Entering / Updating a Group Note

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To enter or update a group note, complete the following steps from the AWARDS Home page:

    1. Click the Program drop-down arrow in the upper-right corner of the page and select the program associated with the group note to be entered or updated.
    2. Click Charts from the left-hand menu, and then click Services - Group.  The Group Services fly-out menu is displayed.
    3. Click Group Notes.  The Group Notes Editing Index page is displayed.  This page contains a list of existing group notes, if any, for the selected program written by the user.

  NOTE: There is a default 10 day group note editing window.  Group notes written prior to that window cannot be selected for updating unless the default window has been adjusted (using the System Setup Business Rules feature), or unless the user has the "Backdated Contacts Log/Group Notes Data Entry" permission. For more information on business rules and permissions, click here.

    1. By default, you will always be shown as the Note Writer on this page, and can only write group notes for yourself or edit group notes you yourself entered.  An exception is made for users with the "Surrogate Data Entry - Group Notes" permission.  If you have that permission and will be working with a group note entered by another user, click the Note Writer drop-down arrow and select that user at this time.
    2. Click the Selected radio button next to the group note to be updated, or next to "Create New Note" to enter a new group note.
    3. If necessary, click the Include drop-down and select the FormBuilder form that is to be included as part of the group note.  This selection will only display when forms created in the FormBuilder have been set to display in group notes for the selected program.
    4. If "Create New Note" was selected, and if there are any pre-configured groups for the selected program, a group selection option is available next to "Create New Note."  Click the drop-down arrow and select the group for which the note is to be entered.  The default value is "Unscheduled Group."

  NOTE: The groups included in this selection list are those configured using the Services - Group module's Group Schedule Setup feature.

    1. Click CONTINUE.  The New Group Note Data Entry page is displayed.

    1. Enter or make changes to the following group information:

  Note Date - Click the drop-down arrow and select the date on which the group contact took place.  Upon selection of a date, the page is refreshed so that the group attendance selection lists are reflective of group members on that date (when working with scheduled groups) and program consumers on the roster on that date.

  Group Name - In this field, type or make changes to a name for the group.  If a specific group was selected on the Group Note Editing Index page, the group name defaults to that selection and cannot be changed.

  Start Time / End Time / Duration - Click the Start Time drop-down arrows and select the times at which the group contact began.  In addition, either End Time or Duration will be required for the note (as noted with a red asterisk).  Use the available drop-down arrows for required option to specify when the group contact ended, or how long it was, respectively.  If End Time is required, Duration will be a read-only value that is automatically calculated based on that time, or vice versa with Duration being required and End Time being calculated automatically.

  NOTE: If a specific group was selected on the Group Note Editing Index page, the start and end times default to those set up for that group.

  NOTE: If a group activity record has already been entered for the group, individual participant clock times entered in the group activity record are reflected when the group note is entered. By default, only individual clock times that fall within the group note's Start and End times are displayed. If adjustments are made to the group note Start and End times to accommodate early arrivals or late departures, the page refreshes and any early/late individual clock times from the group activity are displayed on the note's data entry page. When group activity times exist outside of the note time, a message is displayed on the group note data entry page, including the note time that should be used if the writer wants to pull all individual group activity times into the note. This message also includes a link for users to click to update the note times automatically.

  Service Type - Click the drop-down arrow and select the type of service provided during the group contact.  If a specific group was selected on the Group Note Editing Index page, and the group's activity type is identical to a service type, that service type will be set as the default.

  Activity Type - Click the drop-down arrow and select the type of activity the occurred during the group contact.

  NOTE: The available activities are those configured for the selected program. Housing programs use a pre-defined general activities list, while day programs can use the Services - Group module's Activities feature to modify their activities list.

  Location - Click this drop-down arrow and select the group's location. 

  NOTE: This is an optional setting, not automatically available in all AWARDS databases. If configured, this list is shared with contacts log records, group notes, and progress notes, and is configurable by the agency. For more information, please see the Service Contacts - Implementation Request Form.

