Create Rent Payables

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When a rent amount has been specified for an apartment using the Operations module Leases feature, that value can be used to create pending rent transactions for the apartment with the Create Rent Payables component of Rent & Utilities.  Likewise, any miscellaneous entitlements entered for a client in the Entitlements module that end with the word "rent" can be used to create pending sublease transactions.  Those pending transactions can then be accessed and updated as needed using the steps outlined under Adding/Updating Rent & Utility Transactions.

  TIP: Click here for more information on the Operations module Leases feature, or here for details on the Entitlements module Certified Entitlements feature.

Required Permissions

Because the Rent & Utilities functionality is optional, it is not automatically available in all databases.  To request that it be made available in your database, please contact your Foothold Customer Success & Advocacy team representative for guidance on whether or not this functionality is right for your agency.

In databases in which the Rent & Utilities feature is turned on, it is available to all AWARDS users with employee logins (with the exception of those whose access is limited by the "Restrict to Aggregate Data View" permission). 

Click-by-Click Instructions

Creating Rent Payables - Learn to create pending rent and sublease payable transactions.