the client for whom the report is to be viewed.  The default value is "All Client."

  TIP: If the report is to be viewed for a former (discharged) client, first click Roster Archives beneath the client selection option.

    1. In order for a client to be included in the report he/she must have a job placement (be employed) at any point during the date range in the From and To fields on this page, regardless of when milestones were met (if any were met at all).  Make changes to the default date range on this page as necessary (using mm/dd/yyyy format).
    2. If necessary, in the Milestone Selection fields, make changes to the job longevity milestones for which this report is to be viewed (in days).
    3. Click CONTINUE.  The report is displayed on the Job Retention Milestones Report page.

The contents of this read-only report include client, SSN, job title, employer, hire date, termination date, wage rate, benefits, and milestones information for those consumers/placements meeting the report parameters.  Any unmet milestones (due to termination) will have an "X" displayed in the corresponding milestone column for the consumer.  Milestones that have not been met because they occur on a future date will have a "-" displayed in the column.

Click an underlined report column heading to sort the report contents by that variable.  (Columns whose headings are not underlined are not variables by which the report can be sorted; for example, SSN, Benefits, and Wage Rate.)  To limit which columns are displayed, click the column display icon in the upper left-hand corner of the report and pick and choose which columns of information should be included.

  TIP: To export the report information to a Microsoft Excel file at this time, click the Excel File link.  A PHI Download Alert is displayed, reminding you of your obligation to properly handle any confidential data and/or protected health information (PHI) within the download in accordance with related government regulations and agency policies.  After reading the alert, click OK to acknowledge it and proceed with the export, or Cancel to return to the previous page.  Once exported to Excel, this information can be saved and worked with to perform data analysis and various other tasks.  Note that any sorting done in AWARDS does not carry over into the Excel file.

The process of viewing a job retention milestones report is now complete.