Replying To and Forwarding Messages

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To reply to or forward a message you've received, complete the following steps from within the Messages module, accessed by clicking Messages (or the Messages icon) from the navigation bar:

    1. In the folders portion of the page, click the folder containing the message to be replied to or forwarded.
    2. If necessary, use the message filters and/or page navigation options to adjust your view of the selected folder until the message in question is displayed in the messages index portion of the page.
    3. From the messages index, click the message to be replied to or forwarded.  The selected message is opened and displayed.
    4. At the top of the message page, click one of the available reply or forward option icons:

  Reply - Used to reply only to the person who sent the message.

  Reply all - Used to reply to all recipients of the message.

  Forward - Used to forward the message to selected recipients.

  Forward to original sender - Used to forward the message back to the original sender.

  NOTE: This option is not always available. It would only be used if, for example, a member of the local Help Desk forwarded an item from an end user to the Foothold Help Desk, received a response from Foothold, and then wanted to send that response to the user who originally submitted the issue or question. 

  Forward to help desk - Used by end users to forward problems or questions to their local Help Desk team, or by that local team to forward the message to Foothold's Help Desk.

The compose message page is displayed.

    1. Configure or make changes to the recipients, subject, priority, and attachments as needed, and then enter text above the original message's content as needed.

  TIP: For more information on composing a message, click here.

    1. To spell check your message, click the Check spelling icon and follow the on-screen prompts.

  NOTE: The spell check feature opens in a second window. If it does not display properly it may be an indication that a pop-up blocker setting is enabled in your browser.

    1. Click the Send icon or the Send button beneath the message text box.

The message is sent, a copy of the sent message is placed in the "Sent" folder, and a confirmation dialog box is displayed.  Click Close to acknowledge that your message has been sent and to return to the messages index.

The process of replying to or forwarding is now complete.