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The FormBuilder ReportBuilder feature enables users without access to the FormBuilder functionality to create ad hoc reports from any form built using the FormBuilder. 

  NOTE:  During the process of adding fields to a form, you may have chosen to make one or more fields available when using related ReportBuilders.  If so, you can also generate reports of form data using those ReportBuilders.  When doing so, keep in mind that if more than one value exists for a form field during the report date range used, only the latest value is included in the related ReportBuilder's contents.  To see all values entered in the form over a specified period of time, use the FormBuilder ReportBuilder instead.

  TIP: For client forms, the FormBuilder ReportBuilder tool can be accessed from within the FormBuilder feature, or directly from the Outcomes module.  (The first of these two report access points is limited to use by staff with FormBuilder access, while the second is designed for use by anyone with Outcomes module access.)  For employee forms, this tool can be accessed from within the ReportBuilders component of the Human Resources module, or from within the FormBuilder feature. For forms of either type, the FormBuilder ReportBuilder is also accessible from within the Reports module, where it can be bookmarked for easy access.

Required Permissions

Permissions required to use the FormBuilder ReportBuilder feature are as follows:

Program Chart Access
Display Any Chart Records Buttons
Display Chart Records Outcomes Button

  NOTE:  Permissions are assigned using the Permissions Maintenance feature.  If you do not have access to that feature and need a permission listed here, please contact your supervisor or your local Help Desk for assistance.

Click-by-Click Instructions

Viewing a Form Report

Frequently Asked Questions

FormBuilder ReportBuilder Frequently Asked Questions