Updating Your Security Information

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To update your AWARDS security information, complete the following steps:

    1. From the AWARDS navigation bar, click the user name drop-down, and then click Password & Security.  The Password & Security Details page is displayed.

    1. To change your AWARDS password, type a new password in New Password and Confirm Password fields.  This step is not required; if you do not need to change your password, skip ahead to step 3.

  TIP: Keep in mind if changing your password that they:

Must be between eight and twelve characters long.
Must contain both letters and numbers.
Are case sensitive.
Can contain special characters.
Should take into consideration any advanced Password Policy Rules put in place by your agency.  Those rules (if any) are listed on this page for your reference. 

    1. If you haven't yet specified a security question and answer, or if you would like to change your existing question and answer, configure the following fields/options:

  Security Question - Click this drop-down arrow and choose your preferred security question.

  Security Answer - In this field, type an answer corresponding to your selected security question.  Answers are not case sensitive.

This information is required and must be supplied in the event that you ever use the forgot username or password links on the AWARDS login page.  Please use a question and answer that you'll remember easily as this information is completely private and there is no way for anyone other than yourself to view or change it.

    1. Enter or update your email address(es) using the available Email field(s) on this page.  If you are an employee you can record both a Work Email and a Personal Email.  If you are a consumer there is only a single Email field, in which you can enter any email address you'd like.

  TIP: Keep in mind when entering or updating your email address(es) that:

If you are an employee you can enter both work and personal email addresses, but your agency may allow use of only one or the other for external notifications and/or password reset messages (as specified under External Email Functionality).  Your agency's rules are displayed on the page for your reference, and the data entry page will recognize which of the two address types is allowed and make it required.

The email address information found here can also be updated under:

- Human Resources > Staff Information and User Settings > Notifications if you are an employee.
- Your face sheet if you are a consumer.

If you have an email address entered in one of those locations you'll see it in your Security Details, and vice versa - any changes made using one data entry point are automatically applied throughout AWARDS.

    1. Click UPDATE.  Your security information is saved and a read-only confirmation page is displayed.  All private information on that page is hidden for security purposes.

The process of updating your security information is now complete.