Working with Assessment Instruments

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Prior to development of the AWARDS FormBuilder functionality, the System Setup module, Business Rules, Assessment Instruments feature was the tool used to create and maintain the assessment instruments available throughout the system; for example, in the Outcomes module's Assessment Data feature and the Services - Individual module's Service Plans feature.

The Assessment Instruments feature is now used only to maintain and remove assessment instruments created prior to development of the FormBuilder.  It should NOT be used to create new instruments; instead, please use the FormBuilder, which is a more advanced means of creating forms of all types, not just assessments.  You may also wish to consider re-creating any existing assessment instruments using the FormBuilder, as it is a more user-friendly and complete system.

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Click-by-Click Instructions

Editing an Assessment Instrument - Learn to maintain existing assessment instruments created prior to development of the FormBuilder.

Deleting an Assessment Instrument - Learn to remove existing assessment instruments.

A Closer Look @ Fields & Options

Assessment Instrument Fields / Options - Learn about the fields/options available during the assessment instrument data entry process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Assessment Instruments Frequently Asked Questions