Changing a "Withdrawn" or "Rejected" Intake Status

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When users set the intake status on a processed referral record to "withdrawn" or "rejected," the status is locked and a discharge date is assigned to the client's program record behind-the-scenes in AWARDS.  To later make changes to the intake status in these cases, the Program History Corrections tool must be used to remove the automatically assigned discharge date.  These changes are typically needed when an end user has already marked the client as a no show or withdrawn, but then he or she comes back to the program, or if incorrect data entry was done.

  NOTE: "Processed" referrals in this case refer to referrals in multi-step admission programs with the "Process Intake" button turned on, where the client has had an intake processed.  These clients then display with a "pending" label next to their names in client drop-down lists.

Non-Residential Programs


Non-Residential Programs

To open the Intake Status field on a client's referral form so that users can select a new status within a non-residential program, complete the following steps:

    1. From the navigation bar, click in the Client Search box (or click the Search icon).  The Advanced Search window is displayed.

    1. In the First Name and Last Name fields, type the first two letters of the client's first and last names, respectively.
    2. Click the Number of Results drop-down arrow and select the number of client matches to be included in the Search results.
    3. Click Search.  The Client Search Results page is displayed.  This page contains a list of clients with records in the system for whom all or part of the identifying information entered on the previous page is a match.
    4. Click the Program History Corrections icon, which appears to the left of the Status column that contains the client's program history.  The Program History Corrections page is displayed.

  NOTE: The Program History Corrections icon is available for clients with at least one program history record in a program to which you have chart access.  It is not available for unprocessed referrals.

    1. This page displays the program histories in programs to which you have chart access permission.  In the "Program History" portion of this page, remove the Discharge date that corresponds to the intake record being corrected.  This will be the program record that has a Discharge date, but will be missing ad Admission date.
    2. Click CONTINUE.  The program history is saved and a read-only version of the updated Program History Corrections page is displayed. 

  TIP: Several logic checks are performed when the page is submitted.  If an error occurs, address the situation as needed.

    1. Click Home to return to the AWARDS Home screen.
    2. Click Census from the left-hand menu, and then click Intake/Admission.  The Intake Records Search page is displayed.
    3. Click the Program drop-down arrow and select the program associated with the client whose intake status is to be corrected.
    4. Enter the client's initials in the First Name and Last Name fields.
    5. Click SEARCH/CREATE.  The Referral Search Results page is displayed.
    6. Locate the client's referral record, and click the client's name to open the Referral Information Form.
    7. Click Update Application Evaluation.  The Update Application Evaluation page is displayed.
    8. Confirm the Intake Status field is editable (it will still reflect the withdrawn or rejected status), and make updates to that field as needed or notify the caseworker that requested the correction and let him or her know the referral is ready for editing.

The process of correcting an intake status is now complete.

Residential Programs

To open a withdrawn or rejected referral record's intake status for a residential program, refer to the following guidelines:

  If the referral record is not the only program history that the client has within the agency (meaning the client has other program records displayed within Program History Corrections), follow the procedure outlined under Removing Program Records (Undoing Admissions).  Specifically, check the "Delete" checkbox that corresponds to the program record being opened, and then save the page.  This will leave the open referral record for the client in the Intake/Admission module, though any services that were entered for the client after intake was processed may be lost.  It is a best practice to check for any such notes first, and to print them out so that they can easily be re-entered after the procedure.

  If the referral record is the only program history that the client has within the agency, Program History Corrections cannot be used to re-open the field.  Instead, send this request to the Help Desk for a resolution.