  Group Attendance - Click the checkbox next to each program consumer who attended this group or use the Check All option if applicable.  If a specific group was selected on the Group Note Editing Index page, group attendees may be selected by default based on the membership of that group.  Adjust the individual settings for each participant as well:

  In and Out - Individual clock times are displayed for selected consumers (or expected members marked as "Present").  By default, these times display the overall group time, as entered in the group note settings at the top of the page.  However, users can edit the individual clock times to reflect instances of late arrivals, early departures, etc.

  Status - Available for expected attendees of scheduled groups.  Click the drop-down arrow and select the correct status for each individual.  If the individual was not present, a corresponding (Reason for Absence if Applicable) field is available for additional detail.

  Telehealth - Displayed when an attendee's name is checked off or when a scheduled participant's status is set to "present."  (In the latter case, individuals who are not scheduled attendees can be checked off as attending via telehealth by clicking Show Full Program Roster to Expand Attendance and checking the appropriate names, at which point the Telehealth option is automatically displayed for those individuals.)

  NOTE: This is an optional setting, not automatically available in all AWARDS databases. For more information, or to request that it be made available, please see the Service Contacts - Implementation Request Form.

  TIP: If the location of the group is set to "Telehealth" the Telehealth checkbox is automatically checked for any of the group's attendees.  If you have a large group where most participated via telehealth, set the location to "Telehealth," use the Check All option to select everyone, and then make adjustments to the attendees and individual telehealth status details as needed.

WARNING! For existing group notes, de-selecting all Group Attendance client checkboxes and clicking SAVE NOTE deletes the group note.

  NOTE: Each individual's group clock time displays next to his or her name when group notes are viewed in report mode, and the Group Notes ReportBuilder also displays Start Time and End Time using the individual's clock time.  For billing agencies, AWARDS uses the individual clock times to determine if an invoice should be generated, not the overall group time.

  NOTE: For BillingBuilder clients, group notes that are used to generate invoices for procedures associated with configured Daily/Per Diem and Fee for Service billing types are locked once invoices have been posted to A/R.  Please note that because, by definition, a group note generates documents for multiple clients at a time, it is possible to have invoices generated and posted for some of the group's participants, but not all, depending on billing requirements.  As a result, individual start and end times and individual addenda for clients for whom an invoice has not yet been posted can still be edited and/or added as needed.  It is also possible to add new clients who may have been omitted previously to the group.  Also note that edits can be made to all of the group note attributes, group note text, and consumer addenda if the batch of invoices is unposted from A/R using UNPOST BATCH on the Create Insurance Claims page within the BillingBuilder.

    1. In the Enter Group Note text box, type the new group note or make changes to the existing note as necessary.
    2. If updating an existing group note, in the Individual Note Addendum text box(es), type or make changes to the individual note addendum text, or delete the addendum(s) by deleting all addendum note text.
    3. Click SAVE NOTE.  The group note is saved, and the Group Note confirmation page is displayed.

WARNING! Do not attempt to edit the group note by clicking your browser's Back button from this page.  Edits should be made by clicking Edit Group Note or by returning to the group note index and selecting the note from there.

    1. To add a group note addendum for a specific consumer, click the Group Attendance radio button for the first attendee for whom an addendum is to be entered.

  NOTE: If you add an addendum for a scheduled member of this group and there is an associated item on a service plan or plan/review for this group, the addendum will indicate on the confirmation page that this group note is linked that that part of their plan.

    1. Click the corresponding Make Note Addendum for Selected Consumer button.  The Group Note Data Edit/Update page is displayed.
    2. In the Individual Note Addendum text box for the selected consumer, type the group note addendum.

  TIP: Changes or additions to the other group note information and/or text can also be made at this time. 

    1. Click SAVE NOTE.  The group note is saved and the Group Note confirmation page is re-displayed. 
    2. Repeat steps 14 through 17 as necessary.

The process of entering or updating a group note is now complete.