Immunization Record Fields / Options

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  Below is an alphabetical list of the fields and options located on the Immunizations - Data Entry page.  To jump directly to the information for a specific field or option, press <Ctrl+F> to access your browser's search field and enter the name of the field/option in question.

  NOTE: A gear icon  next to a field or option in this list indicates that it is either optional (and therefore not automatically available in all AWARDS databases), or that some aspect of it (for example drop-down selections) is configurable.  For more information on the ways in which this data entry page can be configured, see the Immunizations portion of the Medical Module - Implementation Requests Form. To request changes detailed there, complete the form and submit it to [email protected]

Administered Amount | Administered Units

In the Administered Amount field, type or make changes to the amount of immunization given to the client.  From the corresponding Administered Units drop-down list, select the unit of the entered amount.

Immunization Type/CVX Code

Click the Immunization Type or Immunization Type/CVX Code drop-down arrow and select the type of immunization record being added or updated.  Default selections are:

  Vaccinia (smallpox)



  Tetanus toxoid absorbed


  Influenza seasonal injectable preservative free

  Pneumococcal polysaccharide PPV23

  TST-PPD intradermal


If "Other" is selected, a text box is made available in which details can be entered.

If the CVX code is set to display for the program type being worked in, that code is listed in the drop-down beside the immunization type.   

Initial Immunization

If the immunization record being worked with is for an initial immunization of that type, click the Initial Immunization toggle to set it to "Yes."

  NOTE: If the record is noted as an initial immunization, an "Observations" sub-index is displayed on the confirmation page after the record is saved.  Fields/options available within these observation records are Observation Type, Observation Code, Grouped By, and Observation Value.

Lot Number

In this field, type or make changes to the immunization lot number.

Manufacturer Name/Code

Click the Manufacturer Name or Manufacturer Name/Code drop-down arrow and select the manufacturer of the immunization for which a record is being added or updated.

  NOTE: The CDC's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD) developed and maintains HL7 table 0227, Manufacturers of Vaccines (MVX).  When paired with a CVX code the actual trade named vaccine may be indicated.


If applicable, enter any notes or comments related to the immunization in this text box.


Click this drop-down arrow and select the provider ordering the immunization. 

  NOTE: This selection list is comprised of users who have been assigned the optional "List as Prescribing/Diagnosing Physician" data entry/access permission, as well as those who have been designated as an "eligible provider" within the Human Resources module Staff Information feature in an AWARDS database configured for AWARDS Certified Edition.


Click this drop-down arrow and select the route through which the immunization was administered.  Available options are:











Click this drop-down arrow and select the site at which the immunization was administered on the client, if applicable.  Available options are:

  Left / Right Arm

  Left / Right Deltoid

  Left / Right Gluteus Medius

  Left / Right Lower Forearm

  Left / Right Thigh

  Left / Right Vastus Lateralis


This option defaults to "Performed."  If necessary, click this drop-down arrow and change the value to "Ordered" instead.

Status Date

In this field, record the date on which the immunization was received or ordered, based on the Status selected.  Type the date using mm/dd/yyyy format, or select the date using the available date picker drop-down.

Source Type

Click this drop-down arrow and select the recording source of the immunization record.  Available options are  "New immunization record" and several "Historical information" options listing possible outside sources.  The default value is "New immunization record."

Substance Expiration Date

In this field, enter the immunization substance's expiration date.  Type the date using mm/dd/yyyy format, or select the date using the available date picker drop-down.  

Treatment Refusal Reason

Click this drop-down arrow and select the reason the immunization is being refused, if applicable.  Available options are: 


  Parental Decision

  Patient Decision

  Religious Exemption

The contents of this list are not configurable.

Treatment Reason (or Refusal Reason)

In this text box enter a treatment reason, if applicable.

  NOTE: If any selection is made in the Treatment Refusal Reason selection list, this field is labeled "Refusal Reason."