Adding / Updating Rent & Utility Transactions

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To add or update a transaction, complete the following steps from the AWARDS Home screen:

    1. Click Administration from the left-hand menu, and then click Operations.  The Operations fly-out menu is displayed.
    2. Click Rent & Utilities.  The Rent & Utilities menu page is displayed. 

    1. Click the Residence Street Addresses drop-down arrow and select the address or residential program for which the transaction is to be added or updated.  The default value is "All Addresses."
    2. Click the Database drop-down arrow and select "Data Entry."
    3. Click CONTINUE.  The Rent & Utilities settings page is displayed.

    1. Click the Apartments drop-down arrow and select the apartment for which the transaction is to be added or updated.

  NOTE: The selection list includes the name of the current occupant next to each apartment.  If an apartment is currently vacant, that is noted in the list in place of the occupant name.

    1. By default, transaction data entry is limited to those transactions taking place in the last 90 days.  If necessary, make changes to the default time period using the Transaction Date Range Starting and Ending fields (using mm/dd/yyyy format).
    2. Click CONTINUE. The Rent & Utilities transaction data entry page is displayed.

This page contains any existing transactions that took place within the date range specified on the previous page.  It also contains a place to enter a new transaction.

    1. Make updates to the existing transaction information as necessary, and/or use the blank transaction row to enter a new transaction.  In either case, the fields and options on this page should be configured as follows:

  Date - In this field, type the date on which the transaction took place (using mm/dd/yyyy format), or select one using the date picker icon to the right of the field.

  Type of Transaction - Click this drop-down arrow and select the type of transaction being recorded.  Available selections are "Rent," "Utilities," and "Sublease Payment."

  TIP: If the transaction entity option is to be set to the occupant, the type selection you make here must be "Sublease Payment."  If the agency is the entity, the type must be "Rent" or "Utilities."

  Transaction Entity - Click this drop-down arrow and select the transaction entity.  Selections include the agency, and any occupants who resided in the apartment during the date range specified in step 7.

  NOTE: Transactions for which the entity is "agency" are considered agency expenses, and transactions for which the entity is an occupant are considered agency revenue.

  Amount - In this field, type the amount of the transaction.

  Payment Type - Click this drop-down arrow and select the type of payment received.  Available selections are "Check," "Cash," "Money Order," and "Pending."

  Id No. - If applicable, enter an ID number for the transaction in this field.

    1. Click UPDATE.  The transaction data is saved and a read-only confirmation page is displayed.

  TIP: To make additional changes to the transaction data at this time, or to add another transaction for this apartment, click Add/Edit Transaction to return to the Rent & Utilities transaction data entry page.

The process of adding or updating a Rent & Utilities transaction is now complete.