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The AWARDS Operations module is used to maintain and view property management and transportation information/records.

Module Features

The Operations module is comprised of the following features.  Click a link below to access the Online Help pages for the corresponding feature.

LEASES - Learn to complete common private landlord lease agreement data entry and report viewing tasks.

PROPERTY MAINTENANCE - Learn to complete common property maintenance work order request data entry and report viewing tasks.

RENT & UTILITIES - Learn to record rent & utility transactions, create rent payables, view rent balances, fill out rental worksheets, and more.

TRACKERS - Learn to configure and use the customizable service ticket/request tracking system.  Access any existing trackers for data entry and reporting.

RIDES - Learn to complete common transportation data entry and report viewing tasks.

Additional Operations Reports 

The following reports, while not located within the Operations module itself, can be a useful tool for reviewing related information.

Resident Information Report - A saved report format ("Foothold Report - Resident Information") in the Demographics ReportBuilder.  Reports on resident and vacancy information.