AWARDS Certified Edition

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What is the AWARDS Certified Edition?

AWARDS Certified Edition is the powerful combination of user-friendly behavioral healthcare case management software and a feature-rich Federally Certified, 2015 Edition ambulatory EHR.  This enables agencies to complete their services documentation while taking advantage of cutting edge interoperability and quality measure reporting for value-based payments, while meeting funder requirements for usage of federally certified software.  We've created encounter-specific workflows that let medical providers focus on their patients while making sure they can record all of the necessary information easily and efficiently.  In order to make the AWARDS Certified Edition possible, we've made several upgrades available to agencies for purchase.  These upgrades were required in order for AWARDS to meet the certification requirements of the 2015 Edition in the ONC Final Rule.

Certified Edition highlights


The Encounters feature in AWARDS enables users to record all of the details of encounters with patients, while being able to update their medical records, write notes, and generate interoperability documents.

Behavioral Healthcare-focused Clinical Quality Measures

AWARDS has a selection of the clinical quality measures that actually work for behavioral healthcare, and provides users with a one-click export to the QRDA format needed for many value-based payment programs.


AWARDS has the most up to date version of the C-CDA, the ability to send and receive care-related documents by Direct, and to exchange data with nearly any Health Information Exchange.

And much, much more

Includes all of the features of an ambulatory EHR using the latest Federal Standards.

What can I do with the Certified Edition?


  Medicare Quality Payment Program

  Medicaid DSRIP, PQRS, MU Incentive Program

  Meet the requirements of EHR Adoption Programs

Click here to view Foothold's Certification Information and Costs and Limitations.

How Do I Get Started?

Complete a Certified Edition enhancements request

To get started, you must review the Certified Edition - Requirements and Enhancement Request Instructions document.  After having done so you will need to reach out to [email protected] to opt into the full package of functionality, and to indicate which programs and program types should have these new features turned on  for them.

IMPORTANT! We strongly recommend that customers that used the Meaningful Use 2014 Edition transition to the AWARDS Providers feature, as well as the PlanBuilder tool.  The Providers feature allows for easier and cleaner data entry in Encounters, and the PlanBuilder enables you to more effectively share care plan data with the C-CDA.  Your Foothold  Customer Success & Advocacy division representative can assist you with these transitions. 

Subscribe to required add-on services

In addition to the AWARDS features detailed in the Certified Edition - Requirements and Enhancement Request Instructions document, the following add-on services are required for the AWARDS Certified Edition.  Links to the service agreements for these features can be found below, as well as in the requirements/enhancements document.


The IMO content search engine integration enables users to enter partial names of diagnoses and procedures and have the system suggest a full list of related terms with their appropriate codes (DSM-5, ICD 10, CPT, LOINC, HCPCS, and SNOMED-CT) for selection.  Medical terminology and coding are invaluable to interoperability and value-based payments.

Cost:  Assuming appropriate APA and AMAs licenses, the cost is $2,200 per year

Service Agreement: IMO - Information & Service Agreement

AWARDS E-Prescribing

AWARDS E-Prescribing functionality, complete with electronic prescribing for controlled substances (EPCS) is critically important to using certified software even if you're not required to use electronic prescribing in your region.

Cost: $1,500 one-time setup (+$150 setup for each EPCS prescriber), $300 training, and $65/prescriber/month

Service Agreement:  E-Prescribing - Information & Service Agreement 

Interoperability Center

The AWARDS Interoperability Center provides options for HIE and Direct connections using the latest version of the C-CDA document combined with secure and trusted connectivity.

Cost:  $5,000 for the establishment of an initial connection and $2,500 per year per connection for ongoing maintenance

Service Agreement:  Interoperability Center - Information & Service Agreement

Dashboard Tool

The Dashboard tool allows for easy reporting on all 2015 Edition Stage 2 and 3 Objectives, as well as Clinical Quality Measures with automatic QRDA export files.

Cost: $3,000 per Eligible Provider

Service Agreement: N/A - submit request via email

Certified Edition Resources

Service Agreements

E-Prescribing - Information & Service Agreement 

IMO - Information & Service Agreement

Interoperability Center - Information & Service Agreement

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Enhancement Request Forms

Certified Edition - Requirements and Enhancement Request Instructions

Training Films & Demonstrations

AWARDS Certified Edition (36 min) - November 2018
Join us for a look at AWARDS Certified Edition - functionality developed to meet the requirements for a Certified Electronic Health Record Technology (CEHRT).  Specifically, in this training we'll cover the Certified Edition's workflow, along with its three main use cases:  interoperability, reporting on quality measures, and reporting on objectives to the Medicaid Meaningful Use incentive program.

FootholdConnect Event Recordings

Certified Edition / Interoperability (59 min) - August 2018
Join us to learn about the AWARDS Certified Edition and Interoperability features.  This event digs deep into the various options and features that comprise AWARDS Certified Edition.  We also review the Interoperability Center in AWARDS, as well as highlight our current RHIO and HIE connections and how they work.  If you have data sharing needs, this recording is for you!

IMO (38 min) - June 2019

Foothold Technology and Intelligent Medical Objects (IMO) have been partners for over 5 years and is an important add-on feature for our AWARDS Certified Edition. IMO provides clinically relevant terminology with each term individually mapped to the appropriate billing, regulatory, and reference codes to enhance interoperability across Health IT technologies and ensure comprehensive billing code capture. This tool helps to bridge the gap between clinical language and complex coding systems.  Join us for a review of all that IMO has to offer in AWARDS.