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Using the PAS Reports components of the OASAS Reports feature, users can generate and view the following PAS reports for individual clients:

  • Admissions - PAS 44
  • Discharges - PAS 45
  • Transfers In - PAS 47
  • Transfers Out - PAS 47

The PAS 47 reports are applicable only to those programs set up to use the optional OASAS Client Transfers feature in AWARDS.  For more information on that feature, please refer to the OASAS Client Transfers instruction sheet located in the AWARDS Online Training System.

IMPORTANT!  In order for any PAS reports to be generated for a program, that program must have a PRU Number specified for it in the System Setup module, Agency Program Information, Add/Edit Entire Program feature.

Required Permissions

The PAS Reports are available for use by users with the following permissions:

